Fountain of Wonders

I'm going to put special poems and songs in this book. :)

-(Not final description)-


1. Introduction


So, if you're looking at this you probably already know who I am

Basically, I'm Limited Wonders


Now, before I started to put writing in this book

I wanted to tell you a little about myself and what the book sorta is


So, I first got on here a few years ago

2014 or something, right? :)


At first I was just posting random stuff and my chapter books

usually, sci-fi or fantasy and whatever


I guess I followed all the right people,

'cause I found a bunch of awesome people and friends really fast


One time when I was browsing around,

I found some poetry movellas


I thought, you know what?

I should try that too


I found out I had a little talent with it

and with some awesome encouraging friends and stuff

I  kept trying and really got into it


The rest is history


So, thanks


A shout out to all my awesome friends

who always were the awesomest and did awesome stuff

All the freaking awesome time XD


Seriously though, thank you guys so much

I've really grown up and learned a lot during the time I've been on here




So, this book is the start of a new thing for me

It's going to be special

I'm not going to post poems on here very often, but when I do it will be for some event

or something special or whatever


If you guys have read any of my other poetry,

you probably noticed the reference to my name

¨Limited Wonders¨

¨A Limited View on Limited Wonders¨

¨A Limited Story of Me¨

¨Limited Edition¨



So, this time

I named my book

¨Fountain of Wonders¨


I named it specifically this way to symbolize my new beginning

and to emphasize how important and special it is to me


So once again,

Thanks you guys :)


I hope you enjoy reading my new poetry!


-Limited Wonders-

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