Weird Dreams I've had

This is a collection of all the weird dreams I have had since 10.26.16.


4. 3-5-17

So I dreamt I was going to a different school then I really do and the school changed the way it looked every day. I didn't know that so when I went in the second day I was all confused. I walked into this blue, open room and the janitor walked by. I said, "Hi, excuse me?" and with that, he dropped to the floor and started bleeding. I was with some of my friends and one of them, let's call him Jim, said, "I won't tell if you don't" and I shook my head yes and we all ran from the scene. Then during lunch, one of the teachers found him and said we were going to "bury" him which really meant throwing him into the ditch around the school, or into the lake by the side of it. So we all went outside to see it and when he threw him in, the janitor's body hit something in the ditch and made the whole school collapse and then I woke up...

xD Idek. So yeah that's one of my weird dreams for you.

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