Weird Dreams I've had

This is a collection of all the weird dreams I have had since 10.26.16.


6. 3.17.17

So I dreamt that I 'woke up' and then found this book on my chest. My dad told me he just bought it for me so i got up and went into the living room to write/read it and then I saw a hole in the wall under the window. (This is about where I realized it was a dream cause it's snowing where I live and it was sunny outside) So I asked my dad what was up with it and he said he couldn't get the right draft to come through the window so he made the hole in the wall and it worked just fine. So me, being the weird child I am, decided to crawl through it and ended up in 1940 but I didn't know it yet. So then I saw feet hanging off the roof and freaked out cause I thought they were dead but then they turned out to be mannequins but when I pulled them one of them talked and it freaked me out. So it said I forgot the baby and I was like, "What baby?" then I realized there was a baby on the roof (African American, Girl) and so I pulled it down and it like became mine or something and then, the rest was hazy except that I saved a bunch of refugees and WOW that sounded really crazy... what is up with my dreams? xD well that's it for now.

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