Weird Dreams I've had

This is a collection of all the weird dreams I have had since 10.26.16.


2. 12.2.16

This dream didn't come true, and I hope it never does. This was a really bad dream I had, and I hated it immensily. It all started out with me going to bed. I 'woke up' the next morning to find out one of my friends had died and nobody knew how, but I knew. She had killed herself most likely. I cried for hours because it had apparently been her birthday the day she died. I had a present for her, and I was determined to get it to her either way. I got dressed in all black and then wrapped her gift, a shirt in her favorite color, and went to her funeral. I cried so much there. Then I walked up to her coffin, I was still crying by the way, and laid the shirt on the inside right next to her hand and gently moved it to the box. I then walked away crying. The rest of the dream was kind of a blur, but I woke up crying because I thought it was real. It seemed so real. I was super scared that I wouldn't see my friend in the morning. I still haven't seen her.

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