Weird Dreams I've had

This is a collection of all the weird dreams I have had since 10.26.16.


1. 10.26.16

So last night I fell asleep around 11 o' clock and had the weirdest dream! I dreamt that my friend was making spaghetti for me and my other friends except she put the sauce on the spaghetti before she cooked it. Then me and my friends when on a high-speed chase where my friend stopped every now and then to make spaghetti. It was a really weird dream so I was gonna tell it to my friends at school. When I got there and told the friend who was making the spaghetti in my dream, she looked at me wide eyed and said,

"Willow what time did you go to bed?" I replied with,

"Around 9 why?" She then managed to open her eyes wider and say,

"I was making spaghetti around 8 or 9 last night." HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!

Let's see what happens tomorrow night :P XP XD

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