Mikey's Dissaperance


9. Chapter 9


"Thanks for the coffee" Mikey thanked

"No worries" Luke sighed

"Firstly.. How did you get my number?" Mikey asked

"When i had your mobile months back, i took your number and wrote it down. Kept it with me and still kept it in Prison, The police didn't notice i had it, i hid it" Luke answered

"Right.. Why did you keep it all that time" Mikey wondered

"I was hoping one day i'd talk to you" Luke sighed

"Well, here i am" Mikey sipped his coffee

"I was in prison for 3 months. Scott, he has got life" Luke sipped his coffee

"Why did they let you out?" Mikey wondered

"I was lucky and i behaved. Luke was getting 20 years but then he killed someone by accident" Luke explained

"Oh my god" Mikey shocked

"I didn't talk to him or anything inside. He tried to talk to me. It was Scott's idea to do the kidnapping thing years ago" Luke explained

"So how did you get involved?" Mikey thought  

"He brainwashed me. He started to blackmail, being bossy and i had to follow what he said. Then i just got used to it, the more we did it, i couldnt stop" Luke sighed

"You should of went to police or tell someone" Mikey said

"I tried.. I was bored aswell and had no job, so i thought why not, got my mate and lets move somewhere. Then we met this Ben" Luke explained

"I still hate you for what you did.. How can i trust you, what if you do this again" Mikey sighed

"I don't blame you... I won't because i'm going to find something and move on, start a new life" Luke explained

"Hope so. You living in Ireland then?" Mikey asked

"Yeah. Still feel lonely though. People are still looking at me like i'm a devil" Luke answered

"I wonder why" Mike whisphered

"I am so sorry. I never ever wanted to hurt you" Luke apologised

"Look, it'll give me time" Mikey sighed

"I know... I best go back to B&B and pay the rest of this money... Mikey, promise not to say anything?" Luke got his money out

"Okay, what is it?" Mikey promised

"Look, i got loads of money here" Luke smiled

"How did you get that?" Mikey wondered

"Ben gave it me after i got out.." Luke grinned

"Ben? Oh right, he gave Keith money months ago as well but best hide that" Mikey smiled gently

"I know what i'm doing. What are you doing tomorrow?" Luke asked

"Why? This is the last time we're seeing each other Luke.. We can't keep meeting up, what if the lads find out" Mikey explained

"Please mate.. Meet at Pub tomorrow about 6pm? I'll have to make it up to you" Luke sighed

"Okay i'll meet you tomorrow.. Don't know how the lads gonna react" Mikey sighed

"Maybe i could say hi to them now" Luke smiled

"You don't know how bad this is... It killed them when they thought i was dead, imagine that?" Mikey explained

"Okay i understand" Luke sipped his coffee

"I must be mad what i'm thinking.... Do you need to somewhere to stay?" Mikey wondered as it slipped out

"I do yes but you mean? You're asking me to stay at yours?" Luke wondered

"Yes but don't push it" Mikey answered

"Thankyou" Luke smiled gently

"But i am not ready to forgive yet. I'm just giving you a room to sleep in" Mikey said

"I know" Luke said

"I best tell the guys that they can stay at their own place, tell them that i'm ready to live on my own" Mikey thought

"Oh right okay. Were they staying with you?" Luke wondered

"Yeah. I'll go now and i'll text you when they've gone" Mikey stood up

"Thanks" Luke whisphered


Mikey walked away back to his house and walked in seeing the boys having a laugh on settee playing a game on playstation. Mikey felt abit better as he seen Luke and Mikey may forgive him and give him a chance. But he still hates him for what he has done, at the moment, he's only being nice to offer him a room to sleep in. Mikey sat down and got the lads to listen to him. 


"What's up mate?" Keith asked

"I think i'm ready to live on my own" Mikey answered

"Really? You sure?" Shane thought

"Yeah 100%" Mikey smiled

"But this morning, you had a bad text from this bloke" Keith sighed

"It's sorted. Look, i have been thinking about it and i am fine. I am ready to live on my own" Mikey explained

"I don't know" Keith sighed

"I think it's time we move out and give Mikey a break" Ronan told them

"Exactly" Mikey agreed

"Okay, i'll go back. I'm glad you're ready" Shane hugged him

"I'll go and pack but we will still see you. Don't try and get rid of us for good" Ronan hugged him

"I won't mate" Mikey smiled

"Well, i'm staying" Keith sighed

"No Keith, i need my own space and i hate it when you're making a mess, like this morning. Look, i am ready. I promise. Nothing will happen to me because i'll always text, visit you guys and lock my doors" Mikey explained

"Did you meet this guy?" Keith asked

"No! I met Toni but she didn't stay long so i went for a walk" Mikey lied

"Okay..." Keith sighed

"Thankyou" Mikey smiled

"I still worry about you mate. Shane and Ronan are" Keith sighed


Two hours later, Ronan, Shane and Keith had their bags packed and ready to go back to their place. They all gave Mikey a hug and told him to keep in touch. Even though the lads went back and gave Mikey space, they still worry about Mikey. As Mikey closed the door, he looked round and could hear nothing as he felt peaceful and relaxed. Sometimes he likes being on his own. He then texted Luke. 


"They have gone. Come round 5pm" 


Mikey's text went through to Luke. Mikey tidied the place up and thinking if he's done the right thing or not by letting Luke stay. When it got to 5pm, Luke knocked on door with his bags and Mikey opened it quickly and let him in without anyone seeing him. Shane texted Mikey if he wanted to meet at pub but Mikey texted back saying he's staying in. Mikey told him which room it is and Luke went to put his bags in. Mikey got two cans out of fridge and put some nibbles on table. Luke came down and saw Mikey in kitchen. 


"Thanks for the beer" Luke opened the can

"No worries" Mikey sat down

"You've got a nice place, very tidy" Luke looked round

"Do you want anything to eat?" Mikey asked

"Na i am fine thanks" Luke answered

"Sticking to the beer then" Mikey sat down

"Yeah. I have been having lager everyday..." Luke said

"Me too" Mikey sipped his beer

"Do you want any rent?" Luke wondered

"Oh i never thought of that but yes course i do" Mikey answered

"How much?" Luke asked

"Tell you what... You can stay here, help yourself with food and beer, your own room if you pay me rent which is £100 a month" Mikey told him

"£100???" Luke raised his voice

"Just think mate.. What you did to me... Is it time you do something nice for once and make me happy? £100 isnt bad for once a month" Mikey sighed

"That's blackmail" Luke told him

"Not a bad one! £100 or you can't stay. It's a way of saying sorry. If you really meant it, you'd do it" Mikey smiled gently

"Fine! I'll do that... I need to get a job then" Luke sighed

"How much have you got?" Mikey wondered

"2 million" Luke answered

"You don't need a job if you are rich" Mikey told him

"I might do if i keep paying you £100 a month" Luke sighed

"It's not forever. See how we are and if everything goes okay in a month, i might drop the rent" Mikey explained

"Sounds like payback but you're not usually like this" Luke wondered

"I got tougher... Look i know but i hope i can get past this but i worry about when the lads, everyone finds out that i let you stay here" Mikey explained

"Worry about it when it happens" Luke said

"Oh i forgot to go and see Toni" Mikey sighed

"Go and see her" Luke smiled

"It's alright. There's always a next time Luke" Mikey remembered


Luke and Mikey carried on talking and 2 hours later around 8pm, there was a knock on Mikey's door. They both stopped and looked at each other hoping its not one of the boys. Mikey slowly walked to the door and was shocked to see who it was when he opened the door. 


"Andy?!" Mikey grinned

"Hello mate" Andy hugged him

"Hey" Mikey hugged back

"Can i come in?" Andy wondered

"Sure" Mikey lets him in

"How's things?" Andy asked

"Fine. Top of the world. Where have you been mate?" Mikey wondered

"Been living abroad. Tenerife. I thought to pop and see you" Andy sighed

"Great. Sounds good. You can stay here if you like?" Mikey asked

"Sure. I was gonna go to the B&B but now you asked" Andy looked round

"You're welcome to stay. I'm really happy to see you. I missed you" Mikey smiled and hugged him

"I'm happy to see you too Mikey" Andy nodded


Mikey and Andy knew each other for over 20 years and became best friends. Luke was in the kitchen and hearing Mikey and Andy chatting about things. Luke then walked into the living room with his grin on his face. Andy and Mikey looked at Luke. Andy was shocked to see who was standing there. 


"Who's this? Mikey?" Andy asked

"Luke" Mikey answered

"Luke.. Isnt he the one who kidnapped you?" Andy whisphered

"Andy... Please hear me out" Mikey sighed

"Don't tell me you both are friends? After all what he has done. He should be locked up!" Andy firmed

"Yeah and i forgave him Andy. Maybe you should. He's living here aswell" Mikey explained

"Oh god, thats even worse!" Andy sat down

"Luke, maybe you should leave us to it" Mikey told him

"Okay" Luke walked away

"I could kill him!" Andy watched Luke walk away

"We had a chat and we sorted things. It isnt his fault! He's messed up! It was Scott who did all that" Mikey tried to explain

"I thought you were better than this! Have you got Stella? Because i really need a bloody drink!" Andy looked in Mikey's fridge

"Yes i have. Help yourself mate" Mikey sat down

"Does the lads know?" Andy asked

"Nope! That's gonna be a problem" Mikey answered

"You need to tell them" Andy warned him

"Not yet. He's only just moved in" Mikey sighed


Around 9.30pm, Mikey and Andy were still talking about Luke, Boyzone, Toni and the memories they had together. Suddenly, Luke had a unknown call and it kept ringing couple of times. He looked at his mobile and answered it the final time. Luke was shakily shocked who it was. It was Scott. 


"Hello mate. I will be out soon!" Scott laughed

"Leave me alone" Luke hanged up


Luke took a deep breath and walked downstairs towards Mikey and Andy. The look on Luke's face got them worried. 


"What's up?" Mikey wondered

"I had a phonecall" Luke sighed

"What phonecall?" Mikey asked

"It was Scott" Luke emotionally said














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