Mikey's Dissaperance


8. Chapter 8


Shane, Ronan and Keith rushed over to Mikey. They started to get worried. Ronan phones the ambulance. 


"Mikey! Wake up" Shane shouted

"He's breathing but please be okay" Keith panicked

"Come on mate, don't do this to me again" Shane emotionally told him

"He was fine earlier" Keith told Shane


The lads sat with Mikey and waited for the ambulance. By the time the ambulance came, they all got in with Mikey and prayed for him to be okay. 


"Why now?" Ronan looked at Mikey

"Great night and this happens. Good job the tours finished" Keith sighed

"He did feel dizzy when he was on stage with us, i noticed" Shane told them

"Something must of happened when he was away to affect this" Keith wondered

"But that was months ago. Nurses should of checked properly on him in first place" Ronan stated

"Should i tell Jax and Toni?" Shane thought

"No, leave it. Don't want to worry them" Keith told him

"But Mikey likes Toni" Shane sighed

"Oh yeah... Course he does.. If something bad happens, then we tell them but hopefully it won't! I'm sure its nothing. Don't phone just yet" Ronan remembered


When they arrived at the hospital, Mikey was rushed into a room straight away and the lads had to wait. They waited an hour as they couldnt wait any longer, so they went to get a coffee and by the time they came back, the nurse walked up to them and explained.  


"Mikey had a mini heart attack" Nurse told them

"What? How?! Is he okay?" Ronan, Keith and Shane asked in shock

"Listen, he is okay" Nurse tried to explain

"But he felt dizzy at first which i noticed" Shane wondered

"While he was out of it after he felt dizzy, he also had a mini heart attack. It's due to stress, worries, emotional distress, fear and severe pain. Do you know what could've caused this?" Nurse asked

"Well, he was happy. Maybe it was when he was missing and then when we found him, he wasn't himself but now, i thought he's back on track" Ronan explained

"I guess he still felt worried and all thoes emotions got to him because what happened when he went missing" Nurse told them

"Why didn't he tell us, we could of helped him" Shane moaned

"It's not your fault. It could take a long time till hes finally 100%. I noticed he had a hit to his head and that's one of them that could cause it" Nurse sighed

"So what happens now?" Keith asked

"Just have to wait till he wakes up and he will wake up, see how he responds but i am sure Mikey will be his normal self" Nurse smiled gently

"I hope so" Keith answered

"Has Mikey been eating properly?" Nurse asked

"Of course, well we see him eat sometimes" Keith answered

"Can we see him?" Ronan asked

"Will he hear us?" Shane wondered

"Yes he could hear you and of course you can. Will be back soon" Nurse let them in the room


Ronan, Keith and Shane yet again around Mikey's bedside and holds his hand. 


"What are you doing to us Mikey?" Shane whisphered

"Don't let the past eat you up, you hear me?" Keith telling Mikey

"What if doing the album and stuff like that gives him stress? I'm scared it might happen again" Ronan sighed

"Mate, it won't... I'm sure he'll go on tablets. He can still do Boyzone, just not as much. We'll sort something" Shane explained

"Mikeys never stress for Boyzone. I think it's the past that haunts him and he's worrying all the time" Keith thought

"Unless, i know it might sound bad but i really hope he won't even remember the past, he'll wake up thinking nothing has happened" Ronan wondered

"Yes but if he won't remember that, he'll not remember anything. He can't just not forget when he went missing and remember the rest. Even if he did, it will come back to him" Shane explained

"I wish we never tried to ask him to join us on stage and keep pressuring him" Keith felt guilty

"Hey, it isnt our fault. It's not that" Ronan told him

"Let's see what happens when he wakes up" Shane looked at Mikey


Few hours later... The lads are still around Mikey's bedside and they were all tired and nearly falling asleep. Shane was asleep and had his head next to Mikey holding his hand on his bed. Mikey slowly wakes up and smiles gently. Ronan and Keith were happy to see him awake and then Shane woke up noticed Mikey awake and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. 


"God i hate hospitals" Mikey looked round

"Me too" Ronan agreed smiley

"How are you feeling?" Keith asked

"Tired" Mikey answered

"Do you remember what happened or do you remember anything?" Shane wondered

"Yeah of course. I haven't forgotten anything" Mikey answered

"Oh that's good" Shane smiled

"Wish i woke up forgetting one bad thing" Mikey sighed

"That's what we thought but we'll help you get through it" Ronan holds his hand

"Thanks. Sometimes i still feel scared... Sometimes it still haunts me... I try to move on but its still in my mind everywhere i go..." Mikey tries to explain

"Oh mate..." Keith felt emotional

"It's okay, i'll be fine" Mikey smiled gently

"Don't push us away, if you need to talk to us, we are there for you" Keith smiled

"I felt something... it hurt... when i felt dizzy" Mikey wondered

"Mate... That was a mini heart attack" Ronan answered

"What?!" Mikey in shock

"It's all okay. Nurse told us! You was having all these different emotions, it's just got to you" Keith explained

"Have you eaten properly?" Keith asked

"Yeah, we are worried about you... Now i know why you lost abit of weight" Ronan sighed

"Look guys, stop pressuring me" Mikey snapped gently

"Hi everyone, maybe Mikey can go home tonight but could i talk to him before he goes?" Nurse asked

"Yeah sure, we will be outside" Shane answered


The lads went outside and sat down, to wait for Mikey. The Nurse wanted to talk to him. 


"You're very lucky Mikey" Nurse told him

"Am i?" Mikey thought

"Yes. Do you remember feeling dizzy?" Nurse asked

"Yeah, a bit.. Did i have a mini heart attack? How?" Mikey wanted to know

"It was just all these worries, stress, being emotional and fear. Also someone hit you few months back? Severe pain is one of them. You really need to take care of yourself now" Nurse asked

"I have been. Sometimes i just have flashbacks and it still haunts me. I am enjoying Boyzone and its not that. I do sometimes feel down, i have bad days and good days" Mikey explained

"Well, i have these tablets for you, just to help. You may feel better if you take these three times a day. Be honest with me, have you eaten properly?" Nurse asked gently

"Yeah course" Mikey nodded but lied

"Mikey? Please?" Nurse asked again

"Okay... I have been having red wine every night and a cup of tea in the day but no, i haven't eaten properly. Not since i been found" Mikey explained

"You need to try and eat. Eat slowly" Nurse smiled

"I used to love food. I just want to be back to myself again" Mikey emotionally said

"You will. I'll explain this to the boys and you get dressed" Nurse walked out of the room


While Mikey got changed, the nurse went to explain everything about Mikey to the lads and they understand about him. Mikey walked out of the room few minutes later and walked out of the hospital with the lads. They booked a taxi and went back to the hotel. Meanwhile, when they arrived back at the hotel, Mikey just wanted to go back to his home. 


"Guys, lets go back to Ireland and i miss my house. You guys can stay with me if you want" Mikey sighed

"It's late though" Shane thought

"I'm not bothered, lets just go and we'll all have a good sleep by the time we get home, have a lie in" Mikey answered

"Okay.. If that's what you want mate" Keith smiled

"It is" Mikey said firmly

"We'll do whatever you want" Ronan agreed and hugged him


As they packed their things and went back to Ireland, Shane texted Jax saying they're coming home to Ireland and Jax got a text when she was in bed but made her smile. It was 3am when they arrived back home, as they got out of the car, Mikey looked at his house and slowly walked in with Keith, Ronan and Shane. His house was really tidy as the lads has been staying at his for a few months. 


"Welcome home mate" Shane smiled

"Thankyou" Mikey smiled

"We have been staying here and making sure the place is tidy. We stayed here because it reminded us of you and it just felt closer to you" Keith explained

"Aw mate. I really appreciate it" Mikey answered

"Now the tour is over, we'll sort something out and whatever we want to do in our free time" Ronan smiled

"I might see Toni tomorrow" Mikey told them

"Oh right, that's nice" Ronan grinned

"What?" Mikey wondered

"Nothing, we know you like her" Keith laughed

"I do yeah but see how it goes. She doesn't know that does she" Mikey smiled gently

"Right, we best go to sleep, so tired" Ronan sighed

"Yeah. See you all in morning" Shane smiled


Shane and Ronan went to bed. Keith and Mikey decided to stay up and have a late glass of red wine and a chat on sofa. 


"Cant believe we're having a glass of red at this time" Mikey smirked

"It's a one off mate after this bottle, we'll go to bed" Keith sipped his wine

"So, what do you want to chat about?" Mikey asked

"That i'm glad you're home safe and well. Thought you was dead" Keith answered

"I thought i was never gonna see you guys agin and thought one day i'll be dead" Mikey sighed

"It must of been horrible mate" Keith tapped on his back

"It was. I never felt scared in my life. I just want to try and forget it all. I got you guys now to help me through it" Mikey said

"Yeah. Hope they're locked up for good" Keith firmly said

"I don't know whether to come back to Boyzone Keith" Mikey told him

"We're gonna have a break, so hopefully you will join us again when we are doing Boyzone, maybe in 6 months time" Keith explained

"Do you think Toni likes me?" Mikey wondered as he changed subject

"Maybe, she seems nice. See how you both go and i think it'll do you good, take your mind of things and keep in touch with Toni" Keith smiled

"I don't want to use her like that, seeing her because it'll take my mind off things" Mikey sighed

"I know that but if you like her, go for it. Text her tomorrow if she likes to meet you at a cafe or something" Keith told him

"Yeah i'll text her" Mikey sipped his wine

"You can talk to me" Keith said

"What about?" Mikey thought

"You know.. Anything... What is eating you up? You're not like this... We want the old Mikey back" Keith answered

"I don't know, i feel like i just want to run away and for real this time, to get away from everything. The past still scares me, what if it happens again?" Mikey wondered

"If you're planning to run away, i'm coming with you" Keith smirked

"Yeah, i'd rather be dead mate" Mikey sighed

"Don't say that... Do you remember when we all went camping? Stephen was there. It was dark, fire lit in the middle, we was all around the fire to keep warm. Hot chocolate and marshmallows. Steo loved that" Keith remembered

"Yeah i remember that, good old times. Steo tripped over Ronan and went on his face, mud was all over him" Mikey laughed

"Yeah ha! That was funny" Keith laughed

"I would go back to that again. Now everything has changed, especially since Steo has gone" Mikey told him

"It doesn't have to be like this. We still have a laugh and Steo would've wanted us all to be happy" Keith whisphered

"Yeah" Mikey agreed


An hour later, Keith and Mikey cleared up and went to bed. It started to get cold early hours and Mikey started to get cold as he tried to covered himself up in bed and a blanket on top. Mikey suddenly started to have a bad dream about 9am in morning and talked in his sleep. Keith just woke up and could hear Mikey but he went into the bathroom. 


"Please.... Stop it..." Mikey whisphered in his sleep

"Help! No, stop it" Mikey's voice started to get louder


Keith could hear Mikey again and slowly walked into his room. He saw Mikey on bed shaky and his voice sounded like he was scared. Keith never seen him like this. Keith slowly touched Mikeys hand and whisphered to him that everything will be okay. 


"I can't..." Mikey whisphered in panic

"Mikey... I'm here" Keith holds his hand tightly


Suddenly, while Mikey is having a bad dream, Keith noticed a text come through on Mikey's mobile and couldnt help but read it. 


"I am free! You better watch your back mate! Luke" 


Keith was shocked what he read and couldnt figure out who it was and realised who it could've been. He felt angry and worried. Keith kept staring at Mikey's mobile until Mikey slowly opened his eyes, Mikey had tears in his eyes and saw Keith holding his mobile. Keith then felt Mikey move and looked at him. 


"What are you doing?" Mikey whisphered

"Oh, nothing... I thought to check if your mobile is working" Keith lied and smiled

"It's working fine.... Keith... I had a terrible dream" Mikey sighed

"I know, it scared me seeing you like that" Keith holds his hand

"Are you okay? You look worried" Mikey wondered

"Yeah course, i'm fine. I'll go downstairs, make a cup of tea" Keith walked out of the room


Mikey wondered what was up and felt something wasn't right. He looked at his mobile and noticed a text that already been read. He knew Keith read it and then opened the message. Mikey was shocked what he read and felt scared again. He rushed out of the bed and walked fast downstairs, storming towards Keith. 


"Keith!" Mikey snapped as he showed Keith the text from Luke


"Mikey, i forgot to delete it.. I didn't want you to worry" Keith sighed

"Why couldnt you just tell me in first place" Mikey wondered

"How can he be out? How did you get your number" Keith got confused

"I don't know! God knows!" Mikey sighed

"He's bluffing! Trying to scare you" Keith tries to make him feel better

"I hope so" Mikey looked at the text

"Don't text back. Don't let him get to you" Keith told him

"He likes to wind people up.. or tries to scare them. I think he got my number when he had my mobile" Mikey explained


*Message Beeped*


"It's luke" Mikey looked at his phone

"God what is he saying now?" Keith wondered

"That he wants to talk" Mikey sighed

"What, after he sent you a threatening message... Don't you dare meet him" Keith warned him

"Maybe he meant, someone else is after me. He was only saying he's out" Mikey sighed

"Are you sticking up for him? Come on, he's psycho!" Keith snapped

"No Keith.. Yes he may be mad but when i was away, sometimes i see Scott telling Luke what to do and pushing him to do things. Luke followed Scott. You didn't see how scared he was when he pointed a gun at me" Mikey explained

"It doesn't make it right though and he shouldn't of listened to him then" Keith sighed

"Let me meet him... Today" Mikey told him

"You're not thinking straight... What if he's doing it again, he's trying to sweet talk you then you wsh you never meet him" Keith explained

"Okay, i won't meet him" Mikey lied

"Good" Keith sighed


Mikey then texted back when Keith walked out of the Kitchen.

Mikey and Luke started to text each other.


"Okay. Where? What time?" Mikey texted

"The Local Cafe, near your house" Luke replied

"Okay. I must be mad, where's Scott?" Mikey wondered

"He got life in prison. I'll explain. 11am?" Luke replied

"Thank God for that. Okay see you there" Mikey texted back


At 11am, Keith, Shane, Mikey and Ronan were having breakfast then Mikey put his coat on and told the lads he's going to see Toni. They believed him. Mikey walked out of the door and closed door gently behind him. He walked slowly and noticed Luke sitting down with two coffees in front of him. Mikey was surprised Luke bought him one. Luke looked a bit different as he lost weight and looking smart wearing trousers and a blue shirt. Mikey felt a bit nervous as he got closer, he then sat down infront of Luke and as Luke looked up, he gently smiled at Mikey. 


"Hello again" Luke smiled



































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