Mikey's Dissaperance


7. Chapter 7


"You can't be serious?" Keith wondered in shock

"Please Mikey! Not like this" Ronan begged him

"You're not thinking straight mate..." Shane holds his hand

"No, i want to leave. I can't do this anymore" Mikey cried

"Mate, you're safe with us now. I thought we should stick together" Ronan sighed

"I'm not the Mikey you knew no more" Mikey looked at Ronan

"We will get back to how you was" Keith told him

"I want to move away where it's only me in the sun and a drink in my hand" Mikey explained

"We all want that" Shane laughed gently

"You don't have to come back straight away and tour with us! You can just chill and sit back and put your mind at rest. We'll finish the tour and then we will sort something after" Ronan explained 

"When do you finish tour?" Mikey asked

"Soon. October" Ronan answered

"Not long then... I've been away too long. Have i missed out much apart from seeing that conference and boyzone tour/music. We had a TV in a pub" Mikey explained slowly

"No not much. We started in April, now its August... We didnt forget you. We still talked about you on tour" Boyzone" Keith smiled gently

"Thanks. Does everyone know about me?" Mikey wondered

"They do yeah. Everyone will be so glad you're okay" Shane sighed

"People will be looking at me and talking about me... That's why i just want to get away" Mikey moaned

"It'll be a good thing they will talk about! You are not leaving us again" Keith told him

"I just keep thinking about Matt and Natalie... Jake, his dog" Mikey thought

"They're home safe" Ronan told him

"What about Staffy?" Mikey panicked

"Shane's dropped him off at his hotel on the way here" Ronan tried to calm him down

"Thanks Shane" Mikey holds his hand

"No problem" Shane smiled

"I don't know what to do. I just feel broken guys" Mikey took a deep breath

"We are here for you, if you need us, we are here. You can come on tour with us if you like and sit backstage when we do a concert" Keith explained

"We're going back to UK Monday" Shane told him


Suddenly, a guy called Ben turned up who was a friend of Keith's and walked into the room. 


"Ben?" Mikey wondered

"Do you know him?" Ronan asked

"Yeah, i think so" Mikey shaked

"Why are you shaking?" Shane wondered

"Get rid of him please! He was part of it! I saw him, when i first arrived! He was talking to Luke and Scott who kidnapped me" Mikey explained

"Mikey, you must be off your head. It's not me, you must of got mixed up" Ben laughed


Keith suddenly felt angry in himself and got up and grabbed Ben out of the room, Keith and Ben had a chat outside of the room. 


"Is this true? Why are you here?" Keith asked firmly

"No it's not true! I came to make sure you're all okay" Ben answered

"Why does Mikey know your name? He didn't know you before" Keith snapped

"I was a friend of Luke and Scott. I was their boss" Ben confessed

"Seriously? I thought you was a mate. I thought Mikey was dead all these months! You're the boss? You must of told these guys to kidnap him" Keith wondered

"Okay fine, i did! But its over now isnt it!" Ben smirked

"Over? It's over? I thought you only sell stuff for money, not slave!! What other jobs do you do?" Keith pushed him

"I'm sorry" Ben sighed

"I don't want to see your face, just go before i do something regret!" Keith shouted

"Keith..." Ben begged him

"No! I can't. You are not my friend no more! Do you still want money back? I think that's why... You kidnapped Mikey because i didn't give you any, but you said i could keep it" Keith snapped

"You still can!" Ben shouted

"I dont want your guilty money, here is £50. I got plenty anyway because we're touring. Please leave us alone and back off. I got Mikey to think about now" Keith threw him the money and walked back into the room


Ben then walked off and booked a flight for himself. He would never see Keith after that and accepted what Keith said. 


"What was that all about?" Ronan asked

"It's sorted. Let's not speak about it, it's finished! We just need to focus on Mikey" Keith answered

"It better be" Ronan whisphered

"Mikey? We just want to say that we missed you so much and we love you. We're glad to have you back mate" Keith told him

"Me too" Mikey sighed and smiled


Mikey then noticed Matt at the window and nodded him to come in. Mikey asked the lads if him and Matt could talk on their own, so the lads respected Mikey and went out of the room as they smiled at Matt. Matt sat next to Mikey and felt happy. 


"How are you?" Matt asked

"Not too bad. I got a bruised rib and apart from that i'm happy im home but i think what happened has damaged me. You?" Mikey explained

"It will take time. Your friends will help you. I'm just glad i got to know you. I am fine, still got a few pains" Matt smiled

"Yeah it was nice meeting you. We had good times" Mikey smiled gently

"I guess this will be the last time we see each other" Matt said emotionally

"Don't start me off" Mikey sighed

"Na i wont. My brothers found out and they're on their way to take me home" Matt told him

"That is brill news. Just enjoy what you can with them and make most of it. Has this changed you?" Mikey asked

"Thanks. It has abit but i will get there and so will you" Matt answered

"Yeah hope so but i even told my friends i want to leave Boyzone" Mikey slipped

"You what? Mikey!" Matt in shock

"Yes i know..." Mikey sighed

"Don't ever leave something you love. You'll regret it in the future. I know at the moment, you'll think that but in few months time, you'll be back to your normal self and you'll be having the time of your life. For me, don't leave the lads. Remember when you mentioned Stephen when you first met me? Do it for him" Matt explained

"Thanks mate. I'll think about it" Mikey smirked

"Don't let me down and if you do leave, i'll come and get you myself, sort your head out!" Matt warned jokily

"Ha i'd like to see you try" Mikey smiled

"Natalie actually gone to B&B with Jake , of course the dog. The Police are trying to locate their family" Matt nodded

"That's good. Staffy is with us, well at Shane's hotel" Mikey smiled


"It's nice to see Mikey smiling" Ronan watched through the glass

"Yeah" Shane put his arm round Ronan

"Let's leave them to it, anyone want a coffee? It's nearly midnight" Keith asked

"Sure" Shane and Ronan nodded


The nurse came up and told the lads that Mikey can go home. Then the lads walked into the room and told Mikey. Mikey felt happy to be free and Matt said his goodbyes, hugged Mikey tightly and walked away, before he went he said "We'll see each other again one day, take care mate"

Mikey suddenly had watery eyes and tried not to cry. 


"He's such a good friend" Mikey emotionally told them

"Bet he was, he seemed a nice bloke" Shane smiled

"Take me back to hotel. I feel so tired" Mikey moaned

"Sure, let's go" The lads stood up and helped Mikey up


The guys arrived back at the hotel, Mikey kipped in Shane's room and slept on sofa. He was really happy to see Staffy as Staffy was excited to see him. They both played for abit and then Mikey went to sleep. It's the very first time in months that Mikey slept all the way through very well. Ronan, Keith and Shane was so glad to have Mikey back and relieved. They just now want to feel like make up for lost time and spend the most with him. 


The next morning, Thursday. Mikey was still asleep and Shane just got up as he made himself a cup of tea and saw Staffy asleep on top of Mikey. Shane tripped over a table which made Mikey wake up. 


"Oh sorry mate, didn't meant to wake you" Shane smiled

"It's alright. What time is it?" Mikey asked

"It's 11am. Do you want a cup of tea?" Shane answered

"I must of slept well. I feel great! Yes please" Mikey smirked

"I think we should cancel the rest of the tour" Shane thought

"You what? No don't you dare! Because of me?" Mikey wondered

"Well, yeah.." Shane said

"Shane, do it for the fans. It's not fair on them! I'm fine, please carry on without me. You don't need to look after me. I'm still here" Mikey sighed

"I suppose" Shane smiled gently

"Mate, you guys carried on without me when you thought i was dead, so now please carry on and finish the tour without me while i am here" Mikey explained

"You're right. I'm sorry. We need to get a new phone for you" Shane thought

"We'll sort it when we're back in UK" Mikey smiled

"Mikey.. Please promise me something" Shane asked

"It depends what it is?" Mikey wondered

"After the tour, we're talking about another new album and we would love to have you back to join us" Shane tried to persuade him

"I'll think about it Shane" Mikey firmly said

"I could kill thoes guys if i ever see them!" Shane got angry

"They'll be in prison for life" Mikey puts his arm round him

"I hope so!" Shane sipped his tea


Suddenly Shane and Mikey heard a bang which made Mikey jump that he stood up quickily and went behind the sofa. 


"Mikey? It's nothing don't worry" Shane rushed to hug him

"I'm still scared Shane" Mikey panicked

"Don't be. You're safe mate, with us" Shane and Mikey hugged tightly


Through the week in Scotland, Mikey rested a lot in Shane's hotel nearly everyday and wouldn't go out on his own because of the bad memories and scared something will happen to him again. He spent most of his time with Staffy. On the Saturday, it was tour day, Ronan, Shane and Keith tried to persuade Mikey to come with him and sit backstage. Mikey said no at first but then finally he got changed and dressed smart as he joined them. Once he went backstage, everyone looked at him and hugging him, wishing him well and Mikey just wanted to get in the dressing room quickly as possible. Mikey didn't want all the fuss.

Shane invited Jax and Toni to come and said it was free. Jax and Toni were really happy and went to meet the lads before the show started. When they arrived, the lads introduced them to Mikey and they gave Mikey hugs. Shane explained to Mikey how Jax and Toni found Staffy and everything. Mikey was pleased. Mikey even brought Staffy with him in the dressing room and Staffy was happy to see Jax and Toni. 

Mikey starts to feel something as he liked Toni as soon he saw her for first time and smiled at her. Mikey tried to get up slowly and gave Toni a kiss on cheek but also Jax. 


"Hello. Nice to meet you both" Mikey smiled gently

"Hey Mikey, glad to meet you" Toni grinned

"Hi Mikey, same to you too" Jax smiled

"I want to say.. erm... thanks for everything. It was me that let Staffy go" Mikey explained

"We totally understand and we guessed that. Great plan Mikey" Jax nodded

"Yeah, don't mention it. I'm glad you're safe and well" Toni smiled

"There's some wine and few cans if you want some. We'll be watching Boyzone perform on TV soon... Not on TV but live from here, you get what i'm saying?" Mikey tries to talk

"Thanks Mikey" Jax helps herself

"I'd love some, thanks" Toni smiled gently


"Right guys. We're off to start the show. Enjoy watching" Ronan smiled and hugged Mikey


Keith, Shane and Ronan hugs Mikey and goes to start the concert. Mikey is in dressing room watching from TV with Jax and Toni. Suddenly half way through the concert, the thing that made Mikey emotional is when the lads talk about Mikey on stage. 


"I just want to say that as you all know, Mikey has been found. He's alive and well. Mikey is actually backstage now watching. He couldn't tour with us straight away because he's still in pain and really tired. I am just glad to have him back, missed him so much" Keith stated

"Like Keith said, we are so honoured and relieved that Mikey is safe and alive. I hugged him so tightly that i don't want to ever let him go again. I hope he will be back soon to join us. Love you Mikey" Ronan sighed

"Mikey is BACK!!!!!!!! Well, we are so glad Mikey is back, our best friend. When we found out he was gone and thought he was dead, our world dropped. We were devastated and when we then found out and looked for him, we were just glad he's alive and he's our little sweet friend, we love him. He's the best guy you could ever meet, love you mate" Shane smiled gently


Mikey had tears in his eyes and Toni hugs him gently as he sipped his red wine. As they carried on watching the show, Mikey, Jax and Toni chatted and tried to make Mikey laugh. The show finished and Mikey gave them all a big hug and said he really enjoyed it but wish he joined if he was better. Mikey hasnt decided yet whether to leave Boyzone or carry on with Boyzone. 

Throughout the few months, while Mikey rested and Boyzone are touring, Mikey and Toni got to know each other really well as Mikey started to like her more, he felt more confidence and Jax started to date Shane. They got to know each other properly by texting and on webcam because the lads were travelling and Jax and Toni stayed in Scotland because that's where they live. At one time, Shane and Mikey asked the girls to move to Ireland where they live and they agreed. 

The last day of the tour in October, they were in UK and a place called Essex. The boys were rehearsing and Mikey was shopping around, looking for clothes and suddenly a woman walked past him, Mikey looked, then looked again and noticed who she was. 


"Natalie?" Mikey wondered

"What?" Natalie turned round before she realised 

"It's you, Natalie right?" Mikey walked towards her

"Yeah... Oh my God Mikey!" Natalie hugged him when she realised

"It's nice to see you" Mikey smiled

"Yes it's so lovely to see you again" Natalie hugged him again

"How have you been?" Mikey asked

"I have been great thanks, much better. What about you?" Natalie answered

"I've been better thank you" Mikey sighed

"Good to hear. You look really well. How about a catch up in a cafe?" Natalie thought

"Yeah, why not" Mikey agreed


Mikey was surprised and happy to see Natalie as they both chat and catch up. While they had a catch up, Jax and Toni found a nice flat but live separate so they live in different room but in same flat, live next to each other, in Ireland. Ronan, Keith and Shane invited Mikey and asked if he wants to join them on stage on the last concert. Mikey wasn't sure but thought about it, an hour before the show started. Mikey agreed to come on stage for one song. 


"How about sing words?" Ronan asked

"What? I thought, maybe another song?" Mikey wondered

"I thought you'd like to sing that with us" Ronan thought

"Please, i'll do Love me for a reason though.. with you all" Mikey smiled gently

"Okay no problem, you sing the second verse yeah, like usual?" Ronan smiled

"Yes. It's just, i sang words when i was away" Mikey sighed

"Oh i see..." Ronan understood

"It'll be a surprise for the fans, they don't know" Shane grinned and hugged him

"Try and be brave. Just stand out there and smile" Keith kissed on his forehead


Suddenly, Mikey felt a bit dizzy and sick but took a deep breath, few minutes later after he sat down, he felt better but still nervous. Mikey loved to sing, dance and have a laugh and he wants all that back.


Few hours later, that moment when Mikey comes on stage...


"Right... We have a big surprise for you! We'll be singing Love Me For A Reason but who will be singing with us?" Shane grinned

"Any guesses???" Keith wondered loudly

"I, 2, 3... It's MIKEY GRAHAM!!!!!!!! Come on stage!!!!" Ronan grinned


Once Mikey stepped on stage with a grin on his face but emotionally and hugged Keith, Shane and Ronan. The audience went crazy and shouting for Mikey. Suddenly the audience shouted "MIKEY, MIKEY, MIKEY, MIKEY"


Mikey tried not to cry and felt happy. The song then started. As soon Mikey sung his verse, the lads were so proud of him emotionally and glad to hear his singing voice again, even the audience went crazy when he started to sing.


 Kisses and caresses
Are only minor tests, babe
Of love turned to stresses
Between a woman and a man
So if love everlasting
Isn't what you're asking
I'll have to pass, girl
I'm proud to take a stand

I can't continue guessing
Because it's only messing
With my pride, and my mind
So write down this time to time


They all had their arms round each other while singing and with their smiles on their faces. Suddenly, Mikey felt dizzy and warm. Shane noticed something was wrong, he mimed at him asking if he's okay and Mikey nodded yes with a smile. After the song, everyone cheered and as Mikey walked off stage, he said a little speech.


"I just want to say, thankyou to each everyone of you for the love and support. It means so much to me. I missed you and love you all from the bottom of my heart" Mikey waved emotionally as he walked away


Mikey then thought hard as he sat backstage about if he will leave or stay. Half an hour later, Mikey suddenly felt dizzy that he couldnt stand up but he tried to get some water and was scared that something was happening. He then couldnt control it and callapsed on the floor.


After the show, the lads were smiling and laughing, they walked into the dressing room but didnt notice Mikey laying on the floor behind the sofa.


"He must of went for fresh air" Keith grinned

"Yeah, bless him. I hope he changes his mind, we need him in Boyzone" Ronan sighed

"Yeah i agree" Shane agreed


Suddenly, Shane went round corner of the room, turned round and saw Mikey laid on floor.


"Mikey!!!!!" Shane shouted  


















































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