Mikey's Dissaperance


6. Chapter 6


Wednesday afternoon at 12pm, Mikey and Luke was still locked in the office. Mikey has been laid on floor unconscious for a while as Luke beaten him up. Luke tried to get out but couldnt so he went on his computer with a glass of whiskey. Scott turned up and banged on the door which made Luke Jump. Mikey slowly then woke up as he felt bruised and heard a phone ringing which was Mikey's ringtone. Mikey then smiled gently as he knew. Scott finally broke the door down and saw Mikey on floor and Luke drinking. 


"What the hell is going on?" Scott shouted

"Someone locked us in! Nearly a day and night! Mikey has done something but wont tell us!" Luke snapped

"Is that Mikey's phone?" Scott pushed Luke and picked up Mikey's mobile


Scott noticed 6 missed calls and few messages. He reads them and wasnt very happy. 


"What is this?" Scott shouted at Mikey

"What?" Luke reads the messages


The messages were: 


Ronan - Hi mate, please answer your phone! xxxx

Keith - We found you! Please let us know you're alive xx

Shane - Miss you so much mate xxxx


Luke and Scott stared at Mikey as Mikey tried to get up and sit on a chair. Mikey wondered what was up. 


"So this is what you guys were planning?" Luke wondered

"What?" Mikey in pain

"Your boys texted you, saying they've found you" Luke threw his mobile

"I don't know how found me" Mikey shrugged

"Don't play games with us" Scott shouted

"Right, we best move quickly, get everyone in van!" Luke panicked

"You won't get far! You're too late" Mikey shouted

"So you did plan to escape then?" Scott asked

"Yeah, so what? We all want to go home!!! Please!!!" Mikey begged


Mikey tries to get up from his chair and tries to reach his phone but the guys snapped his mobile out of his hand and pushed him as he fell backwards. As he fell backwards, he knocked over a petrol can which was opened. Mikey quickly tries to get up away from petrol and punched Luke quickly but Scott grabbed Mikey and pushed him back to agaisnt the wall. Matt came running and wondered what was going on, but wanted to tell Mikey something as Matt saw the news on TV "Finding Mikey" On the news, it were police trying to search everywhere. 


"It's over!" Matt shouted

"What?" Luke snapped

"It's on the news. We're gonna be free" Matt smiled at Mikey


Luke turned round to Mikey and suddenly Matt grabbed a bat and hit Luke which made him fall on the floor. Also Mikey punched Scott in the face and at the same time kicked him in the stomach. Matt and Mikey then escaped out of the office and ran back to their place, shouted Jake and Natalie to join them. They got into one room and locked the door behind them. Also Mickey the dog. 


"So is this it?" Natalie asked

"Yeah! It's on the news, the police are looking everywhere for us all" Matt explained

"About time!" Natalie cried happily and hugged Matt

"Are you okay Mikey?" Jake asked


Mikey sat down quietly and didn't a say a word. He looked like he wasn't there as he was in space but with tears in his eyes. Jake touched his arm and nudge him. 


"Mikey?" Natalie kneeled down and hold his hands

"It's okay. We're all going home" Natalie smiled gently

"Leave him. He's just in shock Natalie. We all are. Im sure he's glad to be home soon" Matt hugged Natalie 

"Where are the guys?" Natalie asked

"We beaten them and ran off. They might wake up soon" Matt answered

"Hey, we got some red wine, just to have our last drink moment together with some cakes" Natalie thought

"That would be nice" Matt smiled

"No... We... We should let others know" Mikey tried to talk

"They already know, they're getting ready for it, like we are" Matt told him

"Maybe we should have that drink then. I'm just waiting for the guys to rescue me" Mikey sighed


Two hours later, in a big field on a motorway with Staffy, Jax, Toni, Ronan, Shane and Keith in one big Police Car, along with other 14 police cars and 12 vans on the way. They arrived at the first place. They saw people with dirty clothes, dogs in cages and noticed some men shouting at people. 


"Oh my god" Jax whisphered

"I am going to kill thoes guys whoever got Mikey or everyone. How sick is this" Keith spoke loudly


The boys were shocked and was hoping to find Mikey here. The police got out with guns and stormed into the land. Everyone was scared and straight away arrested the kidnappers. They also spoke to some people and helped them into a van. Jax and Toni looked round but no sign of Mikey yet. Ronan, Keith and Shane went the other way to look round while police are helping people to escape. Ronan walked towards near pub and asked a man. 


"Hey" Ronan stormed towards him

"Hello" A man smiled

"Do you know this guy? Have you seen him?" Ronan asked showing picture

"Oh yeah! He does go in this pub few times, not seen him for a few days" A man saw the police coming towards him

"Please, you know where he is?" Ronan asked

"I don't know where, he never said. I'm sorry. We never really spoke" A man sighed

"Thanks...." Ronan emotionally looked back on the picture


Ronan watches the police take the man away safely but now knows Mikey isnt far and tries to look for the nearest place. The police realised that there is no other lands, its only this land but it's massive with different sections of people living as a group but a pub right in the middle.

Shane and Keith wondered where Ronan was but kept looking for Mikey. Ronan was walking on his own but the police told them to keep together but Ronan was strong. People kept looking at Ronan as he walked past. Shane and Keith saw a dead body and panicked. 


"Police!!!!!!" Shane shouted


The police came running to Shane and Keith. Jax and Toni heard them and ran towards them. 


"Oh my god" Toni gasped

"He's dead! He looks young!" Keith realised its not Mikey but shocked

"Stay back guys, carry on looking" Police told them

"Where's Ronan?" Jax asked as they kept walking

"Idiot!" Keith sighed

"We should of stopped him. He could get hurt" Shane moaned

"Look, im sure Ro knows what he is doing" Keith told him

"Please, come on" Toni hoped to find Mikey

"Hang on, where's Staffy?" Jax realised

"Here was here. He must of gone back, to find Mikey" Toni told them

"We should of followed him instead!" Shane sighed looking round


About 5pm, the police have finally got nearly everybody and arresting the kidnappers but Mikey was nowhere to be found, they kept on searching. They nearly stopped the search but Keith and Shane begged them, so they carried on. Jax and Toni went back to the car and waited as they got told to go back because it might not be safe.


Mikey, Jake, Matt and Natalie heard a siren. They know they are here, hoping Mikey's friends are with them. Mickey whined and barked a little. They also heard Luke and Scott chatting away as they managed to wake up. Luke and Scott were talking outside and laughing. 


Suddenly, they could smell petrol as Luke poured some around their little room. The guys knew that they were in the room as they heard them talk. 


"You're all gonna die" Luke and Scott laughed

"Nnoooo" Natalie cried

"No, please! Help!" Mikey yelled

"Stop this now!!!! Please guys, why are you doing this?" Matt begged

"Please guys!" Mikey cried


Suddenly, Luke opened the door and decided to take Jake and Natalie, also the dog. Once Luke let them out, they ran for their lives but Luke and Scott let them go. Natalie, Jake and Mickey saw the police shouting for help while running. Natalie told the police where Mikey and Matt are so the police were on their way.  

Mikey and Matt was confused.


"You let them go? What about me and Mikey?! Please! Do a good thing for once!" Matt shouted

"No!" Scott shouted


Mikey and Matt was scared as the lads beaten the life out of them. 


Meanwhile, while Matt, Luke, Scott and Mikey are fighting, Ronan got closer to Mikey but saw Staffy standing watching something. Staffy was staring at Mikey's little room. 


"Hey, Staffy.. Where you been?" Ronan wondered

"Woof" Staffy barked, whined and licked Ronan's face

"What's up? You know Mikey is here?" Ronan stroked him


Staffy barked loudly and kept looking at Ronan. Ronan followed and noticed a small house, but the place looked empty. Ronan and Staffy walked slowly and looked around.


"Mikey's here somewhere but it's so quite, apart from sirens" Ronan whisphered


"Mikey!!!!!!!!!" Ronan yelled

"Woof!" Staffy barked


Mikey suddenly stopped fighting and shouted stop. They heard a voice getting close and a dog barking. Also sirens getting closer.

Then suddenly, few police cars drove past Ronan who was only around the corner. Ronan watched the cars blocking around the house so the guys can't get out. Ronan was shocked and hoped Mikey is in there alive as he noticed Staffy running towards the door and jumping up and down at the door. Luke panicked and quickly punched Mikey in the stomach and got his gun and pointed at him. Scott ran out and tried to escape but the police grabbed him and knocked him down onto the floor. There was Mikey, Matt and Luke left as Scott is in the police car. 

Keith and Shane got closer aswell and ran to Ronan wondering whats going on. 


"I think Mikey's in there trapped!" Ronan panicked

"Oh my god! Please let him be alive" Shane cried

"Is that Staffy jumping up and down?" Keith wondered

"Yeah, which means Mikey is in there" Ronan told them


Keith, Shane and Ronan was hoping Mikey would be alive. They were so scared and worried but relieved to find him. Matt begged Luke not to shoot Mikey as Mikey was petrified for his life. 


"Please, no. Please, luke! Do the right thing!! The police are out there, it'll only make things worse if you kill someone" Matt begged

"Please, my mate is out there" Mikey cried

"I don't care" Luke snapped


This is the police! Please step outside! No one will get hurt" Police shouted


"Listen to them. Luke" Matt whisphered

"I'll still get life" Luke pointed a gun at Mikey

"You might not. Look at Mikey, look at him" Matt budged him

"Please" Mikey begged

"It's time to let go! Let me and Mikey be happy! Be the good guy for once!" Matt tried to persuade him

"I can't" Luke sighed

"Can't you see that he's scared and i am! Just hand yourself in. it's over!" Matt told him


Matt tried to move Luke's arm and put the gun down. Luke felt angry and stamped on Mikey's face as Matt tried to stop him but couldnt as Luke kept on stamping on him and kicking him. So Matt opened the door in panic and shouted help! Mikey was curled up on the floor crying and felt so bruised and scared. 


Ronan saw Matt and then decided to run towards to what is happening. Keith and Shane followed few minutes later.  


"Mikey!!!!!!" Ronan yelled but police stopped him

"No! He's attacking him!!! Help him!" Matt shouted at the police

"Matt, please get in the car!" Policeman grabbed him gently

"No, i want to know if Mikey's save!" Matt cried

"His mates are here now and he's save. You need to get checked out and back to your family" Policeman explained

"I have to stay here, will he be okay? Don't let him die. He's my good friend" Matt begged 

"He will be fine. Please" Policeman opened the door as Matt got in and watched through the window while he went away


Ronan mouthed to Matt saying "Thankyou" and Matt smiled back as he went to hospital.


The police stormed in and took Luke off Mikey and pushed him outside onto the floor. Ronan felt angry that he wanted to kill luke but police stopped him. 


"I will kill you!!!" Ronan shouted

"Calm down!" Policeman begged him


While the police took Luke away, Ronan saw the door wide open and noticed a body on the floor thinking the worse. He could hear crying and weeping like he was in pain. Ronan then quickly stormed in and saw Mikey on floor curled up, he bent down and touched Mikey's arm. Ronan tried to old back the tears as he couldnt believe he found Mikey again but glad he is alive.


"Oh god mate... Can you hear me?? It's.... It's me" Ronan cried

"Ro.... It hurts...." Mikey whisphered

"Don't talk or move okay? I'm just glad you're okay" Ronan wipes his tears

"I missed you" Mikey whisphered brokenly

"I missed you too, so much mate. We really thought you was dead" Ronan broke down into tears


Ronan really wanted to hug him tightly and so did Mikey. Mikey tried to get up slowly as he was in so much pain and grabbed Ronan's coat as he tried to pull himself up. Mikey looked at Ronan and then suddenly Mikey broke into tears as Mikey and Ronan hugged tightly. Mikey couldnt stop crying as Ronan held him up.


"I'm here now mate. I love you. Don't ever leave us again. We're gonna keep you forever now" Ronan tried to cheer Mikey up emotionally

"Yeah right" Mikey whisphered and laughed painfully


After a few minutes, Mikey and Ronan had their arms round each other walking out of the room. Keith and Shane was shocked to see Mikey look so bad, bruised and blood on his face. Shane and Keith hugged Mikey tightly, kissed him on his forehead.

Staffy then came running and jumping at Mikey and crying. Shane picked up Staffy and stroked him. The guys thought to keep Staffy because it was Mikey's dog. The Ambulance arrived and Ronan took Mikey inside the van. Ronan and Keith decided to go with Mikey on the way to hospital but Mikey felt so weak as he kept closing his eyes, Ronan and Keith holded his hand all the way to hospital.

Shane spoke to the police on the way back to meet Jax and Toni. Jax and Toni got out of the car and wondered what was going on. Shane explained everything and the girls were so glad Mikey is okay. Shane hugged them and thanked them for everything.

On the way, Shane didn't say a word as he was upset and happy at the same time. The police dropped Shane off at the hospital to meet the guys and then dropped Jax and Toni back at their house.


"Do you think we will see the guys again?" Toni wondered

"Yeah course, i'm sure we will. Shane did give me his number earlier and i gave him his" Jax answered

"Yeah just leave them to it. Now i just feel like moving away because what happened was right near us" Toni sighed

"We will. Somewhere different. I'm glad Mikey's okay" Jax smiled

"Yeah me too" Toni and Jax hugged

"Anyway, lets have some beers. I think we really need it" Jax grinned

"Yeah!!" Toni agreed


While Jax and Toni had a few beers, they turned the TV on and noticed the news at 9pm about Mikey. The news was saying that Mikey has been found and alive.


Meanwhile, at the hospital...  Keith, Shane and Ronan sat around Mikey while he was laid on bed but Mikey didn't say a word. Mikey kept thinking of loads of ideas and what to do. He is glad to be home, glad to see his best friends but what happened and being away for 5 months has damaged him. Will Mikey be back to how he was? Will he stay with the lads and carry on doing music? The lads kept talking to him but is shocked what Mikey comes out with...


"I want to leave Boyzone" Mikey spilled out emotionally









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