Mikey's Dissaperance


5. Chapter 5


"It can't be" Jax sighed

"I think it is. Maybe it's a sign because Staffy is here, he probs was trying to help" Toni explained

"But Dogs arent that clever" Jax scoffed

"They can be!" Toni sighed

"So what we gonna do?" Jax wondered

"There's the only one way... find Boyzone" Toni told him

"Sounds like he's trying to shout for help! Poor Mikey. Thank God he's alive somewhere" Jax took a deep breath

"Me too! We really thought he was dead. Looks like Mikey is closer... We need to find the lads before they finish tour in Scotland" Toni told her

"Its abit late but we'll go tomorrow" Jax sighed

"I can't get my mind over it.. He must be scared... He's been gone for like what, 8 months" Toni looked down

"It feels like 8 months but its been about 4 months. Whoever they are, hope they done for it! The lads will be so glad to see him" Jax smiled gently

 "I hope Mikey isnt hurt" Toni stroked Staffy

"Me too" Jax whispered


Toni, Jax and Staffy then relaxed in front of the TV and fire. They couldnt believe Mikey's alive and will find Boyzone next morning. They looked on internet and the dates they tour in scotland, they already toured Monday, now will be Tuesday and Saturday. Toni and Jax decided to find them after the tour which was Tuesday. 


"I know which arena it is, we would have to wait somewhere outside around the back where they would walk out to their cars" Jax explained

"Yeah, or we should buy Meet and Greet tickets, i know it's expensive but worth it" Toni thought

"That's a good idea. That's the only way" Jax agreed

"I'll do it now" Toni smiled

"Are we allowed to bring the dog?" Jax wondered

"I hope so. I think so" Toni nodded

"We could leave Staffy here. Give him plenty of food and water" Jax sighed

"Yeah" Toni looked at him

"I don't know how to explain... It's hard" Jax panicked

"They might think we're stupid at first... Because they'll be shocked and we're just fans. They probs think we're taking the mick" Toni thought

"We got the letter to prove it" Jax smiled

"Yeah.. Mikey's my favorite" Toni whisphered

"I know, you adore him! Do you want to meet him one day?" Jax asked

"Yeah sure! I do! Well, we gotta give the dog back havent we, it's Mikey's i think" Toni answered

"We would have to involve the police and everything. We could go up there to find him" Jax explained


Toni and Jax talked about what they will do and hope it would work out to get Mikey back. 


The Next Day on Tuesday Afternoon, Toni took Staffy for a walk, fed him and let him play in the park with other dogs. When Toni got back, Jax told her they booked Meet and Greet Tickets and they were excited and happy which made Staffy bark and jump around. Jax and Toni left Staffy at home and Staffy was hoping to have Mikey back as he was thinking of him. The girls went somewhere to have lunch and a drink near where Boyzone are performing. They sat and chatted for hours, they also went to the cinema as they were abit bored. After they watched the film, it was 9pm already. The girls went to the arena and showed the security the tickets and waited in a room till the show was finished. They heard the boys singing and felt like they were there watching. They were so nervous meeting the lads. 


"It seems like we're the only ones here" Jax smiled

"Yeah! How much were the tickets" Toni asked

"About £50 for two" Jax answered

"That's not bad" Toni grinned


Meanwhile, Mikey waited and waited for something to happen. It has been nearly two days and he was worried. 


"Come on! What if the plan doesn't work? He might be lost!" Mikey panicked

"Don't worry mate! It'll happen" Matt tries to calm him down

"If nothing happens tomorrow, im going to escape myself!" Mikey shouted

"Its not just you, what about me? If you're going, i'm coming! Remember, when someone finds that note, the police will come and arrest those bastards!" Matt snapped

"Steady on mate" Mikey sighed

"It just sounds like, you think its only you escaping" Matt told him

"Sorry and i know, now we all will be free" Mikey took a deep breath

"Luke's coming" Matt whisphered

"Where is your dog Staffy?" Luke asked

"I don't know" Mikey answered

"That's not good enough" Luke got closer to him

"He's gone! I don't know where he is!" Mikey told him

"I don't believe you. You're not going anywhere till you tell me where he is?" Luke smirked

"Leave it Luke" Matt told Luke

"Shut up and go. This is between me and Mikey" Luke snapped

"Don't hurt him!!" Matt warned him

"Look don't worry Matt. I can sort this" Mikey winked at Matt without Luke noticing


Matt walked away and kept looking back but he was worried Mikey might get hurt again but just hope the plan works. Mikey and Luke kept arguing. 


Luke then took Mikey to his office and sat him down. 


"Where is he?! You took him for a walk other day and now all of the sudden hes gone?" Luke thought

"I dont know what happened, he must of ran off" Mikey lied

"Ran off? Well, i've already sent Scott looking for him" Luke told him

"Really?" Mikey whisphered

"Yeah! You must of let him go, he wouldnt know the way round, he's a little stupid dog!" Luke smirked

"Dont say that! He's a clever dog and he's not stupid! Yes he does know his way round!" Mikey snapped

"What have you done?" Luke thought

"Nothing. He must of escaped" Mikey sighed

"You, Matt and Natalie wee acting shifty in past few days" Luke wondered

"And?" Mikey scoffed

"You're up to something" Luke thought

"Maybe i am!" Mikey laughed

"Dont wind me up!" Luke pushed him

"Well, lets say... You and Scott are over! Your time is up" Mikey warned him

"What are you talking about? Did you grass us up?" Luke asked

"Sort of" Mikey sat down and sipped a glass of wine he saw

"Tell me what you've done or i'll kill you!" Luke shouted

"Kill me then!!!" Mikey yelled back


While Luke and Mikey are in office, Matt locks the door and runs off. That means they are stuck in office. Luke hears and realised the door is locked and blamed Mikey. 


"You planned this!! What have you done?" Luke grabbed a bat


Mikey took a step back scared as Luke was walking towards him. 


Meanwhile, Boyzone show has finished and they were hyped up. They got told that there were two women wanting to meet them backstage and they couldnt wait to meet their fans, not knowing why. It was 11pm and the lads got changed and relaxed in their dressing room. They walked in another room to meet the fans. When the door opened, Jax and Toni's had a big grin on their faces and didnt know what to say. They quickly introduced themselves. 


"Nice name. Nice to meet you both!" Keith grinned and kissed on both cheeks

"You both look lovely" Shane hugged them

"Come here" Ronan hugged them

"Nice to meet you guys" Jax grinned

"Me too. You guys look well" Toni smiled

"Thankyou" The boys smiled

"Did you enjoy our show?" Keith wondered

"We only come for a meet and greet" Jax nervously told him

"Oh right" Keith whisphered

"But don't worry, we have been to your shows before and it is amazing!" Toni smiled

"Thanks" Shane smiled

"It's just, it didn't feel right without Mikey but we will come again to your shows" Jax explained

"I understand. It still doesn't feel right without him" Ronan told them

"It doesn't no. I bet it's emotional" Toni sighed

"It is. Sometime i cry on tour but Keith and Shane always cheer me up" Ronan explained

"I'm sorry. But you never know.. I mean.. Mikey, he might still be alive" Toni thought

"I really hope so! But what makes you say that?" Keith asked

"I just do... Try make you guys feel better" Toni answered

"Please don't because he could be dead" Shane sighed

"Well, he isnt" Jax told them

"How do you know?" Ronan asked

"Look, lets leave it. Mikey's gone, he could be dead or alive. Please not tonight. We're supposed to meet these fans and have a laugh, not sulk about our best friend" Keith explained

"Yeah, but why would you girls say hes not dead?" Ronan wondered

"Sorry it just came out" Jax smiled

"Oh okay" Ronan whisphered gently


It has been an hour since Jax and Toni was with the lads and they had a laugh, asking questions and had two drinks. Before Jax and Toni went, they all gave each other a hug. Jax then really wanted to say something because it was eating them and they felt had to get it out of their chest about Mikey.


"Look guys, i cant do this! There's something we have to tell you" Jax stated

"Tell us what?" Shane wondered

"Mikey's alive, he's not dead" Jax answered

"You what?" Keith in shock

"It's true" Toni agreed

"I dont believe this. Were you involved in Mikey missing?" Keith sighed

"No way! We know he is alive!" Toni snapped

"Where's the prove? Why tell us? Are you trying to take the piss or wind us up? He's dead!" Shane shouted

"Dont shout, please!" Ronan tries to calm them down

"We're your fans and we thought to tell you as soon we found out" Jax explained

"It might sound stupid but we found a dog..." Toni tries to explain

"I need a drink!" Shane interrupted

"If you are serious, i think we all should leave now and have a drink somewhere near about this" Ronan told them

"Okay. Sure" Jax and Toni agreed


Keith, Shane and Ronan got ready and walked down to the nearest pub half an hour later with Jax and Toni. They sat down and didnt say a word for a few minutes. The lads didnt know what to believe and was shocked. The lads listened to what they had to say.


"We found a dog, we thought to bring him to ours and he was a nice little puppy. His name is Staffy which is on his collar. He's at home now at ours" Jax explained

"Where is this going?" Shane wondered

"We then found a little message inside his collar" Jax sighed

"What message?" Ronan asked

"It's from Mikey" Jax said

"Mikey?" Keith thought

"Yes. Message for help" Jax got the letter out

"Are you telling us the truth? I mean, a dog?" Ronan smirked

"It is true, you have to believe us! Mikey might have sent him. Sounds like he's locked up or something" Toni begged

"Don't say that, please... So Mikey's alive?" Shane asked

"I guess so" Toni smiled gently


Jax slowly gave Shane the message that Mikey wrote. He read it and started to get emotional, he got up and walked to the bar. Ronan and Keith then read it and was deeply shocked. Keith didnt believe it at first but said the girls could have wrote it but then read again, they knew it was Mikey's handwriting. Shane came back with a few pints for all. 


"I think i know where this is.. It's not far but its hidden?" Keith thought

"He knew we was touring around here, he must of heard and decided to sent this" Ronan wondered

"Thankyou so much" Keith hugged Jax and Toni

"Anytime. We can help you if you want" Toni wondered

"Sure. Maybe bring the dog, he might show us the way" Ronan said

"A dog? Following a dog?" Keith joked

"Haha" Toni and Jax laughed

"I cant believe we will see him again, if we find him" Shane took a deep breath

"We really thought he was dead" Ronan tries not to cry

"If you two didn't find out, we probs wouldnt see him again" Shane sighed

"We got to go to the police first" Keith told them

"Now?" Ronan wondered

"Yes, we have to find him! What's more important, going back to the hotel and sleep or go on a search for Mikey?" Keith explained

"True. I agree. We're in this together" Shane agreed

"Okay, you girls want to come? I know we only just met but its just a thank you" Ronan smiled

"Sure" Jax and Toni nodded


At 1.30am - The Police Station


"Hello guys. How may i help you?" Policeman asked

"I think we found Mikey" Ronan answered

"Okay. Mikey Graham who had been missing?" Police wondered

"Yes" Shane sighed

"Right, let's arrange a room. Who wants to talk to us? Only two people" Police asked

"I will" Toni said

"Me too, me and Toni will explain" Ronan agreed

"Bare with me" Police smiled


"Look guys, you all just sit, it wont take long. I promise. We will find him" Ronan told them

"I just hope we find him alive" Shane got emotional

"I miss him so much" Keith took a deep breath


"Right, Toni and Ronan?" Police opened the door

"Okay" Ronan and Toni stood up


As Toni and Ronan sat down, the policeman wanted them to explain everything before the search starts again. 


"We had only just finished the concert. We got another one Saturday, last one here. We met Toni and Jax backstage. We was talking. The girls told us that Mikey's alive and we was shocked. They even gave us a letter to prove it, it was from Mikey begging for help, it has the address on where he is. Mikey's not far, please we need to find him before its too late" Ronan explained and passed the policeman the message from Mikey. 

"Me and Jax found a dog, he did keep whining and barking and now we know why. We found a message in his collar. Mikey must of sent him. It might sound stupid but it's true. We then booked Meet and Greet Tickets to meet Boyzone and we told them, we wanted to tell them" Toni explained

"Thankyou. We will track this address, get information and we will let you know. I am sure i heard of this place years ago" Police explained gently

"Is it good or bad?" Ronan wondered

"I will let you know. Please get some sleep and come here in the morning. About 10am?" Police asked

"Yes sure" Ronan and Toni walked out


On the way out of the police station, it was already 3am, they all were so tired. They thanked Jax and Toni for help and arranged to meet at the station at 10am, in the morning.


The Next morning at 10am, they all sat together and felt nervous. A Policeman walked towards them and had information for Boyzone.


"What is it? Is Everything okay?" Ronan asked

"Have you found him!?" Shane wondered

"We have tracked the place and we know where it is. It's not good" Police stated

"What do you mean its not good?" Keith panicked

"It's not a good place. We have found history and we thought it had finished because Police burned it down and got everyone out, about 60 years ago but we didn't relaise it has been started again" Police explained

"What has? I don't understand" Shane wondered

"It's a serious crime! There are people who kidnap other people and use them" Police tried to explain

"Use them? Please dont say what it is?" Ronan guessed

"It better not be slavery?!" Keith cried

"Not just that. They beat people up, tell them what to do" Police sighed

"Oh god!!! What, why now? That would be years ago, i thought it had stopped, not now!!!" Shane shouted

"We will find Mikey and others. I Promise! I'm gonna start this search now and get the police on their way. We would have to get about six police cars and vans to bring people back home" Police explained

"This sounds really bad!" Jax sighed

"You guys can come with us and bring the dog" Police told them

"We will come!" Keith, Ronan and Shane stated

"There is a chance Mikey could be alive or dead" Police answered 























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