Mikey's Dissaperance


4. Chapter 4


Two months later.... 


Boyzone sold two singles and they both went to No.1, two singles called Missing You and We Will See You Again. It was for Mikey and also Stephen. They had just done another single and ready to be released. The single was called If We Try with Mikey's vocals on it, they thought to release the single for him which went to Number One again. They had just done an Album too. Boyzone were thinking of doing a tour and travelling around in Ireland, UK and abroad for a year, to keep their minds off things but they still are heartbroken about Mikey. They still miss him. Few weeks later, the tickets were sold out and added more dates, which was sold again and the tour had just started few weeks later. 


Meanwhile, Mikey and the dog Staffy turned out to be best friends. They did everything together. One thing that made Mikey sad was he saw another woman in pub being found by her husband who finally tried to find her for years. They escaped finally, without Luke and Scott knowing. Everyone else were thinking "What about me?". Mikey had been trying to keep busy for months and getting on really well with Natalie and Matt. He had heard about Boyzone doing singles, album and tour, he really wished he could be there with them and was really gutted which made him cry sometimes. But the plan is still on about the escape. 


"Hey.. Mikey.. I have done some cupcakes if you want some? Also i made red wine" Natalie smiled gently

"Oh thanks!" Mikey sighed

"You like red wine don't you? Like to try?" Natalie asked

"Sure" Mikey smiled

"So, how are you?" Natalie asked

"Not so bad, same thing really if i'm being honest" Mikey answered as they walked 

"Me too. I hear you cry every night" Natalie looked at him

"Not every night but yeah. I just miss everyone so much. It's killing me" Mikey explained

"It'll not be long till that day when we're all free. I heard my mum died but i can't be there for her" Natalie got emotional

"What? Oh i'm sorry, when?" Mikey touched her hand

"Yesterday, thats why i was in my room all day. It's alright Mikey" Natalie smiled gently

"You know what, we'll have that red wine" Mikey smiled

"Great!" Natalie grinned


Mikey and Natalie went into her room and she poured her own homemade red wine in a glass to Mikey. Mikey sat down and looked round. 


"Better than my room. Nice fire" Mikey smirked

"Here, hope you like it" Natalie passed the wine

"Hmmm it's nice. I could just drink this all night" Mikey smiled

"Thankyou. I'll have some too. So, Matt has took Staffy for a walk if that's alright" Natalie sat down next to him

"That's fine. They've been gone hours though" Mikey sighed

"Matt likes to walk far away" Natalie said

"So do i" Mikey looked at her

"You do have a nice smile, handsome face" Natalie touched his cheek

"Thanks... Erm.. I'm not that good looking" Mikey laughed

"You are!" Natalie grinned


Natalie and Mikey talked for two hours and drinking wine. They were abit tipsy and as soon Natalie leaned to kiss him, they suddenly heard a noise outside. They opened the door and walked out in shock. They see Luke and Scott coming back with a little boy who is 12 years old. He looked abit upset and was a quite boy. 


"I don't believe this!" Natalie whisphered

"Me either... How can they kidnap a boy?" Mikey got angry

"I really hope they don't hurt him" Natalie hoped

"They better dont!" Mikey agreed

"We have to do this plan now!" Natalie begged

"We will! I'll write a note tomorrow" Mikey sighed

"Mikey, sorry i was about to kiss you" Natalie apologised

"Forget it, don't worry about it. I'm gonna go back and clean this other dog, then i've got to walk the dog" Mikey explained

"No worries" Natalie smiled

"Thanks for the wine and cake" Mikey smiled as he walked away


Half an hour later, Mikey walked past the room where the boy is. Mikey walked slowly into his room and seeing the boy scared. 


"Hello. It's Mikey. Don't worry, no one is going to hurt you" Mikey sat next to him

"Where am i?" Boy asked whispherely 

"I don't know... Far away. What's your name?" Mikey asked

"Jake" Jake looked up to him

"Nice name" Mikey sighed

"Is there other kids my age here? The guys said i will get to meet them and play with them tomorrow" Jake whisphered

"There are a few..." Mikey whisphered

"I'm scared, will you help me? I want to go home" Jake cried

"Of course i will" Mikey hugged him


Mikey felt angry and sorry for Jake. 


"Jake, you just hold on. They wont hurt you. You just carry on as normal and i will get us all out of here. I'm here for you, i promise" Mikey holds his hand

"You promise?" Jake whisphered

"Yes! After i brush this dog and took him for a walk, do you want him?" Mikey asked

"Yeah. What is his name?" Jake answered

"Mickey. Same as mine" Mikey laughed

"Are you from Boyzone?" Jake asked

"Erm.... Yeah..." Mikey sighed quietly

"My mum adores them. Her favorite is Ronan but has been to every concert" Jake explained

"Really?" Mikey whisphered and looked down on floor

"Mikey, are you okay?" Jake touched his arm

"I'm fine. I'm just... I miss them. This is so wrong" Mikey emotionally sighed

"Me too. I'll make you feel better. Come here" Jake hugged him tightly


After they hugged, Mikey got up and walked out of the door and shuts the door. Mikey suddenly just started to cry and goes to carry on what he is doing. Jake sits on the bed and thinking about the dog Mikey is going to give him. Scott sees Mikey working and walks up to him.


"How you doing?" Scott grinned

"What do you want?" Mikey scoffed

"See if you're doing alright" Scott sighed

"Like you care! You just kidnapped a boy" Mikey snapped

"If you carry on being horrible, something will happen to you. Don't push it" Scott pointed at him

"What are you gonna do with Jake?" Mikey asked

"Nothing! He plays with his little friends but there will be easy jobs" Scott answered

"What if they do it wrong or they say no" Mikey wondered

"They be locked in a room all day and night" Scott smirked and walked out

"Pathetic!" Mikey scoffed whispheredly


Two weeks later, Shane, Keith and Ronan are on their first night of the tour. They felt really nervous and feeling loads of emotions. The songlist for the tour was:


Too Late for Hallelujah


Right Here Waiting

Picture Of You


Everything I Own

Love is like a Hurricane

Love You Anyway

If We Try

We Will See You Again

Missing You

One More Song


Gave It All Away

Who We Are

When The Going Gets Tough

Love Will Save The Day

Reach Out I’ll Be There 

You Can’t Hurry Love

No Matter What

Love Me For A Reason

You Needed Me

A Different Beat

Lovin Each Day

Life Is A Rollercoaster


Ronan, Shane and Keith enjoyed the tour and had a laugh on stage and take the piss out of each other. They do have a few words about Mikey and Stephen too with one drink. Sometimes they get emotional but they are being strong for the fans. While they are travelling around, they do still look for Mikey even though everyone thinks he is dead but they hope he isnt. 


"What a great show!" Keith cheered

"It has been emotional but bring on the next one" Ronan smiled

"It has made us all feel better and keep doing this for Mikey! Also Steo" Shane said


Shane, Keith and Ronan always do a group hug before going on stage and also when finished the tour. They also sometimes go for a pint after the show. 


Halfway the tour, it was getting closer. They arrived in Scotland for a week, three days of touring in Scotland, not knowing Mikey is nearer.

The day as come. Mikey's Plan....


Monday morning, it was a nice hot day and no wind at all. Mikey kept giving the dogs some water especially Mickey and Staffy. Jake helped Mikey and helped Matt and Natalie too. It was Jake's birthday other day as they did something nice for him as Natalie made cakes, Matt did some magic and Mikey sang. Jake enjoyed it.

Mikey picked up Staffy and took him into his room, closed the door behind him. Staffy wondered what was going on and kept looking at Mikey. Mikey got his note out and read it again. 


"It's Mikey Graham. Here is the address. Please come and rescue us. Also phone the police!!!" Mikey written


Mikey took a deep breath and hoped the plan would work. He didn't want to let Staffy go and hope he would come back one day. Mikey heard Boyzone wasn't far and and read somewhere they're in Scotland for a week on tour, this is why they arranged that date. Mikey puts the note in Staffy's collar and went for a walk with him, Luke and Scott watched him but he made out he was just taking the dog for a walk. Matt and Natalie, Jake knew what was going on. Mikey got to the far end gate about a mile away and made sure no one was looking. He says his goodbye.


"Mate, i hope you know what you're doing. You're gonna help us escape. Please find the lads for me. Don't get lost and see you soon" Mikey hugged and kissed him


Mikey watched staffy walking slowly and then started to run quickly as he felt like freedom. Mikey smiled gently and walked back. 


Mikey walked towards Matt, Jake and Natalie. 


"It's done" Mikey sighed

"Now we would have to wait" Natalie holds Jake's hand

"How long?" Jake asked

"Not long, Staffy is a clever dog" Matt smiled


Luke and Scott walks up to them.


"What are you lot talking about?" Luke asked

"Nothing. We're just talking" Matt answered

"Better be. Where's Staffy?" Scott asked Mikey

"He's in my room" Mikey answered

"Oh right" Scott sighed

"I am gonna give Mikey and Matt abit of freedom" Luke said

"What?" Mikey and Matt wondered

"You're letting them go? You stupid?" Scott pushed him

"No.. They can have whatever hours they want at the pub because they worked hard. It's a one off, only today!" Luke explained and walked away

"Right, you all better behave.. You all been acting shifty in past few weeks!" Scott sighed and walked off


"I'll look after Jake and you both go and have fun" Natalie smiled

"Hi 5" Jake Hi 5ived Matt and Mikey

"What time?" Matt asked

"You're the boss" Mikey answered

"No, you have been good to us" Matt tapped on his back

"1pm? In about 2 hours" Mikey smiled

"Sure!" Matt nodded


While Mikey was getting ready later on, he couldnt stop thinking about Staffy and hoping he was okay but then noticed Mickey walking in his room wagging his tail. Mikey gave him a stroke and gave him a biscuit. Mikey found a nice dark blue shirt and decided to try it on. He went to get a quick shower and got changed. For first time in ages, Mikey looked smart! So did Matt as Mikey gave him one of his shirts when that day he was kidnapped. At 1pm, Mikey and Matt was on their way to the pub and forgetting about everything else. They thought to get drunk and celebrate. They couldn't wait to get back home if the plan works.

Meanwhile, Natalie read a book to Jake in the warm sun and shared some cakes with him.


As it got dark about 6pm, Staffy arrived in town and walked around. He kept sniffing everywhere and passing loads of people. He found a bench and decided to sit and sleep on there. There was two women who are friends wandering around town and on their way home. Suddenly, they saw a dog on bench asleep.  Staffy slowly woke up and looked at the two women and whined. The women were called Jax and Toni. 


"Awww, what are you doing here?" Toni stroked him

"He's cute.. Why would someone abandon him" Jax thought

"Yeah or maybe he ran away" Toni sighed

"Let's take him home and we'll try sort him out in the morning" Jax picked him up

"I think he's trying to tell us something" Toni looked at him

"Bless him. Unless we keep him" Jax smiled

"He looks well washed and clean, so soft" Toni stroke him


Staffy whined and barked a few times on the way to their house. When they arrived, Staffy jumped around the house and barking, Toni calmed him down by sitting with him and stroking him. He kept whining a few times while Jax made a cup of tea. Half an hour later, Toni and Jax put the fire on and put the TV on and chilled out with a nice warm cup of tea. Staffy kept staring at her and whining but Toni wondered what was up. Staffy then jumped and laid next to her on sofa.


"She likes you!" Jax laughed

"I know, bless. She'll get used to being here wont she?" Toni wondered

"Yeah course. Wonder where he's been?" Jax thought

"By the way, we need to check if its a boy or a girl" Toni laughed

"Oh yeah..." Jax grinned and looked

"It's a boy!" Toni kissed him

"Wish it was a girl" Jax stroked him

"Same thing really. Oh look at his collar, his name is Staffy" Toni looked

"Nice name" Jax smiled


Jax decided to feed Staffy as she used to have dog food before. Staffy then enjoyed his food and had some water. He slept for about an hour. He suddenly heard a car and barked and whined. Toni and Jax wondered what was going on, he couldn't stop whining as he scratched the door. He then jumped through sofa and looked through the window but no one was there, he thought it was Mikey coming for him. He then couldn't stop crying.

Toni hugged him and then stroked him, he calmed down but then notice a peice of paper in his collar. When Toni took the paper out, Staffy got up and wiggled his tail looking at the paper. 


"You know something Staffy?" Toni smiled

"What's that?" Jax saw


Toni slowly read the letter and was deeply shocked but confused. Jax wondered what it was and read the letter.

"It's Mikey Graham. Here is the address. Please come and rescue us. Also phone the police!!!" Mikey written


"It's Mikey from Boyzone" Toni looked at the letter in shock

"What?!!" Jax shocked as she nearly spilled her tea

























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