Mikey's Dissaperance


3. Chapter 3


Shane hears Keith and Ronan walking downstars chatting away and Shane quickily puts the letter in his pocket and wipes his tears away. Keith and Shane helped themselves to some toast and a cup of tea but noticed Shane was abit upset. 


"What's up?" Keith asked

"It's nothing" Shane answered

"It doesn't look like nothing" Ronan told him

"I'm just thinking about Mikey" Shane smiled gently

"I know it's hard but we will find him" Ronan tapped on his shoulder

"Will we?" Shane smirked

"When we do find him, we will have a big party" Keith smiled

"We might find him dead or we won't ever find him at all. He's gone" Shane breaks voice

"What do you mean?" Ronan wondered

"How can you say that?" Keith shocked

"I feel gulity that we left him when we went to the pub! We should of waited for him" Shane cried

"Don't blame yourself, we didnt know did we" Ronan hugged him

"I need to go" Shane stood up

"Where you going? Shane tell me! What is up?" Keith grabbed his arm gently

"I opened a letter this morning" Shane sighed and took out the letter

"What does it say?" Keith asked

"It's about Mikey" Shane answered

"Good or bad?" Ronan took a deep breath

"What do you think?" Shane breaks down into tears

"He's gone... He's... It must be a fake, someone trying to hurt us!" Keith read the letter

"How? He's gone and he's never coming back! Read it! We wont see his body" Shane breaths heavily

"No! Can't be! Not Mikey!!" Ronan cried


Keith and Ronan emotionally read the letter and was in deep shock. They couldn't believe that Mikey's dead and someone has done this to him. 

They then sat on the sofa and trying to think things through. Later on, there was another post that just come through. Shane opened the letter and was really shocked, then burst into tears. Keith and Ronan wondered what was going on and looked at the letter. So now they know he is dead. There was a picture of Mikey laid down on floor with blood on his face, eyes, mouth closed, no top on, a flame of fire next to him. Scott and Luke made it look like he is dead. 




Scott and Luke grabbed Mikey into a big warehouse and kicking the life out of him. There was a flame of fire at the back of the room, Mikey was scared thinking he will die. 


"Please don't!" Mikey yelled

"Shut up, kneel down" Luke kicked his leg

"I thought you was fine with me" Mikey cried

"Yes untill you smashed our windows" Scott shouted

"You deserved it" Mikey sighed

"Take the tablet" Luke gave him the tablet

"Why?" Mikey whisphered

"You'll find out" Scott laughed

"It'll take the pain away" Luke lied


Mikey then ate the tablet and swallowed it. One minute later, he felt dizzy and sick. He then fallen asleep. Scott and Luke laid him down, next to the fire and put some special make-up on his face, making it look like he's dead. They also took a picture of him. 


"End of Flash"


"He looks terrible! He's dead isnt he" Shane cried

"I can't believe Mikey's dead" Ronan got upset

"We have to go to the police" Keith wiped his tears

"And show these photos?" Shane wondered

"Yeah" Keith nodded

"Then we would have to set up a conference" Ronan thought

"It's hard, i cant..." Shane sighed

"I know but everyone has to know, fans, friends" Keith explained

"We can get through this, like we did with Steo" Ronan put his arm round Shane

"Wonder how he felt, he must of been scared" Keith looked at the picture


Few hours later, the lads gave the letter and picture to the police. They couldnt really do anything about it but try their best to trace it. Shane, Ronan and Keith then booked a conference for Monday about Mikey. The lads couldnt believe Mikey has actually gone. Wondering if he is dead or alive. They looked through Mikey's things and sharing memories and having a laugh, also cried everytime talking about Mikey. It was really hard for them.


Meanwhile, Mikey felt rough and bruised as he took staffy for a walk. It was a hot day, he walked long way through the fields with the sun shining down on him. He knew what happened and was really upset thinking that people will think he's dead. Mikey found a bench and sat down slowly in pain with Staffy jumping on his lap. He tried to think what to do and also about singing everynight. He thought by singing might help him focus. He went back to his room two hours later, left the door open and grabbed a pen and paper, started to write his songs. 


"What will i do? Baby, come home. I need you, i want you. I miss you every single day" Mikey sang quitely

"Sounds nice" Natalie popped her head in

"Oh hi. Thanks. I'm supposed to be singing tonight. It might help" Mikey sighed

"I do the cooking to help me take my mind off things" Natalie smiled

"I got loads of other songs to sing, Boyzone, my songs" Mikey explained

"You have got a good voice. I'm sure the lads can hear you sing tonight" Natalie stroked his arm

"Thankyou" Mikey smiled

"What did they do to you? I heard what happened. You don't look good" Natalie touched his face

"I am fine, they beaten me up. I was angry. My friends, the world will think im dead" Mikey tries not to cry

"Oh Mikey. I'm sorry. That's terrible! I hope they deserve what they get one day. I brought you a cupcake" Natalie hugged him

"Don't worry. I am a grown man. Thanks for the cake. I best get sorted, it's nearly 6pm" Mikey sighed

"Will you sing a song for me?" Natalie asked

"Sure" Mikey answered 

"Words by Boyzone" Natalie smiled and walked away

"Okay" Mikey whisphered


Luke threw some clothes at Mikey to get dressed in. It was a blue suit. He put it on and then walked out of his room, followed by Staffy. Staffy now follows Mikey everywhere. Mikey walks pasts Matt and Natalie, sees a small stage with a microphone. Matt and Natalie goes and let everyone know who is singing, then all of the sudden, about twenty people walked down to watch Mikey sing. Mikey smiled to himself and even though, he was still scared, upset and missing his friends, the singing is only way to keep him focus. He closed his eyes, slowly starts to sing and it went really well. 


Smile, an everlasting smile
A smile can bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone
Cause that would bring a tear to me
This world has lost it's glory
Lets start a brand new story
Now my love
You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say...
It's only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away


Mikey sang some Boyzone and few of his songs. By the time it was 8pm, everyone clapped loudly and cheered for him. Mikey then grinned to himself and saying thankyou. Matt and Natalie walked on stage and hugged him. Everyone went but Matt, Natalie and Mikey decided to escape somewhere, the pub! 


"Pub?" Natalie sighed

"Yeah!" Mikey nodded

"How will we get money?" Natalie asked

"You never been before? It's free" Matt explained

"Nice! Wont Scott and Luke mind?" Natalie asked

"Course not! They may moan but it's only round the corner, i been in couple of times and everything is smooth" Matt smiled

"I would love a pint!" Mikey grinned

"You look and feel better Mikey" Natalie smiled

"I do, after all the singing" Mikey nodded

"You were brilliant" Matt tapped on his back

"We need to tell Mikey, the rule about the pub" Natalie told Matt

"Rules?" Mikey sighed

"Yeah mate. Luke and Scott only allows us to go for a hour, if more, you know what i mean" Matt explained

"This is silly. I really thought i finally have freedom!" Mikey told them

"So did we" Matt agreed


Mikey, Matt and Natalie went into a pub. Everyone in the pub are the ones who were kidnapped for years. There was a little TV in corner, a bar and table and chairs. They ordered their drinks and sat down. Some people were looking at Mikey, making him feel uncomfortable. One walked up to him. 


"I know you!" A Man pointed

"I don't want any hassel" Mikey sighed

"Oh fine. Is this what you do when fans come up to you?" Man asked

"Leave him alone mate. He only just got kidnapped last week" Matt stuck up for Mikey

"I love my fans" Mikey stated


The man walked away and sat down.


"How long has that guy been here? He looks 70" Mikey asked Matt

"Before me. Since he was twenty. He's now 65. He did try contact his family, his wife tried to come here once and tried to bring him home" Matt explained

"Oh god... Why did he stay then?" Mikey wondered

"His wife was shot, by Luke" Matt sighed

"That's terrible" Mikey whisphered and sipped his pint


Mikey then sees Staffy walking towards him and jumped on his lap. 


"Hey you! You're clever finding me" Mikey stroked him

"He is so sweet" Natalie smiled

"He is" Mikey nodded

"Why dont we have a strong shot" Mikey suggested

"To get drunk? Yeah why not. Might feel better then" Mikey smirked

"Not for me thanks" Natalie laughed


Mikey suddenly had a idea. Natalie asked what was up and Mikey explained. Mikey told her, because Staffy knew his way round to find Mikey. He thought to write a note and put it in his collar, send him to his friends. 


"That is a great idea" Natalie grinned

"I know. Got to do it when Luke and Scott arent around" Mikey smiled gently

"What would you put?" Natalie asked

"This address and saying help us, from Mikey" Mikey answered

"Here you are.. What are you two whisphering about?" Matt gave them shots

"Mikey knows how to get us all out" Natalie smiled

"Oh really? That's great buddy. How though?" Matt thought

"Right.. It might take time, a few weeks but this dog staffy knows his way round right?" Mikey told him

"Yeah he does, he once went down to Wales, didnt come back untill a week later" Matt smiled

"That's the point. I'm going to a write a message, this address and saying Help, from Mikey. I'll put it in his collar and send him to where i live. Hopefully the lads will find Staffy, finds the letter. Then they'll phone the police and comes to rescue us. Arrest Luke and Scott" Mikey explained

"I really hope it works mate but fab idea!" Matt shaked his hand


Hour later, Mikey, Matt and Natalie goes back to the little countryside and into their rooms. It started to get dark and everyone went to sleep. Even though they had a nice time together but they're still hurt, scared and missing their families and friends


Monday - The Conference 


It was 12pm, Keith, Shane and Ronan were wearing suits and were feeling really nervous. Over the weekend, they told some people about Mikey but decided to confirm it on the Monday. The sat down facing people infront of them, cameras flashing and fans standing at the back. Shane, Ronan and Keith were quite and werent sure what to say. They couldnt find the words. Keith finally spoke for them. While they're on TV, Matt and Mikey were in the pub having a pint, they didnt realise Boyzone were on TV untill one of the lads told Mikey. 


"Mate... Boyzone are on TV, it doesnt look good" A man told him

"Oh no" Matt sighed and watched the TV

"Please, dont tell me what i think it is" Mikey was worried


Mikey and Matt watched the lads on TV.


"We are here today about Mikey, our best friend. Last week, we was all getting ready to go out for a drink and then suddenly Mikey didnt turn up. We looked everywhere for him. We was scared and worried for him. There was no sign of him. Mikey would never do this, he would always ring and text back" Keith sighed

"I'd like to say thankyou everyone for looking for him. We had a letter the other day, saying... erm..." Ronan tries not to cry

"Saying Mikey's dead, burned alive and there was a picture of him, dead!" Ronan cried

"We can confirm he's dead and nowhere to be found. We can't believe it" Shane looked down

"But Mikey, wherever you are, if you're not dead, please come back home! Please mate, we really need you. We love you brother" Keith begged

"We have decided that Boyzone will carry on. Singing songs and Mikey will be in our memories all the time. Same to Stephen. But it'll never be the same without them" Ronan took a deep breath


Mikey was watching TV in shock with tears scrolling down his face. Natalie was holding Mikey's hand and Matt putting his arms round him. 


"No guys, im here! I'm here!" Mikey yelled at the TV

"Hey mate, we will get us all back home" Matt emotionally tells him

"I hope so!" Mikey cried

"I miss my family too" Natalie holds his hand

"I just want to be on my own, sorry guys" Mikey walks away crying

"Natalie, we will get home one day, i promise" Matt hugged her


Mikey felt angry and upset. He kicked the bins and tipped them over in anger. Luke saw Mikey and stopped him, Mikey couldnt stop crying and cried in Lukes arms. Luke didnt know what to do but heard what happened as he had his own TV. Mikey finally calms down and stops crying, he didnt look at Luke as he just pushed him out of the way when he relaised it was Luke, and then walked away. Luke followed him and tapped him on his shoulder. 


"What?" Mikey snapped

"I'm sorry" Luke sighed

"You're sorry? Really? Putting me through hell??! People think i am dead! Thanks to you" Mikey shouted

"You look happy here, you was good at singing and you seemed at home!" Luke thought

"How dare you! I am not at home and i dont feel like home! Look at others around you, they dont feel like being at home, they want to go to their own homes and life, like i do!! My heart is broken, i feel scared and hurt. Yes i may look fine on the outside but inside, its damaged! Now, leave me alone" Mikey stormed off


Luke felt abit guilty but him and Scott got used to doing this for a very long time. Should Luke give up and go to police and let everyone go or carry on abusing them? Mikey locked himself in his room and cried into his bed. Staffy was sleeping under his bed. Mikey didnt come out of the room for three days, Matt and Natalie were worried and knocked on his door, but no answer. Mikey found a bottle of vodka and few cans under the floorboard, he starts to drink them and got really drunk. 


"Mikey? Are you okay?" Matt knocked

"Mikey!" Natalie shouted


No answer. Mikey laid on his bed drinking, while Staffy was sniffing round and eating Mikey's food what he had left for few days. Four days later, Mikey then starts to drink nearly everyday, he goes to the pub but it's not just one hour, he stays in pub drinking from 11am to 6am. Matt and Natalie tries to help but he wouldnt have it. Everytime Mikey drinks and is late, Luke and Scott hits him with a bat every other night when he gets caught out. Everyone missed his singing but one night, two weeks later, Mikey was tipsy but started to sing and acting weird. Right infront of everyone, there was a big bucket of ice cold water and Scott dragged him, pushed his face into the water. Mikey couldnt breath and felt really rough and cold. Scott then lets go and pushed him onto the floor. Mikey breaks down into tears and Matt runs to hug him tightly.


"I cant do this anymore! Please take me home!! Mikey cried

"We will, i promise mate. I was like this when i first got kidnapped. Mikey, look, we'll get through this and we have to be strong. I know you're scared, we all are mate" Matt explained with tears in his eyes

"Everytime i look at you, you remind me of Stephen" Mikey drunkly said

"You said before. Come on, lets get you cleaned up" Matt got Mikey up

"Ouch" Mikey in pain

"What have they done to you!" Matt saw bruises 


Matt carried Mikey back into his room and cleaned him up. Matt then sat next to Mikey and they both were quite for a few minutes. 


"Thanks" Mikey whisphered

"Don't worry about it" Matt smiled gently

"When you're feeling better. I think we should do what you said, about Staffy and escaping. It's time, we have to before its too late" Matt explained

"I know... If i wasnt here, you would all be here forever" Mikey sighed

"That is true. You and Staffy seem to get on well" Matt said

"Yeah we do. I could take him with me" Mikey looked at Staffy asleep

"You do that" Matt sighed

"I don't know what to do anymore. I dont feel like im Mikey no more, im just a different person. Who am i?" Mikey explained sadly

"Don't say that, you're who you are. You're Mikey!" Matt hugged him

"No. I'm just a lonely singer who drinks into his sorrows" Mikey sadly moaned

"I'm gonna get you back on track. Then we sort this escape plan!" Matt stated

"You promise that? Its too risky" Mikey sighed

"You go to sleep" Matt smiled


Matt walks out of the room and goes back to his place. Mikey then closes his eyes and snuggles up in his bed. Mikey has a dream about Keith, Shane and Ronan, where they're all having a laugh and joking, messing about. Mikey wakes up next morning and relaises he needs to get back on track, while he, Matt and Natalie are planning the escape, they carry on doing their jobs, go to pub for one hour and back. They're trying to get in Luke and Scott good books. It can take weeks but it'll be worth it untill that day when they do escape. 











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