Mikey's Dissaperance


2. Chapter 2


"What do you mean he's gone?" Keith asked

"He's not at home. I tried calling him but there's no answer. I tried again and his phone got cut off" Ronan answered

"This isnt like him" Shane sighed

"Maybe he went for a wander" Keith wondered

"He would tell us what he is doing!" Ronan snapped

"Look, lets calm down. We'll go round to Mikeys and think this through. We'll wait for him" Shane hugged Ronan

"What if.." Ronan looks at Keith

"It can't be, he wouldnt do that" Keith guessed

"Who are you talking about?" Shane asked

"Keith's friend!" Ronan suggested

"What does he got to do with anything?" Shane wondered

"Nothing Shane, Ronan is worrying too much" Keith smiled

"If i find out.. I'll blame you!" Ronan pointed out

"What is going on?" Shane asked

"It's a long story but Ben wouldnt do any of this! He has gone away" Keith told Ronan

"Maybe took Mikey with him! Maybe trying to scare you because you pulled out of his gang!" Ronan sighed

"What gang?" Shane wondered what was going on

"Keith borrowed alot of money. But Keith pulled out and now he probs have kidnapped Mikey! You need to pay him back" Ronan shouted

"Is this true?" Shane whisphered

"No he told me i dont have to pay him back!" Keith shouted back

"Maybe he was lying!" Ronan pushed Keith

"I'm not having this. Ben would never do any of this!" Keith stormed off

"Where you going?" Ronan yelled and followed Keith

"Mikey's!" Keith shouted

"Look guys! Stop this!" Shane followed them

"How can you think that of me? Do you really think i'd have a mate who would kidnapp our best mate or kept it as a secret?" Keith cried

"Well are you?" Ronan wondered

"Course not!" Keith sighed

"Keith wouldnt do this. Maybe Mikey wanted a long walk somewhere. Lets not fall out over this, its not worth it" Shane explained

"Thanks! I'll ring Ben, just to shut you up Ro" Keith got his phone out


Keith, Shane and Ronan arrived at Mikey's and looked everywhere again. There was no sign of him. Keith rang Ben twice but no answer. Ben then called him back. 


"Mikey's gone! Please tell me, if you got him? I'll pay back whatever you want, just bring him back" Keith cried

"Oh hold on mate. You think i got Mikey?" Ben asked

"Well, have you?!" Keith wondered

"No i dont and i hope you find him. I'll keep a look out" Ben sighed

"Thanks" Keith whisphered and hangs up

"Well?" Ronan asked

"He hasnt got Mikey" Keith sat down

"Wonder where he is?" Shane sighed

"He wouldnt do this, he looked happy and we had a great day" Ronan got emotional


At 11pm, Luke and Scott carried Mikey and put him in a dark cold room. They locked the doors and walked away. Mikey was laid on floor and as he woke up slowly, he felt abit cold, thinking he was outside of his house on the floor. He got up slowly and looked round. He noticed a bed infront of him, no windows and a little lamp. 


"Where am i?" Mikey whisphered


Mikey thought it might have been a joke from the guys but it wasnt. He knew they wouldnt do such a thing like that. He stood up and tried to open the front door but it was locked. He then tried to find his phone but no phone on him. 


"Oh no! I can't be" Mikey tries to open the door


Mikey then relaises he has been kidnapped. Mikey sat on the bed but hears talking outside. 


"Hello? Anyone out there?" Mikey shouted

"Shut up!" A Man shouted back

"What?" Mikey sighed

"Shut up or you'll get hit" Luke banged on the door

"Please get me out of here" Mikey banged back


Mikey then panicked and tries to get out but he couldnt. He then sat on the bed and cried. Few minutes later, a woman opened the door and walked towards him. The woman had spare keys but the men dont know.


"It's you" Woman in shock

"Who are you?" Mikey asked

"I'm Natalie. I know who you are. Why have they kidnapped you?" Natalie answered

"God knows! Please help me" Mikey begged

"I can't, we're trapped here" Natalie sighed

"What do you mean? Where are we!" Mikey wondered

"Far away. Middle of nowhere. I have been here for twenty years" Natalie whisphered

"Oh my...." Mikey looked outside

"I am sorry" Natalie got upset

"Hey, we can get out, cant we? What do these guys do?" Mikey hugged her

"No one will ever find us. My family and friends think im dead" Natalie cried

"What?" Mikey in shock

"Men gets beaten and Women gets raped, not always but if you do what they say, we would be fine" Natalie holds his hand and walks away

"This is wrong. Natalie!!!" Mikey shouted


Natalie walks away back to her own room. Mikey stood outside watching her walking away and tries not to get upset. He kept thinking of his family, friends and Boyzone lads. He suddenly then saw a familiar face walking up to him. This guy has been kidnapped since he was 15 and now he is 40. Mikey was shocked who he saw, he couldnt quite believe it. 


"You can't be?" Mikey whisphered

"Hey there.. I'm Matt" Matt smiled

"Stephen? Not Matt?" Mikey asked

"Who? No im Matt. I dont know who Stephen is. You're just in shock mate. I have to go, catch up soon" Matt walks away

"But you look like Stephen!" Mikey shouted


Matt is a double of Stephen and really looked like him. Mikey starts to get emotional but then sees two guys storming towards him. They grabbed him and pushed him back into the room. 


"Get off me, why me? Please let me go!" Mikey yelled

"Shut up" Luke puched him in the stomach

"How did you get out?" Scott asked

"I am not telling you" Mikey lied as he didnt want to grass Natalie up

"Ah well, tomorrow, we have got alot to do" Scott and Luke laughed and walked out, locked the door

"No, this cant be happening!!! Please, HELP!!!!" Mikey broke into tears


Luke and Scott have a little meeting. 


"We have done something really stupid!" Luke sighed

"We cant go back there now" Scott told him

"It's Mikey from Boyzone and we just kidnapped him! What are the others going to think? They'll think he's dead" Luke worried

"Look mate, we'll keep him for a long time! There's no going back" Scott sips his drink

"We have done this for a long time, one day, we will get found out and then this is it, we're dead!" Luke whisphered

"I'll write a letter and post it in the week" Scott sighed

"What will you put?" Luke asked

"He's dead" Scott smirked


Meanwhile, back home, Ronan, Shane and Keith are still looking for their best mate. It got so late that they felt really tired. They all stayed over at Mikey's house and slept of sofas. The next morning, Ronan opened his eyes hoping Mikey is back home. Ronan looked round and no sign of him. He tries to call him but no answer. His phone was still dead and turned off. Ronan woke the guys up and told them that Mikey has gone. They were worried that something has happened to him. 

Ronan still keeps blaming Keith, so they have a big argument later in the day and Shane finally shuts them up. Three days later, they decided to go to the police and tells them what happened. The news started to spread and the world is shocked. The news was Mikey Graham is Missing. Ronan, Shane and Keith hadnt eaten for days because they were worried and thinking something bad happened. The lads got together and looked everywhere for him. Even the fans looked for him too, whole world looked but Mikey has not yet been found. 


The lads meet at the pub. 


"We need to eat" Ronan emotionally whisphered

"I dont feel like eating" Shane told him

"What if he's dead?" Keith cried

"Dont say that, he wont be" Ronan shrugged

"I cant help but thinking it. Something must of happened to him. We cant loose another best mate" Keith sips his drink

"We'll have to keep looking" Shane sighed

"I think we should still carry on without Mikey, just to keep focus instead of going to pub everyday" Ronan wondered

"Are you mad?" Keith snapped

"We carried on without stephen" Ronan thought

"Look we're not thinking straight, give it few more weeks" Shane told them

"It's only been a few days, we cant just do Boyzone and looking for Mikey at the same time" Keith explained

"What if it was thoes blokes in that van? The van was outside all day and night. Now its not there.." Shane thought

"You're trying to say they are the ones who kidnapped him?" Keith wondered

"Well yeah! They were acting shifty and weird" Shane sighed

"We need to find him, i am not going anywhere or doing Boyzone till we find Mikey!" Keith stood up and walked out of the pub


Keith walked out and asked a few people to keep an eye out. He walked long way and looked everywhere. He tried to look for him where the places he used to go to. 


"Shall we go back to Mikey's?" Shane asked

"If you like" Ronan answered

"He left some cans there and it feels like he's there" Shane looked down

"Okay mate" Ronan smiled gently


Shane and Ronan hugged and walked up to Mikey's house. They let themselves in and sees a few letters on floor. They didnt want to open it because its not theirs to open. There is ONE letter from Scott and Luke who kidnapped Mikey, yet they not opened yet. 


"We were supposed to start back as a band other day, we was really happy" Ronan sat down sipping his drink

"Yeah we was. He'll be back. Maybe he got fed up of us all bickering and winding him up" Shane laughed

"Yeah! Maybe!!" Ronan laughed 

"Try his phone again?" Shane wondered

"Okay" Ronan got his phone and rang him


The phone rang and it did ring, couple of times. Scott and Luke saw the phone and sees that it was Ronan. Scott picked it up and answered. 


"Hello? Mikey?? Is that you? Are you okay? Answer me" Ronan shouted


Scott hanged up and didnt say a word! Scott then turned the phone off.


"He didnt answer, maybe he has got kidnapped! He couldnt say a word could he. We need him back" Ronan cried


Ronan cried in Shane's arms and they both hugged. Keith then walked in 2 hours later and told them that Mikey is nowhere to be found. They all hugged and got upset. 


Meanwhile, Mikey is feeling really cold and really hungry. Scott walked into his room and threw a bag of crisps and water bottle at him. 


"Is that it?" Mikey shivered

"Yes and thats all you're getting!" Scott shouted

"I dont want it" Mikey sighed

"Well, you're not getting anything else but you need to get outside more!" Scott told him

"There's nowhere to go out there, take me back home!" Mikey tries to stand him

"No. Oh and by the way, you're mate Ronan tried to call" Scott whisphered

"Ro? What did he say, what did you tell him? See, they are worried about me! We only just lost stephen!! Dont you care?" Mikey yelled as Natalie and Matt heard him

"I didnt answer, just wanted to hear his worried voice" Scott smirked

"You asshole" Mikey tries to punch him

"Now, you get out there and do some work for me. I have a dog that needs washing and brushing. It's outside" Scott told him


Scott then dragged Mikey out and pushed him down onto the floor where the dog is. The dog started to lick his face and really excitied. 


"Hey" Mikey stroked the dog


Scott walked away as Natalie and Matt walked up to Mikey. 


"Hi, i see you got the easy job" Matt smiled

"Yeah, i love dogs. He's sweet" Mikey carried on stroking the dog

"Natalie told me, you're famous? Boyzone?" Matt wondered

"Yeah thats true" Mikey sighed

"Do i really look like this bloke Stephen?" Matt asked

"Matt, stop asking all these questions, its hard for him" Natalie told him

"We lost stephen. Yes you do look like him" Mikey nodded

"I'm sorry" Matt and Natalie whisphered gently

"What are you both doing?" Mikey wondered

"I'm baking cakes, maybe i'll do some for you" Natalie smiled

"I'm building a shed up" Matt sat down next to him

"I best go Mikey" Natalie sees Luke and walked away

"Why are they horrible to us?" Mikey sighed

"They try to hurt us, scare us. Telling us what to do. It's sick, i know" Matt looked at the dog

"I'll got us all out one day" Mikey told him

"Really? I'd like to see you try" Matt laughed

"Is it just us three?" Mikey asked

"Yeah around here but there is more somewhere, alot" Matt answered


Matt and Mikey sees Luke walking up to Natalie and shouted at her. Mikey then got up and stormed towards Luke and punched him. Matt tries to stop him.


"Why are you shouting at women for? There's no need!!!! She's only bloody baking" Mikey grabbed his shirt

"Mikey!" Matt tries to stop him

"No Matt, you both act like its normal but look what they're doing to you!" Mikey explained

"We're scared too Mikey!! But we cant mess them about, otherwise they hurt us" Matt told him

"Thanks" Natalie told Mikey and kissed him on cheek

"Matt, go back to work!" Luke shouted and pushed him


Luke then suddenly puches Mikey in the stomach and shouted at him to go and clean the dog. Natalie and Matt carried on working and Mikey walks emotionally slowly and sat down to clean the dog. Mikey wanted to call the dog Staffy. 


Few hours later, when Mikey cleaned Staffy, he took staffy back with him into his room and cuddled up to him. Mikey couldnt stop thinking about Ronan, Shane and Keith. It started to get late and Mikey fell asleep. Natalie was in her room laying on her back thinking of her family, so was Matt as Matt just gone to his bed. 


At midnight, Luke and Scott woke Mikey up leaving Staffy on his own, sleeping on Mikey's bed. Staffy was just a cute little dog who was found on streets years ago. Luke and Scott wanted to talk to Mikey about something important. Luke gave him a pint of Gunniess. 


"What's going on? Why you guys being nice!" Mikey wondered

"We're not. You're a singer right?" Luke stated

"Yes but why?" Mikey thought

"We want you to sing for us every night, not us but other people, 6 to 8" Luke explained

"Sing? What if i said no" Mikey shocked

"Then we would have to kill you" Scott joked

"I dont get it" Mikey got confused

"Look, we dont want you to get hurt. We want to make you feel comfortable here" Scott smiled

"The only way is to make me feel comfortable is to get me home!!" Mikey raised his voice

"That won't happen because we already sent a letter out saying you're dead!" Luke snapped

"What?!" Mikey shouted

"Mikey, if you sing for other people, they'll like that. We wont touch you again if you sing everynight" Scott explained

"That's blackmail but what about the other people! I dont like you guys hitting them" Mikey told them

"You're different!" Luke snapped

"How am i? Because im famous, rich and they're not?" Mikey wondered

"You could put it like that" Scott smirked

"None of that now.. I cant believe you told my mates that i am dead! Sounds like im here forever" Mikey emotionally told them

"You are here forever" Luke grinned

"It's not funny" Mikey whisphered

"Go back to your room, we'll see you in morning!" Scott sighed

"To hit me again?" Mikey being sarcastic 

"Dont go there or we will" Luke budged him

"Take the Gunniess with you" Scott passed him the drink


Mikey walked outside and closed the door behind him. He kept on walking slowly, sipped his drink and then suddenly throws a pint glass of gunniess through their window. Mikey couldnt understand why the guys are being different with him but being really nasty to others. Mikey is famous and has the money. These other people has no money and lives a normal life. Suddenly, Mikey sees Luke and Scott storming outside and sees Mikey infront of them, Mikey then starts run but Luke and Scott chased after him. 


In Mikey's mind, all he wanted was to get home and be with his friends and family. He felt really angry, upset and all sorts of emotions. Mikey reaches to his room, opens the door and pushes it so hard the lads cant get in, but the lads tried pushing back and kicking it, then Mikey couldnt take no more as he let go of the door, he quickily stood back as Scott and Luke slammed the door open. Mikey got abit scared as he walked backwards. Scott suddenly punched him in the face as he fell on floor which made Staffy bark. 


"Shut up you dog!" Luke shouted


Staffy whined and hid under Mikey's bed. Luke and Scott kept hitting mikey untill he was bruised and covered in blood, last hit was kicking him in his chest. Ten minutes later, Mikey was laid on floor breathing heavily crying and Staffy creeped to him and started licking his face. Staffy then climbed on Mikey's bed watching Mikey trying to get up, he struggled slowly and got into the bed. Mikey felt really painful and started to breakdown into tears. 


The next morning on Friday, its been nearly a week since Mikey had gone missing. The lads stayed at Mikey's. Shane walked down the stairs and noticed a letter, on front it said "Please Read" Shane sighed and opened it. He took it with him in kitchen and made himself a cup of tea. He slowly read it and sat down. Shane suddenly was shocked what he read. Shane's eyes were watery.


"Mikey's dead! Burned alive into ashes"
































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