Mikey's Dissaperance


11. Chapter 11


"Mikey?! Don't tell me you're friends with him?" Keith asked

"Yes i am" Mikey whisphered

"You've got mad. We told you to keep away from him but yet you lied to me!" Keith shouted

"Don't shout at him. It's up to him who he wants to be mates with" Luke stood up to Mikey

"Shut your mouth" Keith snapped

"Keith! He's living with me aswell" Mikey told him

"You are joking! After all what he has done to you! What is the matter with you? He's not even supposed to be near you" Keith explained

"I gave him a chance and it is up to me who i want to be friends with" Mikey sighed

"He could be up to something Mikey... We nearly lost you! I don't want that to happen again!" Keith got worried

"He isnt and it wont ever happen again. I promise you that!" Mikey begged him

"I don't believe this! This is sick! I should ring the police but i dont trust him. You're my best mate and you choose him over us?!" Keith explained

"I am not choosing anyone. I am friends with you, Shane, Ronan, Andy and Luke too! This Scott messed Luke's head up. He is still in prison right now and Luke is here with us and he's safe with us. Yes i know it was bad what he did to me but it was all scott, i was there when i was away.. I could see it in Luke's eyes that he was scared but Scott did the most of it, bullying him into things he didnt want to do and Scott didnt even care who he hurt. Please, Keith?! Give him a chance" Mikey explained

"No way, i'm sorry Mikey but i'm telling the lads this.. I cant look at you... So do whatever you have to do but i'm warning you, you'll regret it" Keith warned him and opened the door

"No. Keith! We're all supposed to support each other" Mikey begged

"Yes we still can but without Luke in it!" Keith stormed off and slammed the door

"I'm sorry Mikey" Luke touched his arm

"Don't! I think you best leave me alone... but i dont want to loose their friendship over you. Can i trust you??!" Mikey asked

"Yeah you can trust me mate" Luke emotionally replied

"We can still be friends but i think you best try and look for a place to live in" Mikey told him

"Fair enough!" Luke walked out of the house


"I've messed everything up!" Mikey threw his mobile onto the settee


Meanwhile, while Mikey is worrying about things and thinking too much and decided to read a book to rest his mind, Luke has gone out to look for a job and a place to live in and Andy is still walking round the shops as he just finished his pint. Andy noticed a shop where people giving out cup of teas, soft drinks and cakes. He noticed Toni standing in the corner talking to someone looking nice and the way she smiled, made Andy smile. Once her friend said bye to her, he took a deep breath and walked towards her. 


"Hi again" Andy smiled gently

"Hi Andy.. So is this where we will be bumping into each other everyday?" Toni sighed

"Cut it out Toni. I don't want us to be mean to each other now" Andy sighed

"Okay.. We would have to get used to this.." Toni said

"Yep!" Andy agreed

"So.. you and Mikey?" Toni wondered

"We been good friends for 25 years" Andy told her

"Cool. How come i never met him before?" Toni wondered

"I was going to suprise you but you was away. I had everything planned and then you had other plans" Andy explained

"I am sorry" Toni sighed

"No worries. You did meet him in the end... Mikey told me everything" Andy smiled

"Yeah. Mikey's sweet" Toni said

"I'd like to say that i've always loved you and i still do now" Andy confessed

"Andy.... Please dont" Toni whisphered

"I know you and Mikey like each other but i'm happy with that" Andy told her

"Really? Well, we're not at that stage yet" Toni smiled

"Whatever happens, i still want us all to get on as friends" Andy smiled gently

"Yeah okay. I'd like that" Toni looked into his eyes

"Fancy a cake and tea?" Andy thought

"Yeah, why not" Toni grinned


Toni and Andy decided to throw away the past and move on as friends. They still like each other but Andy knows about Mikey and Toni. They were looking at some cakes they want and all of them looked yummy. Suddenly, that moment when Andy and Toni saw one cake they wanted, they reached out for it but touched eyes by accident. They looked at each other for five seconds wondering what will happen next. Then Andy tried to change subject. 


"You have it, i'll have the other one" Andy smiled

"Yeah thanks" Toni grinned


They both then made themseleves a cup of tea and sat down. While they were chatting away and having a laugh, Luke was just round corner looking for a place and a job but suddenly, a guy grabbed his coat and pushed him quickily into the alley where no one can see. Luke was scared and shocked. 


"How... How did you get out?" Luke asked

"Someone paid me to get out, so looks like im free but on tag" Scott laughed

"No..." Luke sighed

"So, why are you shaking? It's me Scott, your best friend" Scott tapped on his shoulder

"You're not my best friend and you never were" Luke shouted


Andy and Toni could hear shouting but ingored it at first. 


"What has got into you mate? Come on, we can move away from here and make a new fresh start" Scott begged him

"Fresh start? No way, i don't trust you.. I already made new friends here" Luke sighed

"Like who?" Scott wondered

"Don't get mad but i'm staying with Mikey" Luke answered

"Mikey?" Scott in shock

"Yes! Remember? But you need to stay away from us. I promised them i wouldnt see you no more" Luke warned him

"Why did he take you in, after everything we done?!" Scott wondered

"It was all you, not me Scott. We decided to forget the past. Please dont hurt any of us, just leave us alone!" Luke turned round

"Oi! Don't walk away from me!" Scott grabbed his arm

"Let go" Luke shouted


Toni and Andy suddenly heard shouting and Toni was shocked who she saw. Andy didn't see anything but Toni changed her mind quickly about Andy,  


"Sorry, i don't think this is a good idea" Toni told Andy

"What are you saying?" Andy wondered

"That we won't work again and please stay away from me. We can be friends but i got Mikey to think about. I really like him" Toni explained

"Fair enough.." Andy whispered 

"I have to go, it was nice meeting up but i am sorry" Toni walked away towards Luke.


Andy was only here for short time to see Mikey. Toni walked towards Luke and Scott. 


"What is going on? Luke?" Toni asked

"It's not what you think Toni. He needs to stay away" Luke panicked

"You want me to go?" Scott wondered

"Yes! I can't do this. Leave me alone. I mean it!" Luke walked away fast

"Come on mate!" Scott shouted

"You heard him! Go and find someone else to hang out with" Toni walked off and sat with Luke in a cafe


"Luke..." Toni sighed

"So, you know then?" Luke wondered

"Mikey told me everything. Plus i was there and saw you when we saved him" Toni answered

"I think you guys need to move away. Scott is dangerous. I'm saying tis because i don't want you guys to be hurt" Luke warned her

"You serious?" Toni said

"No.. I know what he's like. I'm not bothered what he does to me but you need to see Mikey now. I don't want you all to fall out over me. Even Keith fell out with Mikey because of me" Luke explained

"Okay, thanks. I'll go now" Toni sighed

"Give Mikey this... Its what i owned him.." Luke gave her £400


Toni then suddenly went round to Mikey's and knocked on his door loudly. Luke had already had bags with him and decided to go straight to the airport and booked his flight. Mikey rushed to open his door and shocked to see Toni again.


"Twice in one day" Mikey smiled

"We need to talk" Toni smiled gently

"Come in, fancy a cup of tea?" Mikey wondered

"Sure. I think i need one" Toni sighed

"What's up?" Mikey asked

"It's Luke. And Scott.." Toni told him

"You what?! Scott's here?" Mikey in shock

"Right, me and Andy went for a drink. I kinda told Andy i don't want to see him no more. Did Andy text you?" Toni asked

"Yeah he did" Mikey whisphered

"Well, i saw Luke and Scott arguing. After Scott went, Luke told me Scott is dangerous and we all have to move away quickly. He's saying that because he cares" Toni explained

"Oh my god" Mikey sat down

"I'm sorry... Luke asked me to give you this" Toni holds his hand

"Oh wow, thanks" Mikey lost for words


Keith walked in and overheard their conversation.  


"Maybe Keith was right" Mikey looked at Toni

"I told you!" Keith raised his voice

"I didn't realise Scott was gonna come back! Luke told me we have to move away" Mikey explained

"I know, i heard everything. Mikey.. stay away from them! We won't have to move away because if i ever see Scott, i will kill him!" Keith snapped

"You seriously going to hurt him? You'll go to prison" Mikey told him

"I would go to prison for you!" Keith sighed


"I'm gonna go and see Jax, see you later" Toni smiled gently and walked out

"Thanks Toni" Mikey smiled


"I just feel... Now Scott is around, i don't feel safe. Luke is gone because he's not stupid and doesn't want to be friends with Scott no more... What if he tries to hurt me again?" Mikey gets emotional

"Mate, he won't hurt you because i won't let him! Right, we're moving in! Well, i will" Keith put his arms round Mikey

"Thanks mate but don't do anything stupid" Mikey sighed


Keith then calls Shane and Ronan and explained to them what happened. Keith then went to fetch his bags and moved in with Mikey. Mikey started to feel unsafe again but weren't sure if he believed luke 100%. Mikey took a deep breath and tidied round his house while waiting for Keith to finish. Mikey then had a text from an unknown number. 


"Meet me 7pm at Victor Street. Scott" 


Mikey dropped his phone on table and sat down feeling emotional and scared. Mikey rushed to put his coat on but Keith caught him rushing out of the door. Keith then followed him. 


"Mikey! Where you going?!" Keith yelled

"To meet Scott" Mikey opened his car door

"I don't think so!" Keith grabbed his arm

"Don't.. Let go off me!" Mikey tried to get in car

"Why are you shaking?!" Keith wondered

"Scott texted me. Wants me to meet him at 7pm" Mikey answered

"Where?!" Keith wanted to know

"Victor Street" Mikey whisphered

"Is that where the woods are!? I'm coming with you!" Keith got in the driver side

"Keith, i'll go on my own!" Mikey shouted

"He'll kill you! Why woods? Why not in public? Get in" Keith snapped


Mikey joined Keith in the car. Mikey was worried what would happen or if any of the lads will get hurt, or more worried what Keith will do something. It was getting dark and they arrived at the scene. Keith and Mikey looked et each other feeling nervous but Keith felt angry inside him. Scott got out of his car and leaned on the bonnett. Keith and Mikey then got out of the car slowly, walked towards Scott slowly side by side. Scott looked up and shocked who was with Mikey. 


"What is Keith doing here?" Scott asked Mikey

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson" Keith answered seriously

"Keith" Mikey whisphered

"Try me!" Scott laughed

"Oh, you better watch your mouth. You won't be laughing until you know what's coming" Keith snapped


What will Keith do to save Mikey? He would do anything for his mate. Keith had enough and he felt really angry. What will Scott do? Will he finally leave for good or death? 











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