Mikey's Dissaperance


10. Chapter 10


"What?" Mikey stood up

"I bet he had all this planned!" Andy shouted

"No i didnt! He called me on unknown and said he will be out soon. Then i hanged up" Luke tried to explain

"If he calls again, don't answer it" Mikey warned him

"I won't.." Luke looked at his mobile as its starts to ring again

"Ingore him. He won't hurt us even if he gets out" Mikey told him

"Hope so! You dont know what he's capable of" Luke sighed

"I do know Luke!" Mikey said

"So have you actually changed then Luke?" Andy asked

"Yes! Please give me a chance" Luke answered

"I'm going to bed but if you ever hurt or let us down, i'll kill you" Andy walked to his room

"Goodnight Andy" Luke sighed

"Look, we sort this out tomorrow and dont ever answer his calls! I'm off to bed" Mikey smiled gently


Mikey and Andy went to bed. Luke sat on sofa and kept looking at mobile but then switched it off. He then cleared things up in kitchen and made sure it was clean. He looked at the time and realised it was 10pm. He got into his sleeping bag on sofa and closed his eyes. 


Two days later, the sun was shining bright and Luke was already up and about. He looked at his phone but no calls or messages for a few days which he is glad about. Mikey was cooking breakfast while Andy was getting dressed and went on the balcony with a cup of tea. Ten minutes later, Andy suddenly saw a woman walking past and into the shop, he was suprised and shocked as he was happy to see her. He got up and put his coat on while walking down the stairs. He tells Mikey that he wont be long as he walks to the shop.

Andy takes a deep breath and walks in, looking around and pretending that he hasnt seen her. He was behind her but then when Toni turns round, she was shocked to see who it is. 


"Andy?" Toni wondered

"Oh.. Toni" Andy turned round

"What you doing here?" Toni asked

"That's a nice welcome!" Andy smirked

"I thought you was living abroad for good" Toni thought

"I am but came back here to visti an old mate and i may be sticking around" Andy smiled

"Well as long we stay away from each other" Toni sighed

"Come on babe. We cant keep doing this. It's really nice to see you though" Andy smiled

"You've changed your tune... I thought you hated me" Toni said

"I could never hate you. Anyhow, fancy a coffee?" Andy asked

"Hmm maybe" Toni answered

"I know you want to. Catch up on old times?" Andy pursuaded her

"Okay.. One hour" Toni smiled gently


Toni and Andy walked out of the shop without saying nothing but kept on walking to the nearest cafe and ordered two cappuccinos. They both sat down opposite each other. 


"Thanks for the coffee" Toni smiled

"How are you?" Andy asked

"I'm okay, you?" Toni answered

"I'm great" Andy nodded

"What you been doing?" Toni wondered

"Same as usual really, you?" Andy asked

"Oh same here" Toni smiled gently

"How did we get to this?" Andy asked

"I don't know, you tell me?" Toni answered

"We would of been together still if it wasnt for you and what you did" Andy sighed

"Why are we dragging up the past? Leave it out. I'm happy now" Toni snapped

"Okay fine with me. I have missed you" Andy told her

"Why didnt you try call me then? Please, whatever happened in past is gone! It's too late" Toni explained

"Funny that but i was the one who dumped you" Andy smirked

"I know, so why are you crawling back to me?" Toni thought

"To see if you might have changed but clearly you havent but i just happened to bumped into you" Andy sighed

"I have. That's not me anymore. I'm a different person" Toni explained

"I'd like to see that" Andy sipped his drink

"Is this you trying to give me another chance?" Toni wondered

"Maybe" Andy smirked

"No Andy, its been ten years since we split. You actually packed your bags and left me on my own and i never heard from you since then and now you want us to try and make-up. You hurt me" Toni sighed

"Hang on, you hurted me too!" Andy snapped

"I know" Toni whisphered

"I'm sorry. Are you seeing someone?" Andy asked

"No, not that i know of. Are you?" Toni answered 

"Nope, not since you" Andy sighed

"Wish i never bumped into you today. I was happy and enjoying my life untiil you turned up. Andy, please go" Toni explained

"Are you sure thats what you want? Because i will go" Andy wondered

"Yes, go" Toni sipped her coffee

"Fine, if thats what you want. I have been trying to be nice to you. So, it was nice to see you and have a nice life" Andy got up and stormed off

"Andy? No, wait.... Andy?!!" Toni stood up and tried to follow while shouting his name


Toni watched Andy walking away. She felt emotional that she couldnt believe she said that and let him walk away. Will she see him again? Remember, she is starting to see Mikey aswell but doesnt know Andy and Mikey are best friends. 


Andy walked back in the house and put on a smile for Mikey and Luke. He had just arrived on time for breakfast. 


"Where you been mate?" Mikey asked

"Oh, i went to the shop and had a look round" Andy answered

"You not bought anything?" Luke thought

"Nothing interesting" Andy sighed

"You look abit down Andy" Mikey tapped on his shoulders

"Nothing to worry about Mikey" Andy smiled

"Breakfast looks yummy, we could do with a beer with it" Luke laughed

"Beer?" Andy stated

"Oh yeah..." Mikey remembered

"What? Not you aswell? Beer at 11am?" Andy smirked

"Well, why not? Just the one. I used to do this when i was away" Mikey explained

"Away?" Andy wondered


Luke and Mikey looked at each other. 


"Oh right i see.. Sorry. Okay you pulled my leg, lets have one can" Andy agreed

"Any plans today?" Mikey wondered

"I probably try find some work" Luke sighed

"I'll walk around town" Andy sipped his drink

"Don't let Keith or any of the lads see you. They only live down the road" Mikey told Luke

"So, this Toni... You was trying to tell me something last night..." Andy asked

"It's hard to say really. She saved my life and her friend. Then Keith, Shane and Ronan helped out.. found me" Mikey explained

"Actually, i will let you both talk and i'll take this beer and breakfast into other room" Luke smiled and walked away

"Hmm right... That's nice of her and the others.. Must of been hard... What is she like?" Andy tries to ask

"Yeah. They moved up here now and we're all just friends really. She's nice and she has brown hair and nice blue eyes" Mikey smiled

"Okay, do you like her?" Andy asked

"Too many questions Andy" Mikey laughed

"Making conversation mate" Andy smiled gently

"I do like her but at the moment, we're just friends and you never know what the future holds. Have you had a woman yet?" Mikey asked nicely

"Nope! Not for ten years" Andy answered

"You never really told me about your relationships, even thought we knew each other for 25 years. What you hiding?" Mikey grinned

"I did have a girlfriend. We just didnt work out" Andy sighed

"Oh thats a shame. How long you been together?" Mikey wondered

"I was the one who dumped her but now i feel gulity, should i have given her a chance? She didnt meant to do what she did... I didnt tell you about my relationship because it was one and off all the time. We was only together for 3 years" Andy explained

"Depends what it is mate and that's alright. I thought you was sleeping around back then" Mikey nodded

"Ha no i was with my ex girlfriend, Toni" Andy told him truth

"Toni? I do have a picture of her, are we talking about the same woman here?" Mikey asked and showed him

"Mikey... Yeah thats her" Andy looked down

"Oh right... I didnt know, mate i didnt know at all it was her" Mikey sighed

"No worries, not your fault. I didnt know you knew her untill now. I saw her earlier and she looked really well. Nice of her saving you. She didnt tell me about you though" Andy thought

"Probably thought it wasnt important to mention me. What did she do?" Mikey asked

"It's a long story" Andy sighed

"Take your time mate" Mikey smiled

"Actually, you dont need to know as you know her aswell" Andy tapped on his shoulder


Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Mikey went to open it. He was suprised to see who was infront of him. It was Toni. 


"Hey Mikey! How are you feeling? I bought you some beers and chocolates. Just how you like it" Toni grinned

"Toni... Thanks but now isnt a good time" Mikey sighed

"Who's that?" Andy shouted

"I know that voice!" Toni barged in and saw Andy

"What is he doing here Mikey?" Toni wondered

"He's come to stay here for a while" Mikey answered

"Hold on a minute, so this is who you was talking about. Your old friend? I didnt even know you both are friends. Plus, why didnt you tell me this earlier Andy?!" Toni shouted

"You didnt give me the chance to!" Andy answered back

"Well, Mikey, hope you enjoy your beer and chocolates. I'll have to get used to this" Toni sighed

"Toni, there's something else i need to tell you. I know you think alot of me but please hear me out" Mikey explained

"Why, what's the matter?" Toni asked

"It's Luke.. He's staying here" Mikey answered

"Are you winding me up?" Toni in shock

"No i am not" Mikey told her

"I was shocked when he told me too" Andy sighed

"The lads doesnt know, so please dont say a word" Mikey begged her

"That's the other thing you need to keep a secret isnt it Toni? The the job you're really good at!" Andy smirked

"Are you looking for a slap?" Toni told Andy

"Don't you dare speak to me like that" Andy snapped

"Guys, calm down!" Mikey shouted back

"But Mikey, are you insane! Luke? He killed you!" Toni raised her voice

"I know! I given him a chance and he is not that person no more!" Mikey explained

"We will see about that!" Toni sighed

"Luke is alright, once you get to know him" Mikey sighed

"Mikey... Just be careful. Please" Toni kissed Mikey on his cheek and walks out of the house

"What is it with you and Toni?" Mikey snapped

"She kept secrets from me and i found out everything. That is all i'm gonna say. It was like she kept hiding from me and pushing me away. I thought she was cheating but she wasnt. I found out that instead of travelling with me, she spent most of her time with her friends and i thought she was working away. She was even borrowing money from this guy who is rich. Sounded like she didnt care for me. I am at home while she's out there partying when all that time i thought she was working away. It wasnt just that. One time, she spent a month with me and she told me she was pregnant. We was happy but then i relaised she isnt pregnant after a few months because she had an abortion! That hurt me, she didnt tell me she aborted our baby" Andy got emotional

"Thats not good mate" Mikey sighed

"But now, seeing her takes it all back when we first met. This sweet and gentle Toni" Andy sighed

"Well... She saved my life and she's really caring. That must mean she has changed!" Mikey told him

"Let's hope so but it seems that she hates me now" Andy nodded 

"Do you still like her?" Mikey wondered

"Of course. I loved her. We used to do everything together, go places and we were always out, even went on hoildays. So much laughter. Why did she push me away after all that" Andy answered gently

"I like her too but now this is going to be a problem" Mikey sighed

"Look mate, i think it's best if we were just friends" Andy told him

"Okay, so you dont mind if anything happens with me and Toni?" Mikey wondered

"No course not. She is a nice person to be honest" Andy smiled

"Ten years ago is gone. People can change. Maybe she relaised what she lost and accepted what she did was wrong" Mikey explained

"I hope so. The worst thing that hurt her was she said she loves me but why do that? Next day, when she did go to work, i packed everything, booked a flight and went off, moved out before she finished work. I left a note but then thats it" Andy said


Andy and Mikey carried on chatting while Luke was watching TV in next room. An hour later, Andy went for a walk into town and even had a pint in the sun. He kept thinking of Toni and the past and the future.  

Meanwhile, Luke heard a car pulled up and opened the door before they knocked but it was Keith walking up the path. Keith looked up and was shocked that it was Luke there. Luke and Keith stared at each other but then Keith grabbed him and pushed him onto floor as he was really angry. Mikey then saw Keith hitting Luke onto floor and he rushed to stop Keith.


"Keith!!!!" Mikey grabbed him

"What the hell!" Luke shouted

"Mikey?! What the hell is going on! What is he doing here?!" Keith wondered


Mikey and Luke looked at each other












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