Mikey's Dissaperance


1. Chapter 1

Sunday warm morning, Mikey opened his eyes in his soft bed and smiled to himself. He felt really comfortable in his bed and didnt want to get out. He hears children playing and laughing outside, cars driving past, dogs barking. He then got out ten minutes later and looked through the window. He sees Ronan, Shane and Keith outside joking around. Mikey felt really happy and looked up to the blue skies thinking of Steo. He notices some guys hanging around with a white van, he watched them for a minute but didnt really bother watching.

Mikey walked downstairs and helped himself a cup of tea. He hears a loud bang which made him jump and dropped his mug. He walks outside and looks round but no one was there, so he walked back in. He cleared up the mess and made another cup of tea. Shane knocked on Mikey's door and helped himself in.

"Hey buddy" Shane grinned

"Hi mate" Mikey smiled

"How you doing?" Shane asked

"Not so bad, you?" Mikey answered

"I'm grand" Shane nodded

"Are you out later?" Mikey wondered

"Yeah, about 6pm.. Why, do you wanna come?" Shane asked

"Yeah i'll come. Same pub?" Mikey thought

"Yes mate" Shane nodded

"Where's Ronan and Keith?" Mikey wondered

"They're gone for some food and they'll meet us later too" Shane explained

"Right" Mikey smiled

"I saw the odd guys earlier, hanging around.. creeps you out sometimes" Shane laughed

"I saw. Maybe they're waiting for some junk that people leave outside" Mikey thought

"True!" Shane sat down

"I'm going to the shop, would you like anything?" Mikey asked him

"No thanks" Shane smiled

"I wont be long, help yourself with food or drink" Mikey tapped on his shoulder

"Cheers" Shane shouted as Mikey walked out

Mikey was walking down the pavement on the way to the shop. He notices some of the guys watching him as he was walking past, Mikey stopped and turned round.

"Have you got a problem?" Mikey asked

"No, why would we" One of the men answered

Mikey then shrugged to himself and walked away.

"Do you think we should take him?" Scott whisphered

"Why? He's famous.. No, not now" Luke answered

"Thats the point, take his life away" Scott watches Mikey walking

Mikey grabbed a newspaper, some food and drink. He walked out of the shop noticing that the men are still there but deicded to walk past without saying anything. He walked back in his house, seeing Shane helping himself some Bacon cobs.

"Fancy Bacon Buttie?" Shane asked

"Sure mate" Mikey answered


"Are they still out there?" Shane wondered

"Yeah, somethings going on" Mikey sighed

"Dont bother with them!" Shane told him

"I was thinking about Boyzone getting back again, going on tour, make a new album" Mikey smiled

"Ronan was thinking that this morning. We should annouce it next week" Shane agreed

"Great idea!" Mikey sighed happily

At the cafe where Ronan and Keith are having breakfast.

"This is nice!" Keith smiled

"We should invite Shane and Mikey next time" Ronan agreed

"Shall we have one pint?" Keith wondered

"It's 11am" Ronan smirked

"Come on, a one off? Down that road.." Keith pointed out

"We're drinking tonight" Ronan laughed

"Stop being a woman mate" Keith laughed

"Okay mate, we'll have one pint" Ronan grinned

"Wish Steo was here" Keith sighed

"I agree. He is here with us, somewhere" Ronan whisphered

"Ronan, please dont get mad" Keith sighed

"What is it?" Ronan wondered

"Remember, we had no money a month ago? I borrowed alot" Keith explained

"What are you talking about?" Ronan thought

"We had problems didnt we... We spent all our money right while we was on a break.. I done something big, you thought i was working for it and thats how we got money back" Keith sighed

"Yeah and?" Ronan sighed

"It looks bad.. I actually was selling something, helping out someone, so they would give me money.." Keith explained

"Selling what?" Ronan asked

"Weed and Alcohol" Keith answered

"You what?" Ronan shocked

"It's true. Sorry i didnt tell you" Keith aplolgized

No you lied! Why didnt you tell me this?" Ronan asked

"Because i knew you try and stop me!" Keith snapped

"Course i would! This is bad! Weed and Alcohol?! We're not that desperate" Ronan snapped and stood up

"I thought it would help... and im still doing it now" Keith sighed

"I cant believe this, im going!" Ronan stormed off

Keith stood there watching Ronan walking off and then got his mobile out. He arranged to meet his friend at a pub. Keith went to the bank and took out £5,000, then walked to the local pub and bought a pint at 12.30pm. He sees his mate walking down smiling and sat down opposite him.

"What's up mate?" Ben asked

"I can't do this, this was a mistake" Keith answered

"Oh, you're not helping no more?" Ben wondered

"No. I thought to give you this back, £5,000" Keith put the money on table

"What? No you keep it!" Ben smirked

"I thought you'd want some money back?" Keith sighed

"No, because you're a decent bloke" Ben nodded

"I saw other day, you wanted that guy's money because he wanted to finish it" Keith said

"I know mate. You have it, as long we still see each other for a pint, dont avoid me" Ben laughed

"Are you sure? Nothing will happen to me?" Keith asked

"You are joking?! Me and other guys like you, we even said if you want to finish, you can still keep the money. You never let us down" Ben explained

"I feel like i have now" Keith whisphered

"No mate, dont worry. It's been fun" Ben smiled

"Thanks mate" Keith took the money

Ben and Keith decided to have another pint. Ronan joined Shane and Mikey at Mikey's house having one can of beer.


Ben and his mates were going away to a different place, Ben was gonna ask Keith but good job Keith pulled out. Keith walked back and joined the others about 2pm.


"Ronan..." Keith whisphered

"What happened?" Ronan wondered

"Ben let me keep the money" Keith smiled

"You are joking?!" Ronan shocked

"No, so we still have it" Keith and Ronan hugged

"That's brill!" Ronan grinned

"He seemed so calm and said im a different guy to others who helped him. He's away now, moving to different place" Keith explained

"You sure they wont want it back in future? I know what these guys are like" Ronan sighed

"I asked that but he said they wont, but we'd still meet for a pint" Keith smiled

"Please dont ever do this again mate" Ronan sighed

"Does Mikey and Shane know?" Keith wondered

"Nope" Ronan answered

Mikey and Shane joined Ronan and Keith in living room. They chatted for a hour and had few more beers. They were supposed to have a beer at 6pm but thought to stay at Mikey's and have a lads afternoon.


It is 5pm, while the lads are having a great time, having a laugh and joke, Scott and Luke are outside in the van. It started to get dark.

"What are we waiting for?" Scott whisphered

"Need to find the right moment" Luke snapped

"When he comes out, we grab him quickily, put the medicine on the tissue ready and put on his mouth.. it should help him sleep" Scott explained

"You've got it all planned out" Luke agreed

"There's no going back once we get him.. unless we go for another person" Scott sighed

"I am certain. This Mikey bloke" Luke smirked

"How are the others doing? We need to get them food" Scott wondered

"Since when you cared?" Luke laughed

"I dont" Scott sighed

"It's like a different life where we are. Long way, where no one knows where they are, never found" Luke explained

"I do know that. We need to get the boat soon, so we best hurry up. How long left?" Scott asked

"2 and a half hours, 8pm? We need to leave around 7pm" Luke answered

Mikey, Shane, Ronan and Keith are abit tipsy but kept hugging each other and watching football. They all tell Mikey how much he loves him and Mikey tells them he loves them too. Suddenly, Mikey notices a van still outside but pretends he didnt notice.


"I think on this new Album, we should have Mikey singing more vocals" Keith smiled

"I agree!" Shane agreed

"Oh guys, thanks but not on the whole album, keith and shane should do some, and Ronan" Mikey smiled

"We all should share" Ronan smirked

"I know, but Mikey has a lovely voice. We should do a single with Mikey's vocals on it" Shane grinned

"Thanks" Mikey smiled

"Ireland is winning" Ronan cheered

"Yes!!" Shane yelled

"I'm cheering for Wales" Keith joked

"So am i" Mikey agreed

"What?!" Ronan and Shane wondered

"Haha joke!" Mikey and Keith giggled


"I think tomorrow we all should go on a road trip, it said it will be sunny weather" Ronan thought

"Yeah why not" Shane nodded

"I would yeah, it be nice" Mikey smiled

"Why not mate" Keith answered

"Anyone fancy a pint? It's nearly half time, we could go down for an hour" Ronan wondered

"Yeah sure mate" Shane and Keith agreed

"I will but i'll get some food first and i'll meet you guys down there" Mikey said

"Okay, dont be late" Keith hugged him

"What, you all going now?" Mikey wondered

"Yes" Ronan smiled

"Okay, see you guys about 6.30pm" Mikey nodded

"Love you mate" Shane hugged him

"Dont you all get sloppy on me" Mikey laughed


Keith, Ronan and Shane walked out of the house at 6pm joking around on the way to the pub. Mikey felt happy and felt loved. He took a deep breath and smiled to himself, he got another drink and got some chips out, he decided to have chip butty. Mikey never have been this happy before since Stephen, he was really down when Stephen passed away. Luke and Scott sees them walking outside. They then started to get ready incase Mikey walks out of the house. 

At 6.20pm, he just finished his food and drink. He puts on his nice blue jacket on and opens the door. He shuts it behind him and walks down. The guys stepped outside of the van slowly, as Mikey walked passed them and they slowly followed him. They looked round and made sure no one was around. Mikey felt something behind him, as he slowly turned round, one of them punched him in the face so quickily, Mikey then fell on floor. The guys grabbed him, covered his mouth with medience to help him sleep for a while, then pushed him into the van. They also locked the doors and quickily went into the front seat. 


"What do we do now?" Luke asked

"Just drive. Nothing we can do untill we get there" Scott answered

"We just took one of the popular member of the band!" Luke sighed

"It was your idea! Too late, we have to go!" Scott laughed

"Sorry, well, lets hope we dont get caught. I should of said, get someone who hasnt got a life! or not famous" Luke thought

"Look mate, stop whining. We've got him. It will be fun" Scott started the van and drove off

"His phone?" Luke remembered

"I took it when you punched him" Scott smirked


It got to 7.30pm and the lads wonder where Mikey is. They even phoned and texted him but no answer. 


"Hope he's okay" Ronan sighed

"He probs changed his mind and decided to stay in" Shane thought

"Yeah could be, we'll pop round in morning" Ronan smiled gently

"Stop worrying" Keith said

"He always answers his calls or texts" Ronan said

"That is true. He maybe have gone to sleep or has his phone on charge. Ronan, stop worrying. Im sure he will be fine" Shane smiled and tapped on his back

"Something isnt right... I'll go and check on him. After this drink" Ronan worried

"Okay mate. Try get him out" Shane laughed

"I really want him here" Ronan smiled gently

"We all do but we had a good time" Keith smiled

"Yeah i know, at least let me check on him" Ronan sighed


At 8pm, Keith and Shane deicded to have two more beers while Ronan went to get Mikey and tries to bring him out. Ronan noticed the lights were on and knocked on his front door, he waited about 5 minutes but no answer. He went round the back and noticed the door was unlocked, so he walked in Mikey's house. 


"Mikey?" Ronan shouted lightly

"Come on mate, we're waiting for you" Ronan laughed


Ronan looked in kitchen, living room and there was no sign of him. Ronan then tries to ring Mikey but no answer. Ronan starts to worry abit and then walks upstairs, hoping he's asleep or in bedroom. Suddenly, he rushes into his bedroom and relaises hes not at home. 


"MIKEY!!!" Ronan yelled

"Mikey, where are you!" Ronan panicked 


Mikey isnt normally like this. He always answers his phone, replies to his texts and always on time when he is meeting someone and if he wasnt coming, he'd always let them know. Ronan starts to worry and keeps shouting his name, then walks outside of his house and shouts his name. For the last time, Ronan rings again but this time, his phone got turned off so he cant get through to him. 


"No!" Ronan whisphered


Ronan storms into the pub in panick and tells Shane and Keith the bad news. Shane and Keith tries to get it out of him as he couldnt speak. 


"I'm sorry. I looked everywhere but he's gone! He's gone!" Ronan told them

"WHAT?" Keith and Shane in shock


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