NYC Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories I come up with. They will all be connected in some way, so make sure to pay attention!


2. Short Story Two

               I am ugly, stupid, smelly, unlikable, creepy, weird, strange, trash, alone. Well, at least I think I am since that is all the people at my school talk about. My parents have brought me to many different therapists, doctors, physicians, none helping in the least bit. My parents think I am depressed and delusional, yet they never ask why. No one can stop the bullies, you can only provoke them. I have been through so much, I can’t deal with it. I decided to run away from home to start a better life someplace else if I can. Let the pain stop. It is not that I don’t love my parents because I really do. It’s just that I can’t feel joy anymore, just anger and sadness and fear. And that needs to go away.

                “Hello, Mom! See you after school,” I said as I took her wallet out of her purse and stole one hundred dollars. I am not normally a thief, but I needed some way to keep surviving. Earlier that night, I decided that today was the big day, I was leaving without the slightest remorse. I looked at my mom and gave her a giant hug and whispered that I was sorry in her ear. She was confused on why I said it, but I couldn’t leave without asking for forgiveness. We said goodbye for the last time, and then she left for work leaving me with a bag to pack.

                 I grabbed my backpack and took out all of the forgotten homework sheets and notebooks to make room for the stuff I needed. I packed my clothes, my phone, my charger, bathroom toiletries, and money. I started to zip it up, but I decided to throw my family photo, a few books, and my pepper spray, just in case. A blanket and a pillow were shoved in there too, along the way, and then I ran downstairs to the kitchen where I grabbed a box of granola bars and some pringles. I was finally all packed, so I sat down to take one last long look at everything. I decided it was time to go, so I picked up my bag and ran out the garage, closing it behind me.


                Was this going to be the biggest mistake of my already messed up life? I couldn’t second guess myself, now. I was already about ten hours away from my house, well, walking hours. I had left at seven in the morning, and now it was seven at night. My parents would be getting home in about five minutes and wondering where I was, they would call me. I made sure my phone was off so I wouldn’t have to deal with them. I decided it was time for my first meal alone, so I took out five dollars and made my way downtown, of whatever city I was in, to buy some Chick-fa-la. I ordered my usual and then sat down and quickly enjoyed the greasy chicken and fries. I bet my parents have just informed the police of a runaway child about ten mins ago. Looking at my watch, they probably just got the call about their child not coming to school and they probably found that most of her stuff is missing along with one hundred dollars. I needed to get going to catch the eight o’clock train going from here to Boston, where I would hopefully start my new life.

                 I started running, with only ten minutes till the train left. I got my train ticket and waited to board the train. Should I go through with this? How will my parents feel? Would I be killing them? What will Cindy, my only friend, say when she realizes her friend left her? She might just laugh along with the crowd or she might stand up for me like she always did. I just hoped she would do the later one. I can’t have second thoughts. No more. I was going through with my plan. I started to get closer and closer to the train entrance. Goodbye, New York! Of course, my phone magically turns on, at this exact moment during the argument in my head. I can’t help but take it as a sign from God. My phone starts to ring, so I pick it up to see who’s calling. My parent’s contact picture stares back at me. I can feel hot tears starting to collect in my eyes and I can feel myself sweating. Do I want to leave them behind, too? Is my new life that important that I would throw my old one away? I make one last decision that will change my life forever. Pressing the green button, I put the phone up to my ear.

                “Hailey! Hailey! Is that you?” I hear my mom yell, it sounded like she had been crying.

                After some background noise and my dad yelling, “Hailey is on the phone? My baby girl!?”, I finally say the words that I have held on my tongue for a long time. “I want to come home.” I cried as I realized what I had done.

                "Of course you can! We were so worried about you! Where are you, honey?" my dad asked at about fifty words per second. 

                "I am at the D subway station. I was just about to get on a train to Boston," I admitted. People were staring at me while I sat down, about to start crying. 

                "We are coming for you! Stay there. Did you walk that far? That is a long way!" my dad was just overly excited to hear from me I guess. I was expecting to be yelled at and punished, but none of that seemed to show yet.

                 A few hours later, my parents ran in and started hugging me. I started crying at their comforting embraces. It felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders. I was back with the people who love me, away from the loneliness that was to come.  


                 When we got home, my parents immediately began to plan for our move to Boston. They sold our apartment in one month and found a new home. I said my goodbyes, rightfully this time, to Cindy and we hugged and cried, but I bet she will be fine since she still has Melody and Leah, who were also nice just from another school. As we packed our things and got in the car, I realized that I was finally going to leave the people who hurt me behind. Saying goodbye to the life I once had, I turned my back on it and looked forward to the new life ahead that was finally mine.   

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