NYC Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories I come up with. They will all be connected in some way, so make sure to pay attention!


3. Short Story Three

         "It's ok mom! I will be fine," I said with as much reassurance as I could. My family wanted to go to the mountains for Christmas, but I'm just too sick to go like the last three years. Lung cancer sucks! 

        "It is Christmas, love! We can't leave you alone on your favorite day," my mom said as she looked away in the attempt to hide her sadness which is evident in her tears. She isn't taking the doctor's estimate of less than a month left statement well, of course, she isn't since I am just her thirteen-year-old baby. 

        "It is fine like I said a million times! Have fun. I have Grandma and the nurses to keep me company," I had to hold my tears for her, to show her I am strong. I wasn't ready to die, not yet. There are all of the joys of growing up I know I will miss. It's like I can feel it, death. It's like a giant black hole in the pit of your stomach growing bigger and bigger until it eats you whole. If only my lazy lungs would work properly. 

         "Ok, love. We love you and we will be back the day after Christmas for maybe a belated Christmas holiday?" my mom suggested, hope and joy coming back to her saddened eyes.

          "Sounds great! Now have fun and bring me home a snowglobe for my collection!" I said making sure to take a long look at her, just in case this was the last. "I love you," I said and I really meant it. 

           "We love you too!" she said as she planted a kiss on my cheek. 

           "Bye-bye Melowdy! We will miss you," my little brother, Micheal, said. 

           "Bye-bye bear!" I said, giving him a big hug. I said goodbye to the rest of my family and then got my canvas to continue my drawing for the art fair. I had a nice sunflower field next to a great forest painted in oil paints, but I decided that this might be better. 


            After about three hours of painting, I put my paints and the canvas back in a drawer so I could get my daily well-check. The nurse walked in with her pity stricken face, which makes me feel sicker because I don't need a pity party every day for me. I am fine. I am strong. 

             "How are you, Melody? Are you excited for Christmas?" the young looking nurse said with sadness radiating off her. 

              "I am great! And Christmas, nope not really," I truthfully answered. 

              "Oh, ok. We will try to make it as good as we can!" the nurse looked at her clipboard and then looked back at me. The little joy her eyes held just a moment ago had been kicked out. I knew what was coming next, and I did not want to hear it. "Is there anyone you want here for this information?"

               "No. There, there is no one," I could feel myself shaking.

                "Your cancer has spread in your lungs. You... you probably only have a few days left. Maybe a week at the most," she said staring into my eyes. I could feel my body shut down. My heart dropped and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. "I am required to tell your parents, so I will inform them now."

                 "No! Please don't," I didn't want to ruin my families vacation. "At least don't tell them until tomorrow night. Please!" I wanted to make sure they were out of New York when they heard so they could at least enjoy a little vacation. 

                  "I am not authorized to do so, but for you, I will keep quiet for just one more day," she said giving me one last saddening smile before she walked out the door. I picked up my drawing and continued to paint the blue and white daisies on my canvas.


                    A whole day has passed and I have been sleeping the whole time. I have been getting more and more tired as the day went on. Must come with the dying package. I decided to try and paint again since I want to finish it before I go. Stroking the canvas, I started to paint some of the daisies black and white. 

                    "Melody! There is my sweet girl," my grandma yelled as she ran towards me. Being the day before Christmas Eve, she decided to come visit. I made sure the nurse told my grandma that I only had a few days. "Do you want to go on a walk?"

                     "Yeah, sure! If I can," I said realizing that my strength had decreased today. She helped me up to my feet and led me to my wheelchair. My grandma has to carry her own dying grand-daughter. The evil irony. 

                      We walked around for awhile and talked about life, or what was left of it. I could see the tears in her eyes as she looked down at me. I decided to look away and look into one of the rooms. There was a pregnant woman in one of them and she looked worried. 

                     "Hey, are you ok?" I asked as I got rolled over to the room.

                     "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Just found out that I probably will need a c-section. Thank you for noticing!" she said finally picking her head up to look at me. 

                      "I seem to notice a lot of things these days," I said looking down. She seemed to be looking me over. 

                       "Not to be rude, but what are you in here for?" she politely asked. 

                       "Oh, just lung cancer," I said trying to steer away from the pity. She nodded her head in understanding, but I could tell she realized it was bad. My eyes looked tired and I had huge bags under them. I was in a wheelchair and I was barely able to move. 

                        "Well, I hope you feel better, um," she said trying to find my name tag. 

                        "Melody, my name is Melody," I answered turning my wheelchair to leave. "Nice to meet you! Good luck with your journey!" 

                        "Nice to meet you, Melody. Good luck to you too!" she said, looking a little more hopeful. 


                         My grandma stayed the night so we could be together during Christmas Eve. My parents were informed about my current state and canceled their plans to come here. They wouldn't make it here until later tonight because of the delays with the blizzard. I just finished my painting, all I needed to do was sign my name. Leah, one of my best friends, was coming over to say her goodbyes with me. Cindy was stuck at her foster care, so she couldn't make it. 

                          "Melody! Hi!" Leah screamed as she ran in to hug me. We told our past jokes and talked about how the future would be, even though I knew I don't have one. She looked at my drawings and sketches, making comments like "This piece is fascinating" or "This piece is very deep". We had a pretty good time until she had to leave. 

                           "Goodbye, Leah! Don't forget about me if I die. And make sure to tell Cindy that I will think about you guys all of the time," I said as the tears started pouring. 

                            "I will! Goodbye, Melody. You are really a great person. I wish you could have had a longer and better life than you were given," Leah said, hugging me as she started crying. 

                             "Remember, God has a plan. God is good all the time," I told her while putting a smile on my face.

                            "and all the time God is good," She said, smiling like she usually does. "We will miss you, Melody."

                             "I will miss you too." 


                             I accepted that I would probably not see my parents again. They were on a plane now, but they weren't going to get here for another day. I spent my Christmas Eve looking at old photos, talking with my grandma, and saying goodbye to all of the other patients I have met in my time here. The woman with the baby, Sally, said she would really miss me and that I had a great heart.

                             It was getting near the end of the day and I couldn't move around much longer. I wasn't able to eat anything for the last twenty-four hours. Sucks that it had to be Christmas. I sat in my room, watching Christmas movies and I finally signed my name to my artwork.

                            One a.m on Christmas morning came and my grandma and I were snuggling in the hospital bed watching Elf, my favorite movie. My family was only about thirty minutes away, so I had to hold strong until they came. I was starting to feel run down. The pit in my stomach had fully grown and it was sucking my life into it. I could feel the end of my life coming. I sat there, falling into unconsciousness, and I think I heard my grandma scream for a nurse. The heart monitor was fastly decreasing and my lungs were burning. Every breath I took felt like a thousand of fire ants biting me on the inside. I knew this was the end. My life was coming to a closure. My breathing levels started to slow. My grandma was crying and my family was just running in now. At least I got to see them again. They all looked worried, so I tried to tell them everything was fine, but I couldn't speak the words. The nurses stepped back and my family ran in. "I love... love you guys. Don't... Don't worry about me, I... I am fine. I am strong. Goodbye, I will miss you guys," I said with my last breath. Looking at them, I saw their faces, a mix of sorrow, loss, and a little hint of peace. They knew I was at peace. My eyes closed and the monitor flatlined. This was my last goodbye.


(Third person)   Melody's drawing was put in the artist contest, making it to the country finales. It was called "The Last Goodbye" by Melody G. The woman, that Melody had met and talked to, decided to name her little, healthy baby girl Melody after the girl that helped her stay calm when she was so worried. She wanted her little girl to be just as strong as the girl who was so selfless and who would stand her ground through any troubles in her way. For one precious life had been snatched away, but another one was just beginning.   

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