Renegades in a Lost World

Rebels from an alien planet called Tirena have launched an attack upon Earth, initiating its impending downfall and destruction. Chloë has just awaken from her blackout to find that Earth's environment has started to decline in terms of capability to support life. Will she make it off the planet alive? Who is Chloë really?


1. All That They Fought For

The world comes into focus as I blink away the haziness of my unconsciousness. How long was I out?

A loud boom resounds in the distance. Then I remember. Oh, no...

The Tirenian rebels.

I doubt I'll make it out alive.

I stagger to my feet and take in my surroundings. I'm in a barren, desolate wasteland of a forest, the trees appear to be ancient and spindly. The ground is covered in a flat, untrodden sheet of snow. I cannot hear the usual chirps of the birds. This region seems completely devoid of life. In the distance, lies the heart of Earth. Magnae Animae. It was the center of all the commerce of the lands, and it housed many confidential facilities, the locations of which are classified.

I must depart this area at once, before it is too late.

As I stumble through the webs of wood that have ensnared all forms of life, I hear something. It's an old, haunting song, one that was sung to me as a child. I cannot tell if it is merely a figment of my imagination, or if the sound is an emission from something tangible.

"Bones, sinking like stones, all that we have fought for,"

 The melody sinks into my soul, sending unearthly chills down my spine.

"Homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for,"

My feet thump against the ground to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Stray branches fling themselves upon my face and leave long gashes in my skin, welling up with blood, and dripping down my face as an adornment to my porcelain skin tone. 

"And we live in a beautiful world,"

I can't help but wonder at the snow that's beginning to rain down upon me. It's been a long time since I've seen such a sight. The snow is a peculiar color, though. It also does not dissolve on my skin upon physical contact. It just sort of flakes away. Wait..what I see falling down is not snow. It's ash.

A tremendous explosion approximately 100 paces behind me sends me off of my feet, and I fall into a deep underground tunnel.


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