Chroma Divided

Eons ago, there was a catastrophe. A division between the fabrics of time and space created an alternate version of Earth in another dimension later to be known as Thera. Lena is out to find answers about her world, and what really went down during the Great Split.


1. Lena

I live in a world where there is no color.

It’s a dark, desolate world that we call Thera.

Eons ago, there was a catastrophe that we refer to as the Great Split. There was a division between the fabrics of space and time, creating an inter-dimensional split that is yet to be replicated.

Our ancestors, long gone, might I add, used to live on a planet called Earth. The Therean Council tells us stories about what Earth used to be like. They say it had color beyond our imagination. Deep blue seas that stretched across vast areas of the world. The warm light of the sun that shone down upon the people. Plentiful green valleys covered in flowers that shimmered in the sun like gems.

We have none of this anymore.  

We can only imagine what color is like.

Now, our world is made of crumbling, broken structures, dying life, and desolate terrains.

Thera is falling apart. No matter how hard we try to fix it, it goes back to the same dystopian state as before. Nobody knows what caused the Great Split, but we have uncovered recordings and carefully preserved documents on the experience of the victims. My favorite is from a woman named Ada Becker. Born in Germany, she experienced the Great Split at age 19. Her writing is extremely descriptive, and someday, it will hopefully lead us to answers. There is one common, disturbing theme among all of the victims writings though. At the end of their entry, they all seem to write that they have no recollection of what happened and why they are writing. Except for Ada. Something is different about hers. Something mysterious. Her writing is cut off and smudged at the end. Something happened to Ada. 


  December 13, 2030 

This may be the last time I get to write. Something very strange is happening to Earth. It began as a few shimmers in the air, here and there. I started taking closer looks, and discovered, that if you looked hard enough, you could see the stars through them. 

Anomalies like these started appearing more and more frequently as the weeks flew by. It was as if there was a sort of rip in our world. As if it could not hold itself together anymore. 

Eventually, these “rips” became large gashes and deeps cuts.

It kept progressing until today.

I remember an instantaneous, blinding flash of light that lasted for only a split second. I fell to the ground in agony, shielding my eyes from the light and all the pain.

Seconds later, there was a boom. Imagine breaking the sound barrier, but amplifying that by over a hundred times. I thought I was going to die. All the light and the sound and the pain just overwhelmed me as I fell to the ground. I closed my eyes, hoping that it was all a dream.

Then, everything was still.

An eerie silence enveloped the world as I stood up, slowly opening my eyes. What I saw, all around me, was the true essence of a dreamscape. My world, which I had been a part of for 19 years, was no longer my world. I had a feeling that nothing wouldever be the same again.

I felt like I was hallucinating. The Earth was contorting allaround me. It was almost like a... kaleidoscope, but on steroids, in a way. Colors were shifting, changing reality right before my eyes. There was no definite ground anymore. Crevices broke open and swallowed whole buildings up. The sky was no longer a brilliant blue. Instead, you could see millions of stars, galaxies, and planets. And the moon. Well the moon kept drawing closer and closer to Earth, threatening to hit it. I hoped it was just an illusion.

This went on for days and days. My Earth was no more. Just a disturbing, new reality that I would have to come to accept, or maybe not.

Today, as I woke up, I came face to face with an elaborately decorated mirror. It was sleek and had an otherworldly reflective quality to it. The mirror was lined in gold and diamonds, delicately woven in and out of each other. I took a step towards it and saw myself in the mirror, like any ordinary mirror would work. But, then there was a change. The other me, the one in the mirror, began moving farther and farther away from the mirror, as if something terrifying was coming from my side. The thing is, I wasn’t moving at all.

And now. Here I am. Completely and utterly confused. Still wondering if I’m dreaming, but knowing that I’m really not.

I hope this is a good decision.

I’m going to touch the mirror.

I’m going to continue writing until I can’t anymore.

Wait, what is going on? The colors on the other side are being ripped away. They are coming straight towards me. The alternate me on the other side is screaming, pointing to something behind my back. I’m freaking out right now. I’m about to touch the mirror.

A swirling blur of color is surrounding me. I am unsure of what is going on.

I see something, a dark—

—-ehind me—  


I have decided to take action.

I am looking for the missing pieces to this puzzle.

Something was not right during the Great Split. I mean, I know it was a catastrophe and all, but I feel like there is something sinister behind it, and I need to find out exactly why.

We may never know, but I am determined to figure this out. I will not tolerate this way of life that we are living. Secrets hidden around every corner. A dark puzzle that needs finishing. Unanswered questions practically begging for my attention.

I will not let this go on forever.

I need to know, is Earth still out there? Somewhere in another dimension? A place that is impossible to reach, or so we think...


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