What Happened on Halloween

Jenna McCarthy is a sad girl who was born at the most unfavourable time of the year. While David is the mysterious genius boy who has stolen the heart of Jenna.
Once they meet up on Halloween, they create a bond that will last until forever. Promising to become happy for once in their lives.


1. What Happened on Halloween

Jenna McCarthy's birthday was unfortunately on Halloween. Despite her parent's happiness that her birthday was unique and memorable, Jenna was disappointed.

Her classmates decided that since she was born on such a scary time of the year and had to do with monsters, that she was a monster herself.

Everyday someone would find a way to call her a witch or demon or any other creature associated to Halloween and to make her feel disgusted in herself.

There is one day Jenna was able to vividly recall. One that changed her the most and wrecked her facade of happiness that she created over the years.

In the seventh grade Jenna had a small crush on David Snow. He was probably the most brilliant boy she knew and the most quiet.

No one really picked on him and he was left alone to do as he pleases. That was something Jenna yearned for the most.

So when Jenna received a mysterious note in her locker, telling her to go to Maddie's Halloween party at seven, on Halloween, and to meet the writer at the wooden trail behind her house, she decided to go. Only because at the bottom of the letter was the initials DS.

Jenna was excited to go and to meet her crush on Halloween. She dreamed of him telling her that he liked her. Or maybe of him asking her to dance.

The day Jenna got the note and asked her mom if she could go she was sad to hear a no. Her parents wanted her home and to share her birthday with them and maybe go trick or treating.

Afterwards, the days leading to Maddie's party, Jenna devised a plan to see David. She decided to sneak out her window and walk to Maddie's after eating her birthday supper.

The days flew by and the day of Halloween arrived. She was made fun of the most that day and every time Jenna felt like David might rush to her side and stand up for her.

Instead he was no where near her. In fact he wasn't even at school that day. Jenna was worried that he wouldn't show up because he was sick.

Yet, after having pizza and pop that night, she still decided to follow her plan. So she went to her room and changed into a yellow dress, her favourite.

She wanted to look pretty for David and feel a little more confident if she did get to dance with him or get asked out.

That night, on her thirteenth birthday, it was cold outside. Her sweater was not even warm enough to stop her from shivering.

Once she got to Maddie's house, she seen a couple of parents cars in the drive way and inside the living room her classmates were playing a dancing game.

Jenna wished that she was accepted enough to walk in and play with them. But she knew that her only possible friend was outside in the woods.

A couple seconds later she was on the trail behind the house and did not run to anyone. Jenna felt disappointed knowing that David wasn't here.

Before she could walk back she called out his name. Hopefully he was in the woods a little bit more.

"Hey." It was David. His voice surprised Jenna and she jumped a little. When she turned around she noticed his clothes were messily on him and covered in dark spots.

"It's actually you." Jenna whispered to herself. David must have heard because he nodded. "Why did you ask me to come here?" She asked him.

"I heard what people call you. How you are being treated. Are you sad because of it?" His voice was sincere which made Jenna feel comfortable with him.


"Would you like it to stop?" That question to her seemed hilarious. It's obvious that her answer was a yes, but how would it stop? "I can help you make it stop."

Jenna's heart raced. He wanted to help her, to make her not sad. But how? Jenna took a deep breath and David seen her nod through the dim moonlight filtered by the trees.

"Then you will do as I say, ok?" He moved closer to her and Jenna was able to see him better.

From the moonlight the dark spots on his clothes shimmered as if wet. But it was almost blackish red, and she knew what it was. "Is that blood?" She asked, scared for the answer.

Jenna took a step away from him and started to breath heavily. "Yes." It was a simple answer, one that held no guilt or worry.

"What happened?" She was hoping that he was hurt somewhere. But there was just too much blood and it was scattered too much.

She looked into his eyes and saw a light in there she never saw before with him. "I freed myself. I escaped them, and they paid the price." He said. "Would you like to free yourself, my angel?" David held out a bloody hand to her.

All she could think about was what he called her. An angel. No witch or demon or goblin. Instead it was something beautiful. This made her feel better and she knew that if she said yes, she would be happy.

Slowly she reached out and interlaced her fingers with his. The blood did not bother her, instead his hand was warm in her cold one.

"Let's set the world on fire." David said with a smile.


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