Daddy's Three Daughter? (Sequel to 'Pregnancy?') (Coming soon)

After Twelve Years Laters, Melissa Hemmings, Luke's Wife, had a terrible car accident and left a baby, preteen, and teenage to the single and heartbreaking Husband, Luke Hemmings!

Would Luke had a second chance to raise his daughters alone or his best mates would love to help to raise these girls for Luke?

Some of them have a dark secret!

What would it be?

[Okay, then! That will be a sad moment and happy in this story to the three girls... But this story isn't mature like swears because of four hot boys, they are now men... Well some of them! Only Luke and Ashton! Anyway... This Story is alike to American Sitcom, Full House-ish, but the different story of these girls and these daddies as well. Thanks - Meli]


1. Daddy's Three Daughter?



Daddy's Three Daughter?


By Melissa



The Casts of The Stars:

Luke Hemmings


Violet Hemmings as Peyton List


Lilly Hemmings as Emma Waston


Olivia Hemmings as Mia Talerico (Baby)


Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Micheal Clifford


Michael Tate as Liam Hemsworth



A date has been setting! 

Wait until I finish the first book of 'Pregnancy?' 

But I don't have enough time to finish another story and this story at the same time.


Thanks, love!

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