Inside the Wall

On the outside, everything is peaceful. On the outside, everything is beautiful. On the outside, everything is perfect. Too bad we're on the inside.


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On the outside, everything is peaceful. On the outside, everything is beautiful. On the outside, everything is perfect.

Too bad we're on the inside.

We were born this way. We were born in here. But we will do anything to get out.

Before it's too late.


I tie my brown hair up in a loose bun and stick a knife through it. I live in the nice part of The Wall, but one can never be too prepared.

I sigh and tighten my straps on my rucksack before stepping out of my makeshift house.

The bright sky overhead greets me like an old friend, and I smile up at it. The sun remains constant through the days, but that seems all.

I look around at the ruins around me and sigh the usual ash-sprinkled air. The city had been destroyed several hundred years ago, but the ash that was constantly floating around made it seem as if it was burning in the present tense.

My two-ton rucksack is light compared to the other burdens that I carry, I think as I stumble to gain footing, then set off towards the clear divider between our world and the one that should be.

I am unlucky to be one of the Chosen Ones, one of the ones to be part of the Experiment, one of the Mutants, one of the Insiders. But, then, I suppose that there are others are here with me who are as well, though I'm not certain. The only one of the other Chosen that I spoke to was Dexter, and he's long gone.

Dex was tall and funny-looking and a horrible person. He had large, constantly teary black eyes, an oval-shaped face, and a yellow complexion. I came upon him-- or rather, he came upon me-- on a day when a few of the Outsiders decided to survey the Wall from the outside.

I've heard people say that, from the outside, the Wall looks invisible, or that it's reflective, and I would have believe it if  the Outsiders ignored us, just commenced playing, and acted like the Wall wasn't there.

But they didn't. They walked straight up to it, tapped it, slammed their fists into it, laughed loudly. 

And that was when Dexter, also attracted by the sound, stood by me on the large rock. I always sat on that rock for hours, simply to watch the Outsiders. He punched me in the shoulder, and I yelped.

I looked up to see who it was and immediately after I looked up at him, I jumped up and tried to scramble away. Strangers-- or anyone, really-- is dangerous.

But I couldn't get away, because he had grabbed my shirt and held me back, chuckling.

"Where are you going, little child?" he said in a teasing tone.

"Who are you calling a child? You're the same age as me!" I snarled in return.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho-hey, a feisty one, eh?"

I huffed angrily, then, gritting my teeth, demanded, "Let me go, ya immature b--"

"Oh, but I just arrived! Where's my welcome?"

I hissed, and he laughed. "Aren't you too young to be out, girl?"

"I'm twelve. And you're forgetting, we've been living here alone since the age of--"
"--three," he said, finishing my factoid. "I'm smarter than you think I am, see?"

"Oh, sureee ya are..." I sneered. "So how old are you, boy?" I spat the last word.


This startled me, because, seeing that he was a tad taller than me, I thought he was just the same age as me, if not older.

"You're lying," I accused.

He responded, with the same placid face, "No, I'm really ten."

I creased my eyebrows together, then scoffed.

He looked over at the Outsiders, then back at me. "This ever happened before?" he asked, jabbing his thumb towards them.

I shook my head. "Never."

"Maybe something's gonna happen," he said, looking back at the people.

I scoffed, but kept my thoughts to myself.

He looked over at me. "You think that maybe...maybe we could ever....ever get out of the Wall? maybe they're coming to get us."

I sighed thoughtfully, but said nothing.

That day is burned into my memory, not only because I met Dexter, not only because a new idea was implemented into my mind, but also because it was the first letdown I ever had.

Because nothing ever happened. They just left, and I haven't seen them come near it since.

And later that day, Dexter asked if he could stay with me, because he had no house. I muttered, "Whatever," in reply, and he stayed with me. But he was still hateful and rude and mean.

But now that he's gone, I miss him. And to miss something, you have to love it.

I sigh at the thought of it, then chase everything from my mind but the observing rock that is hidden on the only forest in the Wall.

I suppose that maybe I love the rock. I would be sad if I lost it...but then again, I don't love it. I can't.

But I know what I hate. And there's only one thing.


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