Let me help you

This story is about getting through tuff times. Lee Mi-Na felt broken when her life fell apart. She became suicidal and started to walk down a dark ally. Can EXO help her? Can her childhood friend Oh Sehun save her from herself?

- This is my first story on English and I'm not good at it. Sorry for all the misspellings and lack of commas :b I hope to update every week, so stay tuned :3 -

[WARNING: There is going to be thoughts about suicide, self-harming and anxiety. If you don't like reading about it, then please leave. I'm writing from my own experience and it is my words and thoughts that in this story. If you don't like my way of writing, then please leave. ]


8. Chapter 7

Sehuns P.o.v


We were all standing ready in the living room. Suho was running around, packing a bag for Mi-Na. I looked over at the bathroom before shaking my head. I wasn’t much for leaving her alone, after yesterday's episode. Suho had made a deal to take her along with us for the day, but only if she would. She said yes.

“Guys” Yoona stuck her head out of the bathroom looking out at us. She had a smile on her face, looking happy. Kai had asked for help, so Mi-Na could take a shower. Yoona had laughed at the clothes we bought and took some of her old clothes with her. She stepped away from the door and Mi-Na came out. I dropped my jaw. We all did. Some of her hair was sat up in two small bunds, with the rest smooth down by her side. She had a black top on, that kinda looked like a corset. She had an army colored jacket over, just big enough for her arm to get through. She had high waisted shorts on, and underneath she had a long pair of leggings. On her feet was a black pair of ballerinas. She had a couple of jewelries on, but it was her eyes that caught my attention. She had mascara on. Something Yoona had giving her.


“Wow...” I looked over at Lay and noticed that we all were blushing. I looked back at her with a smile. Yoona looked over at me.


“Don’t worry about the cloths, she can keep it. She is beautiful like this” She backed away to look at her again. She looked over at me, this time with another voice. “She told me about you leaving her. Don’t you dare do that again...” She was worried for a person she didn’t knew. I gave her a smile and a gently bow.


“Mianhae Noona” I looked down at the floor while I kept bowing. “I will never leave her side again. I promise” I stood up straight and looked at Mi-Na that had walked over to me. She handed me a piece of paper and I looked down at it.


 - Don’t leave me again. You heard it all yesterday. Don’t hate me. Mianhae oppa.


I could feel more eyes on me that I wanted to. I looked to the side at saw the other boy looking at the us and the note. I looked back at her, before crumbling it up, and dropped it. I dropped my bag and laid my arm around Mi-Na, lifting her up in the air. I didn’t want to mess with her hair, but I liked the way we were close. She laughed into my ear, and I snuggled my head into her hair by her neck. I liked her smell. A voice stopped out moment.


“We need to leave now.” I set her down and looked over at Suho in the door. “We need to get out now, or we will be late” I realized Yoona were gone, and it only me, Mi-Na, Kai and Suho who was left in the room. I looked down at Mi-Na before pointing over at the door. She nodded at me before leaving my arms. I went after her and not long after were we in the car, on our way to the first step on over schedule.


I looked at the clock the moment the car stopped. We were one or two minutes late, nothing that would make an impact on us. We all got out of the car in the parking garage under the building. We looked around on all the other cars, before I looked back at Mi-Na. I gave her a smile, while helping her out of the car. We had taken the wheelchair with us, but she denied our decision.  


I noticed something strange while we walked through the garage. We were all quiet. Normally we all talked but, we didn’t say a thing. Because of Mi-Na? Before I was done thinking, the others started talking.


“Look at that! Waow” Lay pointed over at a statue. Chanyeol and D.O started to talk for themselves, while Kai was walking by me and Mi-Na. He was holding her bag, with water, painkillers, her notebook and some pencils. He was still kinda injured, but insisted to dance. His plan was to only be included in Monster, because of his lack of dance steps to Lotto. Mi-Na made a little noise while pointing towards the stairs. Only a few seconds later, stood Chen by our side.  


“Please let me carry her! Please! I’m going to be careful, please!” Chen stood by my side and literally begged to carry Mi-Na up the stairs. I looked at him, in the same moment he pointed at himself, made a ‘carry you’ position and then pointing up the stairs. I gave her a glance, as she nodded at him. I slowly pulled myself away from her, in the same moment Chen lifted her. I stood still, when he started to walk up the stairs. Suho, Xuimin and Baekhyun came from the back and walked past me. I felt a pain in my chest. My heart. What if she would fall in love with one of them? I would be a nobody to her, or I would just be the ‘friend’ I shook my head before rushing up the stairs to the others again. I looked up after Mi-Na but she was still in the arms of Chen, walking down the hallway. I felt a hand on my shoulder.


“Don’t worry Sehunnie~~” Baekhyun. “She is going to be fine. We are here to help her, so stop thinking we going to hurt her!” He gave me a squeeze before letting me go again.


“I’m not worried about you hurting her. I just don’t want you guys to fall in love with her” I shook my head as I spoke. Baekhyun looked surprised at me. “She is mine! I’m going to be with her” I looked at him before speeding up, going away from them.


We all stopped in front of the door with our name on it. ‘EXO - Asian Song Festival 2016’ Suho knocked before opening, to look inside. He opened the door up for us, and we all entered after him. There were some makeup and hair assistants, and we all did a little bow to say hello. Chen went over to a chair, where he put Mi-Na down. I shook my head a little before being called over to makeup.

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