Let me help you

This story is about getting through tuff times. Lee Mi-Na felt broken when her life fell apart. She became suicidal and started to walk down a dark ally. Can EXO help her? Can her childhood friend Oh Sehun save her from herself?

- This is my first story on English and I'm not good at it. Sorry for all the misspellings and lack of commas :b I hope to update every week, so stay tuned :3 -

[WARNING: There is going to be thoughts about suicide, self-harming and anxiety. If you don't like reading about it, then please leave. I'm writing from my own experience and it is my words and thoughts that in this story. If you don't like my way of writing, then please leave. ]


7. Chapter 6

Sehun P.o.v


She was breathing quicker that I wished for. She was sweaty and she laid uneasy, moving around all the time. She had a wet cloth on her forehead. I looked at her with worried eyes before Suho showed up in the door.


“Sehun, you need to leave” He entered the room before pushing me out. I shook my head while I looking at him. I was mad and frustrated. I wiped my eyes, with my left sleeve.


“I won’t leave her side!” My voice was higher than expected and my throat were dry. He kept pushing me away from her. I turned around before leaving the room. She really wasn’t healthy. I closed the door behind me before I felt some arms hugging me. His voice was right by my ear.


“Lay Hyung and Suho Hyung is going to take care of her, don’t worry” His words broke me. I started to cry against his shoulder. “I never should have left her! I’m so sorry Mi-Na” I cried my words. “I will never leave you again. I will help you get through this” His hand drove up and down my back. I was stupid to think she could survive without me. I should have told her the truth, about my singing. Chanyeol's voice came again.


“Call Luhan and talk to him? Would that make you feel better?” He pulled his head a little back so he could see my face. I shook my head. “Maybe get some sleep, please? We have a schedule we need to follow tomorrow and you have to be awake.” He gave me a little smile before he led me to my room. I shook my head again before talking.


“What about Donghae? What did you tell him?” I looked at him, while I wiped my eyes with my sleeve. He gave me a nervous smile before he patted me lightly on my back. “Look, we can’t have him talking about her! It everyone finds out; we are going to be in trouble!” I gave him a serious look before going away from him and into the living room. He walked after me, and I stopped when he came to sight. He looked over at me before smiling.


“I will keep this a secret to everybody.” He got up from the sofa, before he walked over to me. He laid his hand on my shoulder before continued. “Nobody is going to knew about this. If anybody asks, I’m going to tell them I watched a video on my phone. Okay?” He gently pulled me into a hug, that I retuned. Donghae was a good Hyung, and he had always taking care of me. Now he would keep Mi-Na a secret. Just for me. I rubbed my head in his shoulder, whispering a little ‘Thank you, Hyung’ We both pulled away before he turned around leaving the dorm.


“Talk to you soon, Sehun. Thank you for the heads up, guys! Be careful next time.” He looked back at us, before giving a little ‘I’m leaving’ bow. He turned around and left.


“Sehun” Lays voice came some behind. I turned around like a tornado, looking at him. He had a little smile on his lips, before talking. “She is better now. Her fever is almost gone” He nodded as he talked. “Suho is hoping to get a little food in her now, and we think she is going to be fine tomorrow. Apparently, it was too hot in the room and she had a cold sweat. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.” He looked at me with a sad expression before he gave me a ‘sorry’ smile. I nodded at him before giving him a bow.


“Thank you for taking care of her.“ I stood up straight. “I never should have left her. I knew she was weak when she was a child, but I never thought it would go this far.” I looked down at my hands. I was folding them against each other. They all started to comfort me, but I just shook my head. I walked over to my room, closing the door after me. I sat down by my bed and prayed for her wellbeing. I closed my eyes and thought everything through. I could feel my head getting heavy before I got up in bed. I laid on my back, looking up in the ceiling. A knocking on the door caught my attention.


“Sehunnie~? She says that she is sorry, and she hopes you getting sleep tonight” It was Suho. “She doesn't want to see you right now, but she hoped you can understand her. Please go to sleep now, and we will see you tomorrow. Goodnight” He left again. I closed my eyes and started to remember all the memories. It started like normal but I slowly remember all the small signs. She was never happy enough. I could only do as I did, to fill the empty hole that her father couldn’t fill. She never knew the reason her mother died. But I got to know. I squeezed my eyes together and let the tears roll down to my ears. I turned to the right and tried my best to fall asleep. I wanted to go back in time and help her. I wanted to be her happiness, her life, her prince on the white horse. I wanted to be the reason she should live.

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