Let me help you

This story is about getting through tuff times. Lee Mi-Na felt broken when her life fell apart. She became suicidal and started to walk down a dark ally. Can EXO help her? Can her childhood friend Oh Sehun save her from herself?

- This is my first story on English and I'm not good at it. Sorry for all the misspellings and lack of commas :b I hope to update every week, so stay tuned :3 -

[WARNING: There is going to be thoughts about suicide, self-harming and anxiety. If you don't like reading about it, then please leave. I'm writing from my own experience and it is my words and thoughts that in this story. If you don't like my way of writing, then please leave. ]


5. Chapter 4

A hand was placed on my cheek and I opened my eyes. I got my head away from Sehun and looked out of the window on my left. There were a lot of buildings and on one of them were at logo: SM Entertainment. I looked down to find a note.


 - We are going in. The car is driving away so you can get in another way. Suho is going to stay here, please wait. We will see you in a bit, Mi-Na.


I looked over at him, in the same moment he left the car. Suho was sitting in the back, hiding from the fangirls. The door closed and the car began driving away. I tried to look back on Suho, but a screaming pain started to spread in my body. My throat was dry, and I tried to swallow my spit but I started to cough. Suho stuck his head up to me so he could see my face. I tried not to cry when I opened my mouth to talk. ‘The pain. It hurts. Help’ He looked down in his pocket to find some painkillers. Some Morphine. He gave me the pills before pulling a water bottle up from behind me. I took the pills in my mouth and swallowed the pills with water. I nodded a little to say I’m going to be okay. I looked out the window when the car stopped. Suho crawled out first. He got the wheelchair folded out and helped me in it. It all started to get a bit blurred but I could stay awake. It must have been the sleeping position in the car that caused the problem.


We entered by the backdoor at it took a little time to get to their dorm. Suho knocked on the door and after some few seconds the door opened. Xuimin stood in the door with a big smile, his lips moved but he quickly stopped. His head turned red. He had forgotten I couldn’t hear him. ‘Thanks for having me’ I became curious to how my voice sounded to him. He nodded to me before moving to the side. He looked around before realizing there wasn’t space for the wheelchair. He gave me a sad smile, before I shook my head at him. ‘I can walk’ I tried standing up, and Suho were there to help me. Xuimin rushed past me, to support my neck and back. I laughed a little of myself. I was pathetic. They helped me inside and I could quickly see it was nine boys living here. Cloth was all over the place, old dishwashing in the sink and it smelled like sweat. I looked over at the boys in the living room before Suho and Xuimin put me in the sofa. They all looked at me, but I held my gaze in my hands. I felt uncomfortable, and could feel my cheeks starting to get warm. Sehuns body sat down next to me, and I looked at him with a little smile. He took my left hand and looked into my eyes. I got caught in his eyes, and I felt we were the only two people in the room. His kinda white hair with brown bottom. His dark brown eyes, almost black looked inside of mine, looking into my soul. Maybe he was here to help, not just to destroy me again. He had grown a lot since he had left. His nose was bigger, but also small. His lips hadn’t really changed. He broke eye contact to look past me. I wanted to look away but I wasn’t done. I wanted to know why he had left me. He got up and left the room, just like that. I looked around and everybody looked away, embarrassed by the scene. I got a little smile on my lips before trying to talk. ‘I’m sleepy.’ I caught their attention again and Lay got over to me. They had prepared the table with a lot of paper, and he took a piece to write on.


 - We are going to make a bed to you. You are going to have your own bedroom.


I looked at him without knowing what to say. He looked at me with a crooked smile, before writing more down.


 - The doctor said we should keep an eye on you every 30 minutes while you sleep, to be save from fevers and to check on your sleeping habits. Is that okay?


He turned the paper and put the pencil down with it. My lips moved while I read the words in my head. I nodded at him before taking the pencil to write.


 - What about your sleeping habits? You can’t always keep an eye on me, you should sleep yourself.


He smiled, maybe laughing a little before shaking his head.


 - We will be fine; we are here to take care of you. You are the one who needs help. You just must call for us. We are going to be your personal nurses.


I laughed at his words, before nodding again and realizing a little ‘Mh-hm’ He smiled before he turned his head, calling Chanyeol over to help. I got up almost by myself, before they stepped in to support my body. My legs were kinda numb but I could move them little by little. They took me to a room with 3 beds, but only one were dressed with sheets and covers. He pointed over to the bed and we slowly continued over to the end of it. Sehun entered the room, in the same moment I sat down. He smiled at me before giving me a piece of paper. I was tired of reading all the notes but I had to live with it for one month. I looked down to read it.


 - Me, Suho and Kai is taking down town to buy you some cloth. You can’t have that clothing on anymore. Lay and Baekhyun Hyung will help you in some of my clothing so you can be comfortable. Is it okay with you Baby Mi-Na?


I looked up at him with nervous eyes. I opened my mouth ‘Pencil’ Sehun gave me one and I quickly wrote down.


 - Are you going to leave me with people I don’t know? How can you live with yourself?


He shook his head before talking to the boys. I looked at him before he wrote a quick.


 - Saranghae Baby Mi-Na <3


I crumpled the paper before grabbing his hand. He looked at me before slowly pulling his hand to him, leave me in the room with Lay and Chanyeol. Tears started to roll down my cheek before opening my mouth. ‘SEHUN OPPA! DON’T LEAVE ME!’ I cried as I screamed after him. Lay looked at me with panic before sitting down next to me, hugging me. I didn’t knew him, but he was warm. I closed my eyes, trying to stop my tears. I began to be tried and began to yawn. I could feel his head against mine, before his lips kissed my head. His right hand was lead up and down my back, and I could feel his chest move. He slowly began to move me side to side, without giving me pain in the back. I yawned again and I fell asleep up against him

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