Let me help you

This story is about getting through tuff times. Lee Mi-Na felt broken when her life fell apart. She became suicidal and started to walk down a dark ally. Can EXO help her? Can her childhood friend Oh Sehun save her from herself?

- This is my first story on English and I'm not good at it. Sorry for all the misspellings and lack of commas :b I hope to update every week, so stay tuned :3 -

[WARNING: There is going to be thoughts about suicide, self-harming and anxiety. If you don't like reading about it, then please leave. I'm writing from my own experience and it is my words and thoughts that in this story. If you don't like my way of writing, then please leave. ]


4. Chapter 3

(Some days later)

With my left hand wrote a ‘Thank you’ before showing it to the nurse. She put my food in front of me before giving me a small bow and leaving the room. I put the notebook in my bed before starting to eat. I still didn’t knew the name of the food, but I eat what I could. I was starting to feel better, but the doctors still didn’t want me to leave by myself. I took my third bite before looking at my red button on my table. I looked over at the door that opened some seconds later. The button told me that someone was by the door. I quickly chewed my food before releasing a small ‘Come in’ I looked at the door and saw Suho's face looking in. I smiled at him at waved him inside. He opened the door a bit more before entering. He closed it behind him before walking over to me. He had a piece of paper in his hand, that he put in front of me. I put the fork down and took the paper up and closer to me. The paper was in a dark gray color and it had EXO printed onto it.


 - Hey Mi-Na.


I smiled.


 - I have some friends who want to meet you. I told them about the accident and they also want to help you. They are in EXO like me and Sehun. They have promised to stay low so they wouldn’t scare you.


I looked at him before shaking my head. He lifted his eyebrows before putting a sad smile on his lips. I quickly wrote on the same piece of paper.


 - I would love to meet them, but it wasn't an accident. I tried to commit suicide. I no longer have something to live for, not even myself. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but it is the truth. I wanted so to die so badly that I couldn’t live with myself any longer. I have talked to my psychologist today and I must have weekly talks with her, to help me. Please don’t tell the others.


I turned the paper against him, and gave him a moment to swallow the truth. I took the fork again and ate a little piece of food before looking at him. He had beautiful brown hair, with symmetrical face. His eyes were filled with worry but care. He turned the paper again. He had a warm smile on his lips before walking over to the door again.


 - I will keep you secret. Please find happiness in your life again. We will help you. <Exo3


He had drawn a little heart with EXO inside. I smiled before looking over at the many boys entering the room. They stopped in front of the bed before giving me a bow. I meanwhile took a napkin and cleaned my mouth. I looked at Suho at the end before counting the boys. Nine in total. Sehun was standing almost right in front of me. He looked sad. Suho took a step towards me before pointing at the other boys. The boy next to Suho took a paper up in front of his chest.


 - I’m Exo Lead Vocal Chen. Nice to meet you.


They continued all the way down and I smiled at them all. I looked back at Sehuns paper again.


 - I’m sorry.


It was just the two words. Another boy caught my attention again. Baekhyun. I lifted my left hand before slowly waving at them. I sat up straight before introduction myself. ‘Hello, I’m Mi-Na.’ I took a second to find the right words. ‘Nice to meet you all’ They all got a big smile on their lips when I started talking. I laughed a little before finding my notebook and turned to a clean paper. I began to write down before showing it to Suho. I smiled at him before he read it out loud.


 - The doctors are saying I can leave today. But they are also saying I can’t leave alone. I don’t have any family to take care of me. My right arm is still in plaster and I am having a hard time walking. I only eat once a day because I’m not used to eating anymore. Can’t you talk to them about me leaving? I’m going to a slender in the city who can help me. I don’t have a home.


They looked at me with worried eyes. I gave them a little smile, before looking at Suho. He was still talking, but he now looked at the other members. Sehun stepped over to my left side but I kept my eyes on Suho. I didn’t want Sehuns help. Another guy stepped over to Sehun and I looked at him. Chanyeol. He had laid his hand on his shoulder and was talking. I gave him a smile, without looking at Sehun. My red button caught my attention, and I looked over at the door. Suho had left. I pushed my table away and tried to get my right leg out of the bed. Two of the boys rushed over to help me and I let over a small laugh before thanking them. They helped me out of the bed and I pointed over to the toilet. I didn’t tell them that it was only the nurse and doctors that was allowed to help be out of the bed. I started to walk and felt a pain in the back and neck but Chen and D.O helped me by supporting me. They stopped in the door and I pushed the words out. ‘I can handle it from here.’ But my brain couldn’t handle the words and I was sure it came out in a big lump of words. I took my left hand on the door handle and entered by myself. It took some time, and pain but I did my business before washing my hands. I looked up in the mirror to see the scares. I had a scare on my cheek and one under my right jaw. My hair was filtered and I had black rings under my eyes. I shooked my head slowly before turning around and opening the door. D.O and Chen was standing ready to help me. I gave them a smile, that they returned before helping me back in bed. Sehun was sitting by the bed, looking at me. Suho entered the room with a doctor right after him. I smiled at the doctor. He had been taking care of me since I came. He stopped in front of the boys before talking. The doctor gave Suho a piece of paper, while talking again. ‘I want to know what you’re talking about!’ My voice must have been higher that I wished for. He looked at me before Sehun started to write down. It was sloppy but I could read it.


 - He is saying we should take care of you. Also……..


I looked at him with a raised eyebrow before he started writing again.


 - There is a month waiting time on your operation. They can’t ensure you’re going to hear again.


I took the paper and crumpled it up, with my left hand. I threw it over in the corner before looking back at the doctor. Suho was writing on the paper before gave it to the others. They were all signing the paper. Sehun was the last. He looked at me before writing his name on the paper. He got up to go over to the doctor and handed over to him. He nodded at them before pulling Suho out of the room. I looked at them before shaking my head. I didn’t want them to take care of me. They were celebrities and had a crazy schedule that I didn’t want to destroy. Sehun left a note on my lap. I looked at it before I crumpled it again and threw it away. I looked down in my lap before I could feel my eyes getting wet. I sniffed ones before feeling a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Baekhyun standing on my left. Lay was standing by the end of the bed, and had laid a hand on my leg. He nodded comforting. Xuimin was standing next to Sehun and gave a smile. His eyes were small but he showed me care. I smiled at them all, but they turned their attention to the door before seeing my smile. Suho had entered the room with a wheelchair. They all moved away from the bed, to make place for me to get out. Suho drove it over to my but I kept still. The last guy stepped up, standing in front of me. He put a note in my lap before gently pushing my quilt a side, so he could sit in the bed. He gave me a warm smile, before gently touching my right arm. I looked down on my lap to read the note.


- I’m Kai.


I gave him a quick glance before reading the rest.


 - We are going to take care of you, so you can be healthy again. We want to help you find happiness again, after the accident. We all know it’s hard, but that why we are here. Sehun has talked a lot about you and when they said you name on the news, he was crushed. He cried every night, not leaving you side. Sehun and Suho was forced to leave you when you got sick. He was sad and prayed for you. Please let us help you. We will help you learn to walk and talk without you hearing yourself.


I looked up at him with wet eyes before looking around on them. I nodded slightly at them before stopping my eyes on Sehun. I gave him a little smile before giving my left hand to kai. I wanted to get love and feelings back in my life but I was not sure this was the right way to go. He got a big smile on his lips and it showed his white teeth’s. Together we got me over in the wheelchair. I still had the hospital pants and shirt on but I had a blanket over my legs to keep me warm. Kai was the one to push me around. Suho pushed himself on in the front and stopped us from getting further. His lips moved before they all started to walk past us. I started to panic but kai’s hands wrapped around my neck before placing his head-on top of mine. I smiled before laughing a little. The other boys looked back before waving at me. I waved back, but I was still in panic. Why did they leave me? Kai let a little note slip down on my lap.


 - There are some fangirls in the front, so the others are going down to the car, and we are going another way, to another car.


I tried to look back at him to give him a nod, but he started to turn me to the left and driving down another hallway. I closed my eyes, and tried to trust him. But I failed. I wanted Suho to be here. I started to feel my eyes getting wet and my throat getting dry. Kai stopped the wheelchair before walking up, in front of me. He squatted so we were on the same height, pulling my chin up. I looked at him, with red eyes. He looked nerves while he was finding his phone from his pocket to call. Who? I didn’t know. His thumb caught one falling tear before looking past me. I looked back as far as I could and saw Suho running down towards us. I smiled hopeful to him before he switched place with Kai. Suho smiled to me before rolling us away from Kai. He turned me towards an elevator that we entered. He stood by my side, and I took his right hand in my left. He looked down at me and gently stroking my hair with his left hand. It looked like he laughed before going behind me, pushing me out of the elevator, into the parking garage and towards a black vane. The back door opened and Sehun stepped out. Behind him Lay’s head appeared. They were both smiling. I looked at Sehun, trying my best to forgive him. But he had to prove he would be here for me, not leaving me again. He had been the happiness in my life, he had been the one that gave me a reason to live when I lost my mother. When he left, I was unhappy and it began to be hard with my father. He began to drink every day, not taking care of me. I was frustrated and dropped out of high school to take care of my life. My father was disappointed with me, hating my decision. He began to be violent against me, hitting me every time I didn’t do what he wanted me to. I was in prison, in my own home. I got ripped out of my thoughts when Sehun squatted in front of me. He gently took his hands up to my head, holding my cheeks with his hands. He gave me a big smile, before forming the words as careful as possible ‘Thank you’ I laughed a little before nodding at him. Sehun and Lay helped me into the car and they folded the wheelchair, putting it in the back. The car started and we drove off. A note was laid in my lap.


 - Thank you, Baby Mi-Na. Saranghae <3


I looked at Sehun by my side before I lied my head on his shoulder. He was warm. I closed my eyes, not to think. I was tired, I had used all my energy for the day. It wasn’t for long, before I was gone.

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