The Thirteenth attempt.

Ghouls live among us, the same as humans in every way. Apart from their craving... For human flesh.

Before you read:


6. ~six~

"Sir..." Amon sighed, as the three walked to the meeting room with a purpose. "A sudden visitor from the main office? Who is it?" 

"The commanding investigator of the 11th ward special task force." Shinohara replied with a monotone sounding voice and a nervous look about himself.

"The commanding investigator?" Amon groaned, he'd never liked that man.

"Is he a big shot~?" Butted in Juzo.

"Oh for sure," Shinohara nodded, "So don't bite him." 

"Okay~!" Juzo grinned, "So all I can't do is bite him~?"

"Among other things!" Shinohara argued, opening the door to the meeting room with a sigh. "Hello... We're here."

"Yo, been waiting for you Shinohara. Heh heh." Itsuki Marude was an ugly looking man with grey streaked dark hair, and a wrinkled face. He smirked when the odd three arrived.

"Well you seem awfully happy, Maru. Wasn't sure why you called me at first..." Shinohara rubbed the back of his head, greeting the slightly older man. 

"Of course! I'm in charge of the operation! It's a huge opportunity for me! How can I not be happy?!" Marude spat when he spoke, which he did very loudly, "If this goes well becoming an executive officer is a real possibility! Hurray for me!" He laughed, turning to Amon. "Hey Amon! You're big as always. It's been a long time... I'm sorry about Mado." Marude patted Amon's shoulder heavily.

"Thank you sir..." Amon nodded.

"Just don't end up the same way he did..." Marude grinned evilly, "don't get too caught up in playing with those quinque toys, all right?"

Amon's fist clenched at the word toys and Marude twisted around quickly, glaring at Juzo with a look of disgust. "And... That a girl?"

Juzo's head tilted at the comment as Shinohara leaned over to speak into Marude's ear quietly. "He's that... You know? He's suzuya."

Juzo seemed distracted, but heard his name and grimaced, "Hello." Was the only word he muttered to Marude.

"Oh, it's you. The guy general chairman Washu personally recommended for the commission. The complete opposite type of Arima... Hah, I wonder what the chairman was thinking!"

"Maru, I wouldn't bad mouth the Washu family here." Shinohara groaned as Marude tutted.

"I'd never say it in public, I'd be squashed. But man," He smirked at Juzo, "He's awfully scrawny. He really have balls?! Ha ha ha!"

Amon made a sharp intake of breath as Shinohara gasped, putting out a protective arm in front of Juzo, "Maru, don't mind Suzuya too much..." He shook his head before muttering, "Please.... Please do not bite him..."

Amon's face resembled 'Crap, he better not bite him.' All over it, as he sighed, looking at Juzo.

Juzo stared at the floor a little way in front of him with his eyes wide and a small, creepy smile on his face as Shinohara smiled nervously, "Phew..." 'What was that look...?' Amon thought, but shrugged it off as Shinohara questioned.

"So anyway! What brought you here?" 

"Huh? What else!" Marude grinned, "This is the biggest case in the history of me, I can't screw it up, I need my pieces. So you guys... Will be helping the 11th ward special task force."

"Huh?" Shinohara sighed,

"By the way, this is an order. You can't say no." Marude narrowed his eyes at Juzo, who was now gazing at the floor with a forlorn look.


"What is this 11th ward special task force member list!! Why are we assigned to the 20th ward?!" Seido whined, as he read the names on the list. "Sure, he did graduate at the head of the class, but... I'm confident in what I can do!"

"Watch yourself Takizawa." Hoji sighed, 

"BUT MR HOJI! I wanna fight too!"

"Allocating out forces to the 11th ward... Doesn't mean we can neglect the 20th ward. Special investigator Marude put some thought into this. He left us in charge of the twentieth ward. We should be proud of that."

Seido huffed with a sad face, "Juzo's only a rank three... Why am I always second fiddle...?" He muttered to himself.


"Mmm..." Shinohara hummed, "Look at all these investigators from the main office. He's not messing around... I can almost feel how much Maru is gambling on this. We'll be extremely thinned out around the 23rd ward. I'm a little worried..."

Amon skimmed the list with a sigh, "Juzo's the only rank three, huh..."

"Maru will use whatever's at his disposal, even an old lady." Shinohara laughed, "He must think Juzo could be useful." He nodded, "But man, there's a guy among our enemies that concerns me..."

"... Which guy?" Amon looked over Shinohara's shoulder at the papers, and files as Shinohara jabbed one of them. 

"This one. Thirteenth ward's Jason. If he gets you, you'll be thoroughly toyed with and thrown out like a rag... He's a sadistic bastard who kills not to feed, but for fun. He's one of the ghouls not even senior investigators want to come up against.." Shinohara sighed to himself.

"Without knowing their organisational structure... It's certain to be an uphill battle..." Amon shrugged.

"What a crappy assignment... Maru, that bastard... By the way, Amon, your quinque's broken isn't it?" Shinohara looked up at the younger man, with a sigh.

"Yes sir..."

"Be careful with it alright? It's all we've got left of Harima." He smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry... You're absolutely right."

"Harima... She was a good girl. She had a strong sense of justice and was so thoughtful. I remember when she used to bake us cookies... I-I'm gonna get teary-eyed, I'll stop." Shinohara smiled, getting up with a small sad laugh, "You can... Use Mado's quinques, so pick out whichever you want. I can't divulge everything in his will... But that was part of it..."

Amon's face turned sad at the mention of Mado and he gazed at the ceiling. "Don't break it this time." Shinohara chuckled.

"Yes sir...!" Amon snapped out of his gaze and blinked, "By the way, where's Suzuya...?"

"Mm...? Probably somewhere up high."


On the rooftop the only sound that could be heard was the quiet dinging of a small bell on a thin red thread, hanging from the small boy's wrist.

He was standing, balanced on the edge of a fence on the very very edge of the flat roof, in those slippers that he wore, it was no surprise that he could fall off and to his death at any moment. But he just giggled, not caring about the danger, hey, that was Juzo for you. 

"Hey Rei~! I hear there's lots of ghouls in the 11th ward~! Maybe I could get a new quinque! I can't wait~!" He seemed to laugh again as he wobbled, staring at the sky.

"You better behave... Or else Mom'll be angry with you again."

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