The Thirteenth attempt.

Ghouls live among us, the same as humans in every way. Apart from their craving... For human flesh.

Before you read:


7. ~SEVEN~

'Over a thousand members of the CCG and police have surrounded and are waiting to raid the 11th wars ghouls' strong hold. Nearby residents are being evacuated to designated locations by the police. The raid is being commanded by special investigator Itsuki Marude who also discovered the location. He spoke confidently about this large scale operation. "We will risk our lives to protect 99 percent of the citizens, but we'll need everybody's cooperation for the other 1 percent." We will regain peace in the 11th ward.'

It was three hours after the start of the operation and hardly anything had gone to plan. Men in hoods brandishing rifles were picking out the CCG's men from above, through the open balcony-like look-out points of the 11th ward ghoul hideout building. 

"Uh... Why are we being shot at?" Marude scowled, he had thought this operation would be easy, but every second was proving him wrong. 

"Because rifles were stolen from the CCG's 11th ward branch office..." Replied an investigator that looked to be in his late 30s. "That guy's amazing..." He nodded into his binoculars as another man was shot down from above.

Marude grabbed the man's face in agitation and shook him, "I'M ASKING WHY WE'RE BEIN' OUT-SHOT YOU IDIOT!!"

"They're using their kagune as shields too, but more than anything, there got scope."

"Tch." Marude hissed.

"That ex-mercenary ghoul huh...? Guess he'd never go hungry on a battlefield... He's a crack shot too, our forward line's struggling. He's unreal."

"So he must have taught the other ghouls how to shoot." Marude scowled again in disapproval, before continuing to observe with an angry look on his face.

A little way behind the others, there stood Amon, Shinohara and Juzo, surrounded by other CCG members chatting about the whole operation.

Shinohara and Amon stood tall with their arms crossed, waiting patiently with forlorn faces. Whilst a few steps in front of them Juzo half bent down, his left hand resting on his knee, his right hand up next to his face, the tips of his index finger and thumb together, making an 'O' shape for him to look through with a bored expression. 

"Why... Aren't we attacking~?" He questioned.

"We can't attack." Amon huffed, "they're using weapons taken from the 11th ward branch to pick us off from above."

Juzo moved back a few paces, jumping up with a goofy face and making a large hand gesture, "What if we go around back~?"

"It's too risky... We could be ambushed..." Amon shook his head, "besides, the other side is the ocean. The surrounding forest makes it difficult to flank them. Attacking from towers 1 and 2 in the front is the safest plan."

"And also..." Juzo huffed at his plan being brought down, "Why are we using guns against ghouls~?" Bullets don't penetrate kagune do they~?"

"Not normal lead bullets. The CCG uses kagune bullets. They're known as Q bullets. They have dissolved kagune mixed into them, it's effective against all four types of kagune. Using kagune bullets is to some degree an effective option... Strictly to some degree though..."

Juzo giggled, playing with the stitches on his middle finger, "Hmm... I didn't know about that~ you know so much Amon~!"

"It's only thinly coated." Shinohara butted in with a sigh, "Since the material can only be obtained from ghouls. In a one-on-one situation, the quinque is the best weapon, a long range quinque is much more effective that any Q bullet... Not having that tonight is our biggest drawback. If only Arima was here..."

Juzo turned to the older man, tilting his head and holding out his right hand. "Will my scorpion be effective~?" He asked, gesturing to his small specialised knife. 

"It should be... But don't use it against strong ghouls. You'll die." Shinohara looked down at the smaller boy, his arms still crossed. "If Jason or the bin brothers show up, avoid them."

"Okay...~" Juzo gave a small smirk, turning back to look up at Amon. "I'd like to see your quinque too, Amon. what kaku is it~?"

Amon sighed loudly, with a stern face. "... Kokaku."

"Amon's good with the heavy ones." Shinohara added with a small grin.

Juzo held out his hands like a beggar. "Can I borrow it~? (Can I have it actually~?)"

"No." Amon turned his back to the younger boy with a groan as another Middle Aged man came to join them.

"Shinohara." He huffed in a gruff voice.

"Iwaccho." (Iwao Kuroiwa, special investigator, 5'9)


"How's it going on the front?" Questioned Shinohara.

"It's a standstill. Marude's frustrated. We're trying to come up with a different route, although breaking through from the front would be the quickest way. Ghouls using human weapons, now that's funny. Our commander's screaming to bring in tanks."

Meanwhile, Juzo had become distracted, looking over at the trees and spotting a very flashy looking motorbike parked nearby, before turning back to Shinohara and tapping his arm.


"Mm? Yes Juzo?"

"Whose bike is that~?" He pointed to the bike a few feet away.

"Oh that?" Shinohara chuckled, glancing over. "That's Marude's, he drives it even to crime scenes, to show it off."

Juzo went silent in thought after hearing that, staring at the bike an looking around.

On the front line Mr Marude had become extremely impatient. He turned to an officer with a rifle and snatched it away. "GIVE THAT TO ME!!" He took a shot that instantly killed one of the snipers before hissing and flailing his arms around, screaming at the men on the front line. "WHERE'D YOU GUYS LEARN TO SHOOT?! KIDS IN THE ARCADE ARE BETTER AT THIS THAN YOU!! NOW HURRY UP AND GET RID OF THOSE SNIPERS!!!" 

He looked aside and saw that behind him was a familiar small, white-haired boy. (Typically, it's Juzo, it wouldn't be anyone else.) Juzo was making quiet 'oof' noises whilst struggling to move with the heavy bike, that he was trying to scoot into the right position. 

Marude smirked, "That looks exactly like my bike."

"Yeah, it's yours." Replied one of the men.

"Yeah right, I have my keys right here..." He shoved a hand into his deep coat pockets, rustling it around... only to find that his keys were gone. "W-wait... What's he doing with my bike...?"

Juzo finally got the bike into position and put his left arm high into the air, yelling. "COULD YOU PLEASE MOVE~?" He turned the small key, (which he had stolen whilst Marude was distracted.) and started up the bike with a giggle, putting his hands on the handlebars as Marude started to screech.

"NO... NO, NO! NO NO NO!!!! WAIT!!" Marude started to run towards the boy, but Juzo shot past him.

"I'm just borrowing it~!" He grinned at Marude's face and made a strangled noise as Marude grabbed onto the back of the bike furiously. "HEY!! LET GO OLD MAN~!!" He huffed, but started to laugh hysterically as he zoomed closer to the set of steps up to the building.

"JUZO?! What is he doing?!" Amon gasped, as Shinohara screeched:



Marude was now getting dragged along by the speed that the bike was going, "HE'S... THE...." and he yelled in anger as he let go, falling to the floor. "IDIOT!!!"

Juzo continued to pelt towards the steps, flying up them on the bike, getting to the top and flying through the air. "HERE WE... GO~!!!!" 

It happened almost in slow motion, and everyone stopped to stare at the boy in disbelief as the bike went soaring towards the snipers, who in a panic tried to shoot the boy, missing every time.

"He's not gonna make it!!"

"He will..."

At the last moment before Juzo would have actually fell to his death, he pushed off of the bike seat and pulled out a small gun filled with Q bullets, with a cry of: "GOOD EVENIN'!" And a face that said: 'Have fun in hell!' (That's basically the only way to describe the psycho face that he makes at this point in time.) he goes flying through the open balcony-like entrance like a blur.

He does a flip, shooting and slicing the snipers to shreds in a matter of seconds, as they screech out: "DEVOUR HIM!!!" But it's too late.

The CCG and police members all stand, staring at the building after it goes silent, all the echoes of gunshot and screams cease, and the silence almost disturbs them.

"You don't think..." Amon starts, but is cut off with a sharp shake of Shinohara's head. It was clear that they were all thinking the exact same thing.

But as a small hand, brandishing multiple severed heads came popping up from over the edge banister, all doubts were put aside. Juzo stood there with his most innocent and childish grin yet. Covered in blood, holding bloodied heads and limbs, that contrasted with his pleased expression.

In that one moment the whole army below shivered in horror at the boy's happiness, but were shocked out of it when Marude started screaming at them to go.

The motorbike lay in pieces on the harsh ground and Amon and Shinohara ran past it as they entered the building. The one thing going through everyone's mind at this moment in time? 'Juzo... That crazy bastard...'

But in the blink of an eye, Juzo was gone from the open balcony and had trekked to god only knows where.

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