The Thirteenth attempt.

Ghouls live among us, the same as humans in every way. Apart from their craving... For human flesh.

Before you read:


4. ~four~

Amon arrived at work early a few days later, but a familiar being had for once, beaten him to it. Suzuya sat at the head of the table, the whole tabletop covered in bits and pieces such as a whole packet of chips, a huge bottle of soda, a couple of cake bars, a bottle of water, needles and thread. He laughed and stuck out his arms and legs excitedly, why was he still, only wearing slippers on his feet?!

"Good... Good... Good... GOOD MORNING~~~!!" 

"Good morning to you too, but... Suzuya-"

"-I was the first one here~!" The young boy yelled, sticking up his hand in victory.

Amon sighed in reply, "What is that you're wearing? It's not appropriate."

Suzuya tilted his head innocently, unwrapping a cake bar and nibbling on it, Leaving crumbs on his face. "Huh...? What's wrong with it, rank one investigator Amon..?"

"IT'S HARDER TO FIND WHAT ISN'T WRONG WITH IT!" Amon yelled angrily, startling the young boy so much that he dropped his half-eaten food. "BUTTON YOUR SHIRT ALL THE WAY! WHERE IS YOUR TIE?! WEAR PANTS THAT COVER YOUR ANKLES! AND NO EATING IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM!"

The elder man took a moment to regain himself whilst the younger one blinked innocently. 

"And also... Are those suture marks? It's been bothering me... You don't look hurt as far as I can tell..."

Suzuya held out his arm and shook it gently. "Oh these~? These are body stitches."

"Body sti... What is that?" Amon questioned as Suzuya took out a bobbin loaded in red thread. 

"Like string piercings. A body modification freak friend taught me. It's actually secretly popular. You wanna see how it's done~?" He pulled out a needle and threaded the cotton through the hole gently. "See... You go like this." He pushed the needle in and under the top few layers of the skin on the inside of his wrist, and Amon's face fell cold. "You just prick yourself with a sterilised needle." He then pulled the thread through and continued with different colours.

Amon stuck out a hand. "S-stop..."

"It's pretty if you use coloured strings. You only need a thread and needle so it's easy~!" He giggled, seeming very pleased as he continued to stitch a flower into his wrist. "Look, it's done. A flower... Watch. I don't like it so I'm taking it out~!" He then snatched up a pair of scissors and snipped away at the flower with a swift and continuous snapping noise.

Amon couldn't help but thing oddly about him, the assault on the officer the other day and now this... He's crazy. He's not normal. Suzuya began to pull out the little pieces of cotton from his wrist, concentrating on it hard. After what he did... I don't understand how it was simply settled with a compensatory payment and an apology... Does he have some kind of benefactor...?

"Good morning." Came the greeting from Seido as he walked into the main room, dressed smartly in a suit and tie. 

The greeting from Amon was a polite: 

"Morning Seido." 

Which contrasted heavily with Suzuya's: 


Seido huffed, "Juzo... Clean up that mess. This is a conference room!" He flashed a stern expression and the young boy, who... Didn't seem at all bothered, and just continued to take a bite from a chocolate bar, ignoring Seido's command.

Seido's face turned from irritated to completely pissed off in a matter of seconds as he snatched the food from Juzo's hand, shouting. "DON'T IGNORE ME! I'M OLDER THAN YOU!" 

As usual, Suzuya jumped at the shouting, before turning on Seido. He stuck his two middle fingers straight into the elder boy's nose and and gripped onto the inside tightly, whilst Seido made a startled squealing noise, before yelling out in pain.

It took a while, but Amon finally stopped the two from severely injuring one another, but left Seido with a heavy nose bleed and Juzo with an innocent look that said 'That told him.' All over it, and made you.. Kind of want to slap him. 

The three were joined a few minutes later by Shinohara and his assistant Kosuke Hoji (Hoji for short), and Seido got looked up a down by them both. "Okay, let's start the meeting. Mm, something the matter Seido? Did you look at some nude pics?" Shinohara whispered as Seido shook his head, holding a hand to his gushing nose. 

"No sir..."

Later still, Hoji gave Seido a tissue, which Seido held to his nose to stem the blood, as the meeting began.

"The binge eater," Started Shinohara, "No sign for the past two months... No related cases whatsoever either... We've considered the possibility the binge eater has moved on and have since requested files from other branches. Juzo and I will continue on the case."

The young white-haired boy stood, with his hands on the table in front of him, yelling: "Yes, Sir~!" Before sitting back down, grinning.

"Even the gourmet who was so active... Has drastically dropped his number of feedings recently. After a half-month break... There was one feeding case three days ago awaiting examination." 

"What... Do they examine....?" Juzo questioned, standing up again with a puzzled expression.

"They analyse the evidence left behind at the scene and see if it matches the suspected ghoul. Bodily fluids, hair samples, kagune secretions... If there's enough date we can get an I.D. From footprints or even clothing fibre. The case three days ago lacked the usual colourfulness, but footprint no. 7 matches the Gourmet's. That's how we track them."

"Hmm... I see..." Juzo nodded childishly as Seido sighed irritably.

"You should know this already..." He said, but the noise was slightly muffled by the tissue still pressed to his nose.

"The investigation's fine and all. But Mr. Shinohara! I want a proper quinque~!!" Juzo waved around his small knife, the one that he almost got arrested for having a short while back.

"Well... Yours is made from a bikaku so it matches up well with the gourmet's Rinkaku." Argued Shinohara calmly.

"How It matches up doesn't matter with this little snippet, I mean c'mon." Mumbled Juzo in reply. "I'm gonna hold you to your promise to give me a new quinque if I kill the binge eater~!"

"Sure, sure..." Shinohara smiled nervously.

As soon as the meeting ended Juzo was out of the door in a flash, singing as he skipped down the corridor. "Binge eater~ binge eater~!"

Seido left with Hoji, who patted his back gently. "The bleeding stop?" 

"A little." Seido groaned, "Stupid Juzo." Hoji laughed in response as the two wandered away.

Shinohara sighed, standing with Amon as they both watched everybody leave.

"Is everything alright sir?" Asked Amon, being polite as always.

"The binge eater, eh...? Might already be... Dead." 

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