The Thirteenth attempt.

Ghouls live among us, the same as humans in every way. Apart from their craving... For human flesh.

Before you read:


5. ~five~

"... Hm... I'm just glad the stiffs are ghouls..." The police officer tapped his chin, humming.

Three dead bodies, all ghouls, all found a few days later. Shinohara was awkwardly attempting to talk to the police officer about the whole case... And damn, it was like he did this every day.

"If they were people... It woulda been a multination murder case."

"Yeah," Shinohara agreed with a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his head. "You're right! So glad it was a ghoul. We'll take it from here... You're up guys." He smiled a little before heading to the tent containing the bodies.... Or what... Remained of them. "How many of them were there anyway...? About... Two or three?"

He sighed, lowering the sheet, looking at the small white-haired boy crouched behind him with an innocent but guilty face. "Damn it Juzo."

"... Yes sir~?"

"Come riiiight here for a sec." He patted the ground next to him.

"Huh?" Juzo's face turned to a slight fear, "NO~!" He huffed.

Shinohara grabbed the smaller boy's wrist and dragged him into the tent with a small scowl. "The bodies of the ghouls that were discovered... They've been cut up into about 200 pieces. The incisions are clean. It was done with a kind of orderly methodology... It was you, wasn't it?"

Juzo's face turned into a cute frown, "Could you tell~?"

"I've seen your ways... More than I wanted to... During the 'whack-a-mole' underground. GHOUL COUNTER-MEASURES CLAUSE 2, ARTICLE THIRTEEN!!"

Juzo jumped a little before stuttering, "I-If they're eyes turn red they're ghouls...?"

"WRONG!! ZERO POINTS!! THAT'S ARTICLE TWELVE! Ghoul counter-measures article 13 is... About the investigators mind set in exterminating and capturing ghouls. Clause 1. Ghoul investigators must carry out their duties with the safety of citizens as their highest priority. AND CLAUSE 2!! THE INFLICTION OF UNNECESSARY PAIN AGAINST GHOULS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED." 

Juzo seemed hardly fazed by any of this, he tilted his head in some kind of day dream as Shinohara continued. "It's not because... They're ghouls but... Rather a matter of being humane. That's the point of it. Although... It's also a fact that that clause is the one most often violated."

Juzo stayed silent. "Also Juzo... You can ask for a quinque all you want, but if you keep ripping them up like this you're never going to get one." 

Juzo's face changed from the daze, to wide eyed and horrified, "WHAT?! I WON'T~!!!"

"Nope. I explained what quinques are made of right?"

"Yes sir~! They're made from dead ghouls~!"

"That's right. But that doesn't mean they're made from arms and legs. They're made from their kagunes. So you can't harm them to the point where they can't release their kagune."

Juzo sighed holding his head with that cute kinda stressy sad face. "The kagune is... That squirmy thing, right? I still don't know where that squirmy thing... Comes out from. Even aaaafter observing them."

Shinohara sighed, tapping his chin. "Should be common knowledge if you graduated from the academy... But I guess you where an exemption... ALL RIGHT!"

He put an arm around the much shorter boy, (Juzo is 5'2 and super skinny, Shinohara is 6'1 and average.) "This ex-instructed will give you a special lecture."

"I'm sleepy already." Was Juzo's blunt reply. 

"Then wake up!" He patted Juzo's back, "So what is a kagune anyway? Let's start here." 

Juzo stared at him, already bored as he continued, "A kagune is... Made up of RC cells that have been discharged outside the body. RC cells flow like blood, consider a kagune as liquid muscle."

"But if it's a muscle... Shouldn't it be soft~?" Juzo tilted his head.

"Imagine muscles with steel wires woven into them. A normal bullet can't penetrate it. Ghouls accumulate RC cells in their blood... By consuming humans, and the accumulated RC cells are sent to a sac known as the Kakuho, and stored there. RC cells that are stored in the Kakuho either consciously, or from mental agitation, break through the skin and are discharged. The discharged RC cells harden and soften repeatedly and oscillate at the will of their user. That is a kagune. By the way, a ghouls kakugan is an effect of RC cells as well. Quinques are devices that artificially generate kagune, by processing Kakuho and sending electronic signals to them, it'll keep working as long as the Kakuho is intact."

The both of them now crouched close to the ground, Juzo with his hands on the smooth granite beneath them, looking up at his tutor, with a face that said: 'I kind of understand... But....'

"Hm... So I need to get my hands on this Kakuho thing?" He questioned, tilting his head. 

"Exactly, and if you can distinguish the type of kagune, you'll have an idea of where the Kakuho is. For ukaku, which are RC cells that spread out like wings, it'll be around their shoulders. For kokaku which is a metallic kagune... It'll be below their shoulders! For Rinkaku which resembles a scaly abrasive tentacle/tentacles it's near their hips. And lastly for bikaku which stick out like a tail, it'll be near the tailbone. It'll be in one of those areas depending on their kagune, of course there are slight variances..."

Shinohara tailed off as he watched the smaller boy in confusion, Juzo had gotten up, and bent over so that his head was upside-down between his legs, he held a small knife in his right hand which he was holding up near his tailbone. "So this thing of mine... It's a bikaku... So it came out from around the butt~?"

"Possibly," Shinohara chuckled, as Juzo cartwheeled back to his original position in a crouch. 

"And... What type were bikaku good against again~? I remember you telling me before..." 

"That would be Rinkaku. Bikaku are well-rounded, matching up well against Rinkaku, which are more about brute strength. But it can be a bit complicated against the speed of Ukaku. It's well-balanced and easy to handle. So we recommend bikaku quinques to rookies."

"Hm..." Juzo tilted his head, "I want the stronger Rinkaku~!"

"The Rinkaku can be tricky... I guess you'd have to know the characteristics of kagune to know why."

"Yes~" Juzo nodded his head quickly as Shinohara took a deep breath.

"Ukaku are lightweight and characterised by their high-speed attacks. They're effective at both close and long ranges, likely resulting in a quick battle, but... The discharge of RC cells is rapid by nature so it lacks endurance. Therefore there's always a concern of running out of gas. Kokaku boast the greatest rigidity of any kagune, due to their dense concentration of RC cells. In exchange, they lack speed compared to other kagune, and they're difficult to handle due to it's weight. Rinkaku are characterised by their great regenerative power first and foremost, and the striking power comes from their unique surface is also a strength. However, the RC cells tendency to bond which gives them their regenerative power, means it's a weak bond at the same time. They're brittle compared to other kagunes. The one I recommend is the bikaku. It's well and truly balanced, it displays it's strength most at mid-range. It's above average both offensively and defensively, and it has speed. There are no obvious weaknesses, if I had to name one it would be it's lack of knockout punch." He looked over at the smaller boy to see if he understood.

"I don't quite... Get the tendency and weakness part of Rinkaku~"

"Hm... Let me put it this way, the RC cells are extremely fluid, this may not be the best comparison, but it's like Velcro. It sticks and comes apart easily."

"Oh~! I think I get it!" Juzo grinned, "So they all have their unique traits, (although I forgot most of them already~)"

"Be conscious of them in live combat and it'll become second nature. How they match up against one another is determined by the kakuho's location and the type of kagune. It's simple. In a nutshell, they match up well against the ones above them; and poorly against the ones above them. It's like having four moves in rock, paper, scissors. Ukaku with their speed and agility, dominate bikaku with their lack of knockout punch. Kokaku with their defence, can fend off the light attacks of an ukaku. Against kokaku and their lack of speed Rinkaku can unquestionably deliver a decisive blow. Rinkaku struggle most against bikaku for their lack of weaknesses, the 'one strike, one kill' type struggle most against cautious opponents. And so... It can be explained like that if you look at their characteristics. But to put it more simply, the RC cells secreted by each kagune type against kagune that match up poorly against them supposedly become an especially effective poison."

Juzo held his head in his hands, "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Hmm~?" 

"Don't understand?"

"Um... It's not that..." He replied, putting a finger to his lips and pouting, before getting up and making a large gesture. "Why is there a... Hierarchy within ghouls~? That seems so weird."

Shinohara sighed, "it's simple. Because kagunes are weapons to whin battles for territories." He nodded, looking at Juzo.

"They're designed to kill... Even their own kind."

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