Doctor Who: The Soldier and his General

Ross Jenkins, a soldier for UNIT, knew the Doctor was brilliant but he never knew how truly remarkable he was. After the Doctor had saved him from the Sontaran's attempt on both their lives, after trying to kill them with the ATMOS system build in the Military Jeep they had been driving in. Ross has been left smitten by the Doctor, despite the planet being in danger and the Doctor preoccupied with trying to save the earth, Ross still tries to make a pass on the Doctor.


1. lol

Ross stood up, brushing pieces of dust on his clothes, bewildered by the events that had just gone off before his own eyes. He looked to the Jeep, now a light, burning. He could not speak, he could barely move and his body trembled, Not normal behaviour for a Unit Soldier.

"Well that was close." Ross turns his attention to the Doctor, who smiles as he makes light of the situation.

"Too close." Ross replies to him, his face stern as he tries to understand how the Doctor is so calm after almost losing his life. "How are you smiling?"

"Muscles in the face, makes it easy. Child's play really." This time he gave Ross a wink as he continued to smile.

Ross felt a strange warmth around the Doctor, he found him funny and strangely reassuring. He had never felt this way about someone before other than his girlfriend. The Doctor threw his coat to Ross as he walked closer to the Jeep to inspect it. Ross catches the coat and whilst the Doctor wasn't looking, sniffed it slightly. It smelt good, the smell was a delight for his senses and he almost felt weak smelling it. He lowered the coat from his nose and gazed at the Doctor.

Ross kept replaying the word 'I am NOT Gay' in his head. And it was true, Ross had never found another man attractive, until now. Is it just the Doctor making him feel this way. Before the Doctor come back for his coat, Ross takes on last guilty sniff

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