But Grandieur, Shub Niggurath

Mythos poem.


1. 001

Though love had dreamt of soft eternities

For Sun and Moon pulses still to mate,

Those minutes of time fly by;

When on Cthulhu I contemplate.

Breast-nippled Shub-Niggurath in ease,

She said to me at midnight: "Memories

Are all we have in the end." Dagon, bitter-sweet

The doom that tolling bells of thought repeat -

This verity of Dragon Draconis Me

Wherein the sorrowful senses find despair

And the heart an iridescence fear

Filled with dark tears...

But grandieur, O Shub-Niggurath of the Black Woods,

That many a rose-lit eve remain to share,

And midnights in the unascended years,

And the Starry Wisdom unbegotten still.

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