The Crystal Globe | NaNoWriMo 2016|

"I need your help," Crow sighed, still dirty and bloody from the final chapter of the story Natalia had written.

She had opened the door expecting pizza, but was greeted by the protagonist of her novel instead. "I-I don't understand, you're not real!"

"I supposed you're the author? Thanks for leaving that part of our world's knowledge out of the book by the way," Crow replied, making herself welcome and throwing a copy of Natalia's book onto the table.

"Okay," Natalia sighed, trying to come to terms with what she was seeing and hearing. "So assuming I haven't fallen asleep and aren't currently dreaming this up, what do you need my help with?"

"Well you see, when you brought me to this world, you also brought everyone else."


"Meaning the villains came too. Dove is here."

|A NaNoWriMo 2016 Novel|


3. Chapter 2

"So, any idea where to start?" Natalia asked, locking the door to her apartment. 

"Well, are there any places that inspired you to create Raven?" Crow replied, following Natalia as she made her way out of the building. 

"There is this one place that I always thought she would go if she were real," Natalia explained. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"You created us, so the things that inspired you, the things you associate us with. Those things make all the difference," Crow told her. "It's like this, do you have one place where you just feel you're supposed to be? Somewhere you just feel at home?"

"So you think Raven might be sitting in a classy cafe somewhere?" Natalia asked. "I'm pretty sure that's what The Raven is anyways."

"Oh lord," Crow laughed. "Don't tell me I was named after something called The Crow!"

"No," Natalia smiled. "You were inspired by Raven. I thought of her first, but I thought she needed an older sister and that's where you came from. That's probably why you two are so close."

"Huh, anything else?" Crow asked, as they walked down the street.

"Yeah, actually," Natalia explained. "Robin Hood. I'd always wanted to write a Robin Hood type character. I was always fascinated with how he stole from the rich and gave too the poor, it was amazing how he could always get away from the king and win in the end."

"Really? I take it that's were the whole bandit-turned-hero thing came from?" Crow joked as she looked around the street for anything that could lead them to Raven. "And my sister was inspired by a cafe? How did that work?"

"I'm not really sure, it just seemed like such a nice place and I just remember wondering, what if it's called The Raven because the owner's name is Raven?" The author went on. "Slowly, I got a general idea of what Raven would be like as a person, and I just needed a story to put her in. Then I came up with you and the whole story just sort of developed from there."

"That's pretty interesting," Crow replied. "Are we close? I'd like to find her as soon as possible."

"Yeah, I think so...I think we just have to turn on Ottawa street..." Natalia trailed off, looking around before turning a corner, almost losing Crow in the crowd.

"Is that it?" Crow asked when she had caught up to her friend. 

She was pointing to a blue and black cafe, that was small and only had a few people that could be seen inside through the large windows. A sign above the wooden doors read 'The Raven' in a golden, elegant, font and a large raven was painted to appear perched on the 'T'. 

"Yes! That's it!" Natalia told her excitedly, rushing across the street to the cafe.

Crow ran after her and soon they were bursting through the doors. It was a wooden room filled with small, black, tables and matching plush chairs surrounded by potted, decorative branches with fake raven's perched on top. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods spread throughout the room from a tall, wooden counter at the back of the room where the baristas and cashiers were at work, making coffees and taking orders.

"Do you see her anywhere?" Natalia asked, scanning the room for any sign of Raven.

"No, is there another room we can check?" Crow replied, eyes darting around the room.

"I can check the bathroom," Natalia said, as she pulled a wallet out of her back pocket. "In the meantime, you try to look normal. Buy yourself a coffee or something. I think you'll be a fan of brownies if they have any."

Crow nodded, taking the wallet and walking up to the counter. Natalia watched as she quickly became mystified with the many menu options for both food and beverages. Turning away from the entertaining sight, Natalia made her way to the bathroom to look for Raven. 

She walked inside, turned on the sink and splashed cold water on her face. How could this be happening? Her character's were real and here. Dove could try to rule the world. She made this character's up, how could they possibly be real? The shock was taking it's toll on Natalia, she could see bags under her eyes when she looked in the mirror.

Sighing, she decided to get back to the task at hand. She couldn't see anyone outside the stalls, so she bent down to tie her shoes to allow herself to casually peak under the stalls. No one there. She cursed under her breath and stood up, turning to leave the room.

As she went to open the door, it was thrown open, nearly hitting her in the face. Crow ran into the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

"We have to leave. Now," Crow told her.

"What? Why?" Natalia asked, worried. "Did something happen?"

"Dove is here," Crow explained. "We have to find a way out of here. I don't have my bow and it doesn't sound like you know about your powers."

"I don't have powers!" Natalia replied. "People in this world don't have powers!"

"According to you I don't exist," Crow told her. "Trust me you have powers and either you have to figure them out in minutes or we have to leave."

"Okay, let's go," Natalia looked around. "That window might be big enough."

"Perfect," Crow stood under the window. "I'll give you a boost, ready?"

"I guess," Natalia climbed onto Crow's shoulders and opened the window before pulling herself out into an alley.

Crow landed beside her in a minute. "Uh, Nat, it looks like we have a problem."

"What is it?" She stopped short when she saw Dove blocking the way out of the alley.

Dove was a tall, slender woman with pale skin and platinum blonde hair tied up into an elegant updo. She wore a long, light pink, dress and pretty jewelry. Her ice blue eyes looked Natalia and Crow up and down and her full, red, lips curved into a smile.

"So you're our creator?" She chuckled. "I must admit, I thought you'd be...powerful."

"And she is!" Crow argued. "Now, unless you want to feel her wrath, I'd suggest you step aside, we have better things to be doing than dealing with a bad birdie like you."

"Oh please," Dove laughed. "Try me."

Crow turned to Natalia. "Go, climb that fence," She told her as she pulled out a knife. "Go back to your home, I'll find you once I've finished distracting her."

"I'm not leaving you," Natalia told her. "You and I both know you can't defeat her alone."

"I don't need to defeat her, only distract her," Crow spun the knife in her hand, as if to adjust herself to the new weapon. "Now go!"

A fireball flew past Natalia's face and hit the ground behind her, where it went out in a puddle. 

Dove cackled. "I'd keep your eyes on me loves."

"Go!" Crow told her, gesturing to the fence behind them.

Natalia didn't need telling twice. She ran, jumping onto the fence and climbing it as fast as she could, only stopping to get a look at the fight taking place behind her. Crow was dodging magical attacks left and right, landing kicks to Dove's arms and body when she could. She took off running again, and despite the weird looks she didn't stop until she had reached her apartment door. She had only just stopped shaking when Crow arrived.

"How are you doing?" She asked. "That was a hell of a thing to see."

"I think so," Natalia replied. "How are you? That fight looked intense."

"Pretty good considering everything. I think your sweater's trash and I've got a few mild burns, but other than that there's no damage done," Crow told her. 

"How did you get away?" Natalia asked.

"Some people from this world showed up, they confused Dove for some sort of royalty or something," Crow explained. "They started to crowd around her so I made my escape. There was no way she could see through those people, so I doubt she'll be coming after me any time soon."

Natalia laughed. "She does look a lot like Blake Lively."

"Who?" Crow asked. 

"A celebrity. She's pretty famous, so it's no wonder she developed such a crowd," Natalia explained.

"That makes sense," Crow replied. "It's getting dark, maybe we should start to think about rest for the night. We can resume our search in the morning."

"You can sleep on the couch, I'll go get some spare blankets and things," Natalia told her. "You know where my closet is, feel free to change into something to sleep in."

"Thank you," Crow replied, taking off to change.

Natalia hunted down the box of extra bedding and made the couch as bed-like as she could. When Crow came back to the living room, this time in black pajamas, their conversation resumed.

"Earlier you said I had powers," Natalia asked. "What did you mean by that?"

"So you really don't know?" Crow verified. "All writers, artists, anyone that creates things that didn't exist before, they all have a unique power."

"And what is that?" She asked, only half believing.

"This is gonna sound stupid, but they can create things," Crow chuckled. "In times of need, times of heavy emotion, they can create things. A writer under attack could create a sword if they focused. An artist could create food if on the brink of starvation, things like that."

"Then why don't they?" Natalia asked, now fully captivated. "Plenty of artists and writers have money troubles, if they can create whatever they need why don't they?"

"Because they don't believe," Crow told her. "Doing something like that requires powerful belief and a great deal of focus. Many are unable to do it do to lack of focus or believing in themselves, but with training it is possible."

"Can you help me? Maybe it will help to find Raven, or defeat Dove!" Natalia exclaimed, finally seeing a way out of her desperate situation.

"In time, perhaps I can," Crow told her. "Though I have never done anything like this before, so you'll have to bear with me on that."

"Okay," Natalia agreed. "When do we start?"

"Maybe in the morning," Crow told her. "You will need lots of rest in order to even hope to conjure anything out of thin air."

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