The Crystal Globe | NaNoWriMo 2016|

"I need your help," Crow sighed, still dirty and bloody from the final chapter of the story Natalia had written.

She had opened the door expecting pizza, but was greeted by the protagonist of her novel instead. "I-I don't understand, you're not real!"

"I supposed you're the author? Thanks for leaving that part of our world's knowledge out of the book by the way," Crow replied, making herself welcome and throwing a copy of Natalia's book onto the table.

"Okay," Natalia sighed, trying to come to terms with what she was seeing and hearing. "So assuming I haven't fallen asleep and aren't currently dreaming this up, what do you need my help with?"

"Well you see, when you brought me to this world, you also brought everyone else."


"Meaning the villains came too. Dove is here."

|A NaNoWriMo 2016 Novel|


2. Chapter 1

Natalia sighed as she placed the last box on top of the large stack sitting in her new apartment. She never knew quite how much stuff she owned until she had to pack it all away and now she would have to unpack it all again. Taking an elastic from around her wrist, Natalia tied her curly pink-red hair into a messy bun before grabbing a box labeled 'bedroom-trinkets' and moving to the back room to begin her boring task.

Sitting on the floor, she took the box and began to rip at the excessive layer of packing tape over the opening, swearing under her breath occasionally when she broke a fingernail. Giving up on that box after three broken nails, Natalia moved back to the front of the apartment and grabbed another box, this time labeled 'bedroom-clothes'. 

This box was already open, as Natalia had run out of packing tape and decided not to bother getting more as she had so few boxes left. Returning to the bedroom, Natalia began to pull out clothes, only to realize she had forgotten to grab the box of clothes hangers hangers. Sighing once more, she grabbed the hangers before walking back into the bedroom and emptying the box of clothes. 

Now beginning to get hungry, she walked out to where she had placed her phone and called a pizza place to get her dinner delivered. As she looked down at where she had placed her phone, she realized she had an exacto-knife there the whole time.

Picking up her knife, Natalia returned to the box of trinkets and quickly cut it open. She began to pull out academic awards from her days in school, as well as random figures and objects from her few travels. Finally, she came to the bottom of the box, where wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap, lay a small, crystal globe. It looked almost like one of those large, old globes in from her high school geography class, but it was much smaller and prettier. Natalia couldn't even remember where she bought the little thing, but she still felt a strange connection to the trinket, almost as if it had great sentimental value. 

Picking up the crystal globe, Natalia made to cross the room and place it on a shelf, but instead slipped on the empty clothes box and fell, knocking the globe to the floor where it shattered.

"Darn it," Natalia sighed, standing up and carefully making her way across the room in search of her broom. 

As she finished sweeping, there was a knock at her door. She threw out the shards of glass before leaving the room to open the door. However, when she opened the door, it wasn't the pizza she was expecting.

At the door stood a tall, thin, girl with steely grey eyes, and long, black, hair tied up and hidden under a black, crow feathered cap. Her thin form was covered in a dirty, black, leather tunic, leggings and boots. This was Crow, the protagonist of Natalia's latest novel. Natalia was unable to speak, how was this possible?

"Hey, can I come in? It's getting' a little cold, don't you think?" Crow asked, leaning forward and looking into the apartment.

"Y-yeah," Natalia replied, too shocked to register everything. She moved over allowing Crow into the house. 

"So did you intentionally break the globe or are you just clumsy?" Crow asked, looking around and flopping herself onto the couch. "Nice place by the way, should I take my boots off?"

Natalia shook her head, as if trying to rid herself of a pesky thought. "Don't bother. Listen, are you really here or is this a messed up dream?"

"I'm pretty sure I'm here," the girl replied, punching Natalia in the arm. "Did that feel real?"

"Ow! Yes that felt real!" Natalia snapped, then in a far away, dream like voice repeated. "That felt real...You're real..."

Crow was barely quick enough to catch her as she fainted.

Natalia's eyes slowly fluttered open. The first thing she noticed was the smell of pizza and her stomach rumbling. The second thing she noticed was that she was laying on the couch. When had she done that? Slowly, the memories of that afternoon came flooding back and she shot up. Looking around the room, Natalia saw Crow had eaten roughly half the pizza by herself.

"Oh, you're awake," she told her after swallowing a mouthful of food. "This stuff is amazing by the way, I have no clue what it is, but it was worth the pieces of paper the man demanded in return."

"It's pizza," Natalia explained, taking a slice for herself. "What where you saying earlier? Before I passed out I mean?"

"About the globe, you mean?" Crow asked, taking another bite. "You broke it right? That's how we got here."

"We?!" The girl nearly spat her pizza across the room. "There are more of you?"

"Not more of me specifically, but more people from my world. That happens when anyone in this world breaks crystal globes," Crow explained. "Unfortunate, we all seem to appear in separate places."

"How do you know that?" Natalia asked.

"If we appeared in the same place don't you think Raven would be here too?" Crow asked. 

Natalia remembered writing about Raven, Crow's younger sister. Ever since their parents had died, the girls went every where together and couldn't bare to be apart from each other for long.

"That's true," Natalia nodded. "But how did you find me? How did you know to come here?"

"Oh, well I sort of appeared outside this building and when I walked inside I saw my face on a book. Obviously I picked it up and took a look at it, then some lady told me that the writer lived upstairs in room six-ninety-eight, so that's where I went," Crow explained. "That is you, right? Natalia Jackson?"

"Yeah, that's me," The girl replied. "Do you think Raven will know to get here?"

"I don't know. How many copies of your book are there in the world? And how big is this place called Toronto? The book said you live there," Crow asked.

Natalia laughed. "Only a couple hundred, and Toronto's huge. We'll have to go looking for her, do you have any idea where she might have ended up?"

"I'm not sure, hopefully close by," Crow told her. "After all, we only have so much time to get to her before things start to go down hill."

"What do you mean?" Natalia asked, suddenly concerned.

"Raven and I weren't the only ones to get transported to this world," Crow explained. "Everyone else came too."


"Meaning Dove is here as well."

Natalia gasped. Dove was the villain in her novel, and her coming to the real world couldn't possibly end well. Not without some type of interference. Suddenly, she had an alarming thought.

"What if I was planning on writing a sequel?" She asked hesitantly. "With a bigger, badder villain than Dove?"

"Then I would say we're in for double, maybe even triple trouble," Crow replied. "We defiantly have to find Raven quick."

"What if Dove or my other villain find us first?" Natalia asked, worried about her fictional character's for the first time.

"You can answer that better than I can," Crow explained. "To write them effectively you have to get in their head, know what they would do in any situation."

Natalia shuddered.

"That bad, huh?" Crow asked. "Yeah, we've got to find Raven. She could be anywhere."

"Well, first things first," She stood up. "We have to get you into some different clothes, people don't walk around like that anymore, not in this world anyway."

"Well it's not exactly like I have clothes from every world I can just wear whenever it suits me," Crow replied sarcastically. 

"Well come on then, I'll get you some of my clothes," Natalia lead her to the bedroom and opened the closet. "Wear anything from in here. I'll be in the living room finishing that pizza, just come on out when you're done changing."

Crow looked the closet up and down, trying to find something that resembled her idea of ladies clothing, seeing as she was currently wearing outlaw's clothing. After taking off her hat, she grabbed something black and pulled it off a hanger. It was a black, woolen sweater that would hang a little past her hips when put on. She wasn't sure if this was appropriate clothing, but replaced her tunic with the sweater anyway. At least she would be warm. Next, she pulled something else off a hanger, and it unfolded as it fell into her arms. It was a pair of black leggings. She would most likely still look like an outlaw, but at least she knew what these were. Finally she took off her boots and socks, and replaced them with a pair of black flats she found at the bottom of the closet. They looked to easy to fall off in her opinion, but they was more appealing then the heels beside them. 

She took her long hair out of it's tight bun, allowing her hair to fall down to her elbows. Giving her newly released hair a light shake, she walked back out into the room, following the scent of pizza and tea.

"You said it was cold out, so I thought I'd make you some tea since I don't have any hot chocolate at the moment," Natalia told her. "Nice choice by the way, it's very you."

"Thanks," Crow awkwardly sat down and took the tea in her hands. "Do I still look like an outlaw?" 

"We don't call them that anymore, their criminals now. They all look like normal people, women don't all wear skirts and frills anymore," Natalia laughed. "Though, I do have a dress or two if you'd like."

"No thank you!" Crow laughed. "Though I'm sure you could get Raven into one when we find her, she keeps saying she misses all that stuff."

"We'll find her after we finish our tea and I tell you a little bit about this world," Natalia suggested. "So you don't freak out when you see TV's in store windows."

"Alright, but what's a TV?"

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