The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


16. Work Harder

          "We have just landed. Enjoy your stay and get some sun," The pilot of the plane said into the plane's intercom. Most of the ride had been in in a peaceful quietness that they both didn't like. Cody and Hanna looked up at the same time to see that they were there. It looked as if this place had not been touched by human hands or human anything for that matter. But Hanna did see her sister here right away, she might not have seen her sister eyes here then but she could see her sister being here.

          Cody and Hanna made their way to the beaches first. If Hanna knew her sister good enough then her sister would more than likely be found trying to tan her white skin now. Of course, it wasn't going to work but she would try still. Hanna saw her first. "Alice?" She asked when they came up to her. She hadn't changed a day from 15. She looked 15 but Hanna and Cody both knew that she was not that young.

          "What can I help you-" Alice stopped as she turned her head to the voice that had just called her name. "It's you," Alice said breathlessly. Hanna was still frozen but Cody didn't seem to be. 

          "Have you two met before this?" He asked suspiscally. Hanna nodded her head once and so did Alice. Cody looked at them and sighed. "I believe Hanna that you're supposed to introduce us," Cody said in his little sarcastic voice. Hanna shot him a look telling him to shut it. 

          "Alice you haven't changed a day. Why is that? Oh wait don't answer. I already know. Who did this to you? I will track him down and end him. That is not going to save you thought. You will never be saved. I am so sorry about that night Alice. If I had known that would have happened-"

          "Shut up and be quiet!" Alice hissed at Hanna. " I will not accept your apologize. I will not stand to have you haunted by something that you couldn't have helped or know about. But I will tell you who did this. It might help but you're going to kill me anyway. I will not deny that but I am not going to be easy to caught when you try to kill me. My sire's name is Avner. He will want to meet-"

          "Alice, who are you talking to? Bring them in. I wish to see them." Hanna, Cody, and Alice flinched at the rough sound of his voice. Alice muttered a "yes master," and pulled them to follow her. Cody looked at Hanna and Hanna looked at Cody both asking the same question without words.

          All three of them were inside before they wanted to be. "So what do we have here?" Avner said looking up from his book. No one answered his question and they all felt like they should but couldn't at the same time. "Well? Is anyone going to answer the question?" He asked setting the book down on the table. Avner had only looked at Cody and Alice but had not seen Hanna. She snapped her fingers and clapped her hands. She ran around him yet he didn't seem to notice her. Hanna was confused by his not seeing her. 

          "What you have here is two Hunter's and a sister that you took and turned," Hanna spat in his face. It was then that he saw her. His eyes got round and big. "Have you heard the story? I think I told it to you once before," Avner whispered and sank to his knees in front of her.

          "You will never get rid of me. Not even if you kill me. I will always be watching over you in some way. Understand that Hanna. You can not kill me and hope that you never see me again. Alice tie him down," Avner said not taking his eyes off of Hanna. Hanna didn't even move and Cody was forced to move and get tied down in a chair. "Did you have that dream?" He asked. When Hanna blushed and tried to move away, Avner put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from moving. "You have had the dream. He was in it too. Did he have the same one?" Avner asked looking at Cody. 

          "What dream are you talking about, you ugly prick?" Cody spat at him. Avner went into Cody's head and got the dream out before he could have said anything about it.

          "Yes, he did have the dream. The story! Did I finish the story?" Avner asked himself and started to pace. Alice had come over to her Sire's side and Hanna's side.

          "Have you met him before? I didn't think that you would have let him live if you had met any vampire." Alie whispered into Hanna's ear. Hanna was about to slap her when Avner stopped right in front of her and stopped her hand with his. Holding onto her hand he looked at Alice and sad," Thank you, Alice. That will be all. Leave us please."

          When Alce had left the room Avner kissed the top of her hand and ran it down his chest. Hanna wanted to take her hand away or run in the other direction but something was telling her that she had to stay. "I am going to turn you some day, Hanna. You will love me for it. But you're going to hate me for it also," Avner whispered into her ear. Hanna shivered at his breath on her ear. When the only thing that Avner did was get closer to her she shivered more.


          "Careful what you think.

Careful how you act.

Careful how you fall.

And Careful how you sink.

I feel, I know, and I do what I please.

Don't move from me.

We stay here together forever.

Please do not you leave my side and I will not leave yours.

Don't wish my death and I will not wish yours.

Careful what you think, Careful what you do, Careful how you act around me and you.

I like you as much as you like me.

We need to be forever together so please don't kill me," Avner whispered into her ear softly.


          The simple thing about it was she was sleepy after hearing it. Something about it was different. It held a note in it that made you sleep. "Only few can not sleep after the first line of that. Only a few that can listen. I am one and you are one. We can listen to all we want to but never fall to slumber like your friend over there did," Avner whispered again.

          "What do you mean by that?" Hanna asked in a whispered tone. She felt him shiver as his breath had done to her. Hanna pulled away at that moment because she realized that she didn't feel like she was missing something anymore. 

         "You feel it now too, don't you? You don't feel like your missing something. You feel like your full again. I missed you, Hanna. I know that you missed me too. Don't try to lie about it. You have been having dreams and nightmares. You can't do anything without thinking about me or your family. I have reminded you of your family," Avner said and tried to pull her into a hug again.

          "No! No, I will not let you! You can't! You can't do that! You can't put my friend to sleep, be something that I kill, and something that I want, all at the same time! No, I will not allow it!" Hanna yelled and grabbed her stake to fight Avner to death. He didn't fight or even try to help it. It was like he wanted it.

          "Last words?" Hanna asked as she aimed the knife at his throat he smiled at her and kissed her one last time before he cut his own head off. Hanna sat down and cried until Cody woke up. She had to go and find her sister. She and Cody were here to find and kill her sister who was now a vampire.





          The last thing that Abner felt was Hanna silky lips against his own. He didn't feel the knife at his throat and didn't want to move. But something in Abner knew that she was going to have to remove him to know that he was going to come back for her. He had to die once again so he could save her. The last thing Abner saw was the blackness of space before he was opening his eyes once more. He was sure that he had never once been back in his own body. Abner was back in his own body with his head back on and uninjured. It felt good to be in his own body once again. He had wondered how many days, years, or months had gone by but his answer was mintues had gone by. He needed to find this Alice person and try to talk her out of whatever she was going to do to his Hanna. 


          Abner found Alice turning the Hunter's at the Hunter's Work Socitey building in Denver. This was not good. Hanna was going to come back and she was going to have lost everyhting that she loved once again. "Alice, you need to clam down and stop what your doing. Your going to hurt your sister again," Abner tried to reason with her.

          "Who are you and how do you know my name?" She spat at him. It was clear by the look in her eyes and her tone that she was high on blood and angry. Those two things mixed with a vampire that was never a good thing. High and angry never were good. If you had too much blood you became high. But if you were already angry when you got high on blood then you were not going to have a chance to talk to the person.

          "I am Abner. I know you because your sire was me for the past few weeks. I am sorry to say this but he is dead now. Most new ones never last long without someone. Please calm down. Your going to make Hanna mad at you more then she already is. She was first mad at herself because she let you get taken from home and then she was mad at you for being turned. And now she is mad at you and herself. Please you have to stop," Abner said to Alice. Alice was looking at him confused. 

            "You're lying. My sire is still alive. He was just getting tried of life. I had nothign to do with it. I don't care if Hanna is mad at me or mad at herself. She can't kill me. I am the only one that she has left. And I am going to kill her first and then I will kill her friend and than I will kill you because I don't like you talking about my sister like that," Alice screamed at him. It was clear that he was going to get now where. 

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