The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


13. Training Time

          "What do you want Cody? We finished that Emily case; we are on a break. I want to train up a little bit so go find someone else to bother," Hanna said as she was about to leave her room. She was going to go and train it was something that she needed to do. This was her seventh year here at the Hunter's Work school. She ran the place. She was a hard person but this was the real her. She had never had a run-in with a vampire that could change her life. Even if she had told herself over and over again that he was lying that she wasn't the one he was looking for. Something just didn't feel right about it. She felt like she was missing something all the time. And every time she thought what she was missing a little voice would come into her head telling her she has to find him. She has to find Abner. But she knows that he is already gone. Burned nothing about him was right.

          "Fine but don't work yourself too hard. I know that things for you have been a little hard but don't over work yourself, Hanna," Cody said and left her alone. Hanna was almost about to ask him not to go but knew that if he did go something bad was going to happen to her. He was right she had changed. She was very much over the Hunter thing but she still wanted to get her revenge on all of them. For what they had done to her family. It was how most of the people who became Hunters had joined them. But not all of the. Cody left the room and went to go for a walk and hang out in his room until she cooled down a little more. 

          Hanna pulled her long hair back from her face and into a ponytail. She looked around once more as the feeling of something's missing came back but she brushed it off like she had done for mouths now. Hanna walked down into the training grounds and started to stretch out her legs and arms before she did anything. But the whole time she was in the training area she was always thinking about her family and how she missed them. Hanna finished stretching and went to the track. She was going to run for a little bit. She looked down to see if she needed to retie her shoes again before she started running around the track. When they didn't need it she took off down the track.

          The whole time she was running she was thinking about Abner and her family. She thought of how her sister was in  her room that night, and how she being the older sister kept saying go to bed when she hadn't felt safe to be in her bedroom. Hanna's words kept replaying through her head. "I don't care, Alice. Just go back to bed and leave me alone," She had told her little sister. She didn't know why she had. She was always nice to her little sister but her sister had been becoming more and more of a teen and that said that Hanna had to become more grown up. So she did. She grew up in that moment by saying no to her little sister. 

          "But I can't Hanna. Something is in there. And I can't sleep with it watching me. It is scary and I am hearing sounds from that room. Hanna, please. If you will not come and check it out can I sleep in here?" Alice had asked her. Hanna looked at her little sister with sleep and angriness in her eyes. Her little sister Alice had just started crying when she hadn't answered. Alice had walked very slowly back to her room wiping her tears away as fast as they were coming. 

          Hanna had just gone back to sleep after that and nothing but the quietness of the night woke her up. She wasn't touched by anything but soft little noises as her little sister cried herself to sleep once again and then she heard nothing about it anymore. She had woken up in the morning with no sound no smell of anything cooking food. Hanna had stumbled out of her bedroom and slipped. It was then that she saw and heard that it was too quiet. She went to her mother's room to check and see if her mother was there. Hanna's mother was there but she was not alive. Hanna had run to her father to see if he was alive and he was not. Hanna had then had ran straight to her sister and nothing. No sister was in that room. She had even checked the closest. In her mind, that meant that Hanna sister had been taken. 

          Hanna had run to a phone and had called the police to have them come and see what they could do but the line was dead. Hanna then noticed that she hadn't heard her sister stop crying but had heard her sister moving as well. Her sister had been taken. That meant that her sister could very well still be alive. That had sent Hanna in motion. She had started to call everyone that her sister would have gone to with her mother's cell phone but no one knows where her sister might have gone.

          After Hanna had called the cops she sat down and cried. She had hoped that the cops would have come to see but what she got were Hunter's. They had called themselves Hunter's. "Who are you?" Hanna had asked as they walked in and looked at her mother and father. 

          "We are Hunter's. Now please let us do what we came here to do," They had asked her nicely. But she was crying. That was the last time she had cried. When the Hunter's had finished doing what they did they came to find her. Hanna was in her room surrounded by the things that she loved the most. "Did it bite you?" They had asked her. She looked at them with tears in her eyes. They gave her some ground when she had lost everything. One of them had shook his head and the other one stop getting tense. 

          "It's okay. We are here now. I want to take you back with us so we can get everything out of you. Okay? Does that sound good?" They had asked her. Hanna had nodded her head and they helped her up and out of her home. If she had known then that they would have burned it then she would have grabbed something to keep her mother's and father's memory on in her heart. But she didn't She watched them as they had burned the place down and walked back to her. They took her without a word and brought her here. She had been here every since that night. 

          "Hanna? Hanna are you okay? You have been running for an hour with tears streaming down your face. What's wrong?" Another Hunter came up to her. Hanna had thought that she was in here alone.

          "What? I am fine. Now leave me alone. I just needed to run for a while that is all. Go back and get a case or something," Hanna said coldly to the person that was walking with her. She was still on the track she noticed and made to get off of it. 

          "Okay. You're not fine if you think that I am a Hunter, Hanna. I am not a Hunter. I am a scout. I hunt them down see where they are going and send a Hunter like yourself after them. Did you forget that?" He said and put an arm around her shoulders. Hanna moved faster than she thought she could have. 






          Abner found himself in a new body, a new place, and a new person hanging over him calling him Avner. Well, he could hardly the last few months something in him was saying that he had to go along with it. He knew that this was Alice. 

          "Alice leave me alone," Avner muttered and pushed her away from him trying to go back to sleep.

          "But Avner, you said that you were going to take us out to go and hunt. I am hungry you look hungry. We both need to feed," Alice said making Avner realize that he was hungry, but it was a small pang of wanting to feed and need blood. He didn't know why but he was sure that he was not 555 years old anymore. Avner sighed and got out of bed not knowing that he was not wearing anything but boxers.

          "Leave me, Alice. I need to dress," He said and rubbed his eyes. Alice nodded and left the room fast. It was clear that this Alice had something for this person that Abner had taken the body of. They were going to go hunting and feed. But after that, he was going to tell her to go spend some time out in the sun. Vampires could do that. It helped them fit in more to have tan skin. Abner was going to stay in this room and find out more of who he had become. 


          After they had both been fed they went back to their little place by the sea. Abner was not at all sure where they were but he didn't really care at all. "Alice you go and do what you want to. I am going to stay in here. I will be listening to your every word that you say," Avner said to Alice she nodded and went out to the beach in her bathing suit. Abner sighed and tried to piece things together. He had just lost the few months of his very long life. Abner out of his whole life had only been to the ocean once. It had held him in such a trans that he stood looking at the sea until he was able to break eye contact and look around him. By the bodies that were around him he would have guessed that he had stood there for three days and a few police officers had been called. He moved from there and never had gone back to the ocean.It was good for him to never go back. 

          Abner still had to find out what had been going on with the Hunter's for the past few months. When he found it and went to the one that was found in Denver, Colorado and saw that the leader of them was Hanna. His Hanna. But that she hadn't been as up to everything as she used to be. It seemed that she stopped acting like herself right after she met him. Abner smiled at that news. 

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