The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


5. The Second Day of The Case

           "Hey? Hey, come on wake up! You've been asleep most of the morning! I know that Hunter's aren't morning people but your, not a night owl either," Cody said trying to dragging Hanna out of her bed. She growled low in her throat. Cody released her and looked at her like she was crazy as she rolled back into her bed, she pulled the blankets over her head. "Come on. I don't care if you don't want to get up. You have to get up and take this case. The faster that you get it done the faster you get to go back to bed," He said tempting her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. When she could see clearly she glared at him making him move away from her. She was not a morning person. Most vampires were not morning people either. But most vampires were night people. Meaning that they would mostly be found in the cites that never sleep.

          "Go away so I can get dressed Cody," Hanna growled at him and pushed him towards the door. Cody laughed slightly and left so she could go and get dressed. She smiled at him as she got dressed. As she was getting dressed she looked over at the window to see what time it was. Her eyes were wide as she saw that it was the afternoon. The sun was high in the sky and by now she was usually in the Mess Hall listening to what cases there were coming out and what one she would do. The cases that they yelled were the ones that more than likely took a week or so to finish. They were the ones that people would do because they wanted something better to do and longer than a day. The one-day cases wee easy for most Hunter's but the newer ones are advised to take the shorter ones because they don't take long and they are easy. Once they get down with the easy stuff than most of them go on to the harder stuff which is longer than a day. But sometimes you got the cocky ones who wanted to see what they could do before they went and did the easy stuff.

          She walked out of her room to see the hall empty. The first person that she was hoping to see waiting for her was Cody. He left without her. She was going to have to give him a run up on that but she would do that later. "Cody? Cody where are you? I can feel that you're here but I can't see you," She yelled at the empty air. She knew that he was close or even in this hallway. But that was proven right when he walked around the corner. He stopped in his tracks and look startled that she had gotten dressed so fast. 

          "Come one we have to go! They didn't have any special cases today so we will more than likely try again tomorrow when one comes in. But they have a case for us today. You look good today Hanna," Cody said excitedly as he made his way to her so they could go to the informat's office. Hanna smiled at him and was quiet as he talked about what type of case they could get that day.

          They made it to the office in a few minutes. Cody was talking excitedly about this and that. What she wanted him to do was be quiet and let her do the talking. "Cody? Cody will you please be quiet and let me talk to her. I want to see if we can't get something a little harder. I know that you like the harder cases because they get you and me to do more work," Hanna told Cody as he became quiet. 

          "Fine, Hanna. Fine. I want something harder to do anyway," He said as if it was not his choice at all. It wasn't like he has things to do in any cases that they did, he was the sidekick and Hanna the hero. She was supposed to be the one who was doing all the hard work and him just the backup. Really he didn't have a choice. But in his eyes, he looked all too happy to have more to do. When they walked into the office two other Hunters were already in and about to head out. Hanna smiled at them as they passed her and Cody. When they left Cody smiled as he heard them whispering about them still being there. 

          "Anything for us to do today? Something harder if possible," Hanna said as she sat down in the chair making herself more comfortable. The informat smiled and pulled up a small pile of files. They all said the same thing but about different people. 

          "I think that these are some that you might find fun to do. You don't have to bring them back alive. Dead would be best. And I have a feeling you might end up getting that case with Abner. Something just doesn't feel right about it," The informat said shivering slightly at her own words. 

          "Okay see you soon then," She said and closed her eyes to grab one of the ten files. The one she chose would be the one she would do with Cody. She opened her eyes the moment her fingers landed on one file. She picked it up and handed it to Cody. He looked happy to get it. He flipped it open and being to read the file. Hanna walked out of the room. 




          Abner opened his eyes at the sound of someone banging on the door and cursing him out. Abner looked around to see that he had fallen asleep thinking about what his hobby would be. Abner sleeping meant that he had not yet found something that he would do for fun. He had not thought of that word as something that he could do. But it was worth a try. Doing something fun? That was not what vampires would be able to say at this time. If they knew that they were being hunted by hunters. They would be trying to find a hole to hid in or lay low in. But Abner was smart. In his years he had found that hiding from them made them more and more insisted on trying to find them. They would send out more and more scouts if need be but they would find that person until they were dead or they had thought that someone else had gotten them. 

          "Open up!" Was yelled through the door. Abner got off of the couch that he had fallen asleep on and walked to the door. he had almost forgotten about the banging on the other side of the door. Being in his thoughts really made him forget about what was going to on.

          "Yes," Abner said as soon as he opened the door and caught the fist that would have punched him in the face if he had not watched out for it. It was the manager coming to check on him. Abner wondered why until he noticed the smell of another vampire on him.Abner cocked his head to said to look around him to try and see anything.

          "Shlorries 'boutsh shlat. I shidnt' think youres' golin' anshwer," The manager said in his slurred voice. It was clear that he had been drinking too much and was very close to the end of his life. " I shad a noishe chomplant and shlidnt' known for who. Do sa klow?" He asked spitting on Abner slightly. Abner wiped the spit off of his face and looked at the manager. It was very clear that he was drunk and high as well. Abner shook his head and tried to lead the way out of his little room. "Now jusht shold on theres' sirs'. What shlave ya been foin' in this shlittle' roosm that sha got yourshelvs?" The manager asked. It was just about as good as talking to no one at all. It was harder to understand him wen he was like this.

          "I have been thinking about what my hobby will be. I am in need of one if you're not going to keep me company," Abner said. He was hungry ut he was not going to go after someone drunk and high and the same time. That would be bad for him. The manager burst out laughing. "What? Do you think that what I have said was funny or I was joking?" Abner asked confused.

          "Naw. I just thin' that you ar' goin' 'bout' it wrong. Most peopl' dont' think 'bout findin' a hobby. Most think 'bout how their work goin'. Not you though. Ya look like ya've seen a lot of days without hope. Ya need some hope. Ya need some one to show ya wha' ta do. I will be prouds' ta do that for ya mister sir," The manager had said. Abner just started shaking his head. "Why the hell not?" He asked. 

          "You are drunk. You need to rest and spend a day off. I don't want someone hanging around me that like that. If you wish to hang around me I will wish that you make yourself a little more prestable," Abner said and made sure that was what happened when the manager walked out of his room.

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