The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


14. The Realization

          "Wake up, Hanna! This better not become a normal, thing for you!" Cody yelled breathlessly in her ear. Hanna's first though was that she was going to kill him. But then she realized that she had fallen asleep running. At least she can say she did her running for the month.

          "I'm up! I'm up! What do you want, Cody?" Hanna said making it seem that she didn't like Cody as a friend anymore. It wasn't nice no but she did like him as a friend. But he used to be her only brother. That thought made her look to see that she had stopped running and fallen down. Cody was coming to her aid. She blinked back tears.

          "Are you alright Hanna? You don't seem to be fine. Please tell me what's wrong? What did I do to make you hate me so much?" Cody asked Hanna coming to a stop beside her. She looked up at him and saw the big brother that she was used to having. She was holding back so many tears that if she didn't get to her room fast enough people were going to see her softer side and that was something that she wasn't going to have people see. Hanna jumped to her feet and went head first of her room. Cody knew what was happening so he cut her off as fast as he could and held her to the wall for this answers. 

          "If you don't let me go right now Cody, I am not only going to kill you but I am going to cry. If you don't want to see that or have that happen I will tell you once. Let me go to my room and leave me alone for a couple of hours," Hanna said through gritted teeth. Cody was so startled that his grip on her released in a second and Hanna ran down the hall as fast as she could to her room. It seemed that Cody was not going to follow her when she made it to her room without him being on her tail. 

          The moment Hanna's feet were on her carpet she slammed the door shut and slid down it with tears coming from her eyes. It wasn't normal for this to happen to her. She wasn't being her normal self and everyone seemed to see it. She knew that she was going to need to do something about this. She was going to have to go on more cases. She was going to have to find what she was missing in her life. 






          Abner felt a huge increase in his sadness at that moment. He looked around to try and see what had caused it. But he soon realized that his Hanna was sad. She was crying. He didn't know why and he couldn't find out. He did start to pace his room, though. Having someone that was connected to you felt weird. Abner thought that if he could feel her feelings then maybe she could feel his. He thought of something calm and a wave a calmness came over him washing the sadness way. With it, he sent the, though, "Please don't cry, Hanna. I am always with you. Please don't be sad. I am here for you. Hanna  when you see me again will you tell me what made you cry?" Abner asked in his thoughts. He knew that she wasn't going to answer but that she was confused which to him meant that she had gotten his thoughts. He was going to have to play around with this a little more.

          "Avner? Avner! Where are you?" Alice yelled. He looked up to see that he had moved away from where he was and had started to pace the house. Abner stopped pacing and stood still. "Oh, there you are Avner. What are you doing?" Alice asked him seeing that he was just standing up and not doing much. Abner shrugged and told her to go do something that he still wanted time alone. She looked a little scared at him but did as she was told.

          Abner went about trying to find out what had been happening while he was dead for the past few months. Abner had tried to kill himself a lot and he had always ended up with a new body and a new person. He somehow thought that he was never going to die. The people he takes over always do, though. Abner gets kicked out of the bodies when they are killed and his spirit roams for a little bit before it finds someone else to kick out of them and Abner gets to start again. Abner had always wondered why he gets some many chances with life but sooner or later he was going to have to die a real death. 

          Abner wished for death sometimes. But he also wished that he could be alive once again. Craved it sometimes. But he knew that it was never going to happen again for him. Someone choice him to be a vampire and someone choice for him not to die. 

          "Avner has been acting weird lately. Something about him has just been off," Abner heard the though coming from Alice. He didn't know that he could hear thoughts. This was something he had never been able to do before. He was going to explor that as well. 

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