The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


22. Question With No Answerers

          "Here you are, Hanna. Your food is- What are you doing? Get back in bed. You're supposed to be asleep and resting," Abner said and put the tray of food on the nearest flat surface. Hanna looked at him while she was running in place. 

          "What do you think I'm doing? I am running in place this is my resting," Hanna said testing how far he would go with her. Abner shook his head and pointed to the bed. He wasn't going to risk touching her until he was sure that she would be willing to turn. 

          "What is that look for?" Hanna asked as she went to the food and not the bed. Hanna knew that she was getting on Abner's nerves. 

         "What is it for? It is for you. You know that you're testing me. Why is it that you are testing me? Why do you feel l that you need to?" He asked. She wasn't going to answer him so she bent her head and opened her mouth to put the food in her mouth.

          It was clear that at that point them talking was out of the question. So Abner sat and watched her eat her food. Hanna was trying as long as she could have to not talk to him. But that meant having to slow down and eat it very slowly. That was something that Hanna could never do. 

          "Well. You know that we are going to talk, don't you?" Abner asked when she put her fork down. Hanna's head jerked up to the sound of his voice. She had almost forgotten that he was there with him being so quiet. She nodded her head slowly.

           "I don't want you to be training as you put it until your better. I don't care how you feel about it. You have to get better before I will feel better to let you train. Now before you lose you-" He stopped talking to grab a book that was about to hit his head from Hanna. Hanna was not taking this very well. She was getting very much to her breaking point. "Stop. Let us talk it out n-," He stopped again as he picked up Hanna to stop her from hurting him and herself. But that didn't work she kicked and scratched him up before he dropped her to let her do what she wanted. He had taken her closer to the bed, something he could tie her down to or hold her down. 

          Abner held down her hands and laid down on her legs to keep her from moving. It did work on making her stop moving but she was crying."What's wrong Hanna? Please talk to me. I want to know what is making you sad," Abner said to her making sure that they were both comfortable because he had a feeling that they were going to be there a while.

          "My only family is lost to me. My sister was turned, and my best friend was turned and both were killed. And now when I try to get it all out of my system you wouldn't let me," Hanna cried. 

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