The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


7. Going Back To The Base

          "Next would be back to the Informat's office," Hanna said again not looking happy about having to call about this kind of thing. 

          "Hello. You are talking to Nadia. How may I help you?" The informat said in a shaky voice filled with tears. Hanna was sure that she was crying right at that moment.

          "You are to go back to you family with the body of you brother when it gets there, do you understand?" Hanna said in her cold voice yet again. 

          "Thank you," Nadia said in a crying voice. She would have said more if the phone had not been hung up. The only thing that Hanna wanted to hear was something like that or yes. That was the end of her calls for now at least. Those were the only ones that she thought that she needed to do.

          Cody and Hanna were quiet for the rest of the hours that it took to get to Ireland. When they left the plane Cody and Hanna said at the same time, "Thank god. Why Ireland of all places to go?" They looked at each other and smiled. Hanna motioned him to move forward and they were off.


          "Okay, so where do we start to look here?" Cody asked as they got to Lake of Killarney. The thing that they had done the most of for the last ten hours sat and it was finally time to get up and do things. Hanna shrugged. She had no idea where to look first. 

          "Walk around the lake. I will meet you over there if we see a boat hurry up and search land. Then we will look at the boat. If we can not find her then we will have to have others come and help us search Ireland," Hanna said after she thought a little. Cody nodded and headed off one way and Hanna the other. 

          It took a while but they did find her. She was just walking the same way that they were walking. Cody and Hanna found her as she passed them but stopped dead in her tracks and started at them. They looked at her like she was insane and she walked on. 

          "Is that her?" Cody texted her. She had been walking around here in the daylight. Most Hunters knew that in some myths vampires could walk in the sunlight and in others they couldn't. Hanna nodded and smiled as she looked back at them.

          "So can you, like, come over, or something?" Hanna said acting. Cody put on the same act and grinned at her nodding. He put his arm around her waist and tugged her closer to him and started walking with her the way the vampire was walking. The moment she wasn't looking at them Hanna pulled out her stake and snuck up close to the vampire. Giving Cody a look that said get the focus off her he nodded and did so.

          Hanna looked at him as he started making choking sounds. Everyone looked at him and went over to help him. Hanna looked back at the vampire just to see that she was walking but a little faster now. Hanna walked faster as well and moving faster than her normal run she plunged her stake into her heart. She stopped and whipped around to see Hanna smiling at her. "Good. I got your eyes. Now listen to me. I am a Hunter and you are my kill. I will take care of you and then nothing will every be known about this. So say your very last goodbye. Draw your last breath you're dead," And Hanna chopped her head off. Cody stopped the moment it was done and Hanna got the stake out of the vampire. The stake helped make them stop moving and running. Cutting off their head was what working the best.

          "Sorry - It happens - some- times," Cody said acting like he had just gotten done choking. Hanna nodded and he moved to walk to her. People did look of course but Cody and Hanna didn't care they had the job done and it was time to go home. "Race yah!" Cody yelled and took off at a run. Hanna smiled and took off after him. She caught up with him just as they were out of the park. It hadn't taken them long to run the whole half of the park.




          When Abner had gotten home last night, his first thought was to cry because he missed his mother and father. His second thought was to look inside the notebook and see if he could draw. But he soon realized that he was tired after his long and failed try at making friends. Not close friends just friends so he didn't have to miss them when they were gone. Abner had gotten undressed and went into the shower. He was going to take a warm shower and hope that it made him a little warm. Being a vampire is always cold for him. He has not felt as much as he has before but he did still feel things. After Abner's shower, he laid down in his bed things what it would be like to not have to run from everything.


          Abner opened his eyes and found himself walking around a place that he had never seen before. It was a pretty place but not as pretty as the woman standing next to him. He felt her small arm move out of his and around his waist trying to be closer to him. He did the same thing to her as well. She wanted to be close to him and he wanted to be close to her. He didn't even know her name. He looked down to see that the woman standing next to him was a little smaller than he was. She had a beautiful head of red hair. And her skin was as pale as his was. She was wearing all black making her look even better in the form-fitting black leather that she was wearing. Abner could tell that she wasn't wearing any makeup and she looked beautiful by being herself. It was what he had wanted. 

         "What's your name again? I am afraid that your beauty has made me forget it," Abner said sweetly. He wasn't used to flirting but he could flirt if and when he wanted too. It was clear by the blush in her face that she liked the flirt as well.

          "Abner don't be so silly. I am hardly what anyone would call pretty. But my name is Hanna.Where are we going anyway?" She asked and trying to look back at the ground to avoid his eyes. But her eyes were locked with his. Abner's eyes were just marveling at the deep green that her eyes were. She was more than beautiful from normal standers. Abner was thinking how she didn't know that she was when he had stopped walking. "Abner is this where we are going? A burnt old home?" She asked him finally being able to drag her eyes away from his. Abner smiled and nodded his head. 

         "This was my last human home before I was turned. I thought that it would be nice to show you. Maybe we could look for something. Something that I would love to get from my mother. Something that she had loved dearly," Abner whispered hoping the wind picked it up and sent it to her. She nodded and removed her arm from his waist so that she could look for this thing.

         "What is it that we're looking for? I have to know before I go looking for it," Hanna teased him. Abner looked at her and smiled. It had been so long since he had smiled that he had thought that he could not have smiled. Something about her made him smile. He thought that maybe it was her willingness to help him even though he was not very clear.

         "A notebook. My mother locked it away a long time ago. it has a rose on the leather cover. It was a leather bound cover and I want to see wy her head was always in it. Do you mind if I paint you a picture in your head using words as to this home and what it used to be?" Abner asked. He wanted her to see the best parts of this home. He had liked it here but it was time to see if she would like his old and last human home. She nodded and dug through the pile of rubble, pushing and moving things to see if there was something under it. 

         "This home used to look like the perfect place to be. The whole thing was made from very little wood and a lot of stone. My father's father had thought to do that. He had made this house from the things around him. Th trees left this spot next to the rock so he had though to make it here. The front door and the roof were wood. The floors on the inside wood. And he had a fireplace. The stairs were over there and those were just the ones that lead up to the house itself. This house had eight stone pillars. Three holding the overhang up and 5 making the windows. Those were the only ones on the outside. This house used to be three stories high. It looked like it wasn't made here by human hands. It looked like it had just been built by mother nature herself," Abner stopped as he realized that Hanna had stopped trying to find this notebook with him and sat down next to him holding something. Abner had stood talking while she had looked and she had found it. She was so into his picture that when he stopped she just looked around as if she could see it around them. But it was then that Abner looked around also and the old home was built back up and standing right in front of them. He didn't dare go inide to see if that was right ethier.

          "Thank you for finding this. I would ave helped had I not been so into the story," Abner said and took the notebook just as the picture faded away from him. Even his lovely Hannaa was faded too. He wished that it wasn't so. 

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