The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


8. Abner

          "Hey have I seen you around here before?" Someone asked him. Abner knew that this person was a hunter that was after him. They knew what was what and who they were looking for. He was going to have to change things a little better. It was a guy. From what he got from his mind his name was Joe and Abner was who he was looking for. 

         "I don't know. I don't think that I have seen you around here. How about we take a walk and get to know each other a little better?" He said trying to make it sound flirty. This wasn't his kind of thing. It was not him to do this kind of thing and want to do so badly. He was going to get him away from his people and then kill him it was something that had to be done.

          "Sure," Joe said but Abner didn't miss the look over his shoulder to his partner. Abner looked at his partner as well and saw that he didn't look like it was a good idea. When he was born his mother and father told him to be warned. That he was someone wanted, and what did he do? He went and got himself turned by the person that wanted him. It was something only a dead man would do. He could inflict it upon this hunter if he wanted to but something didn't feel right about doing it to him. 

          "Come then I know a place we can talk," Abner said trying to calm him down. He got a smile out of the Hunter. A real smile out of him. Out of all the times that he had seen or met a hunter he had never gotten a real smile. Joe came with him willingly. What he didn't know was that Abner knew that his partner was following. 

          When Abner got rid of the hunter's friend he walked a little farther before he let on that he knew what Joe was. He smiles at joe flashing his fangs slightly. Joe got wide eyed when he saw the fangs and got his stake ready. "There is no need for you to do that. I promise not to hurt you. I don't like the idea of hurting others," Abner said putting his hand on Joe's shoulder. But when Joe reached for his arm Abner put out his hand on Joe's other hand as it reached his arm. From what he knew about Hunters this one was not going to live if he every got back with his partner. 

           "I know that you're a Hunter. I know that you're looking for me and I know that I am dead if your friend comes and finds us. So I will do this quick. I wasn't lying when I said that hurting people wasn't my thing. I don't like hurting others. But I do what I have to do," Abner said and snapped Joe's neck without thinking. Abner sat down and looked at what he had just done with sadness in his eyes. 

          He walked away from the dead body as fast as he could without acting like he did something. Once he was away from the body he went to his little home and changed clothing. He was going to have to change how he looked again. They were always looking for someone that looked a little like the picture but these Hunter's were good at seeing his kind even if they were a mile away. It seemed that whoever was training these new Hunter's was good at it. Not one of the other Hunter's that were from the last gention ago knew what they were looking for. All they knew is who to watch out for and if they run across them they kill them. That was that. Now it seemed to that were getting bolder and bolder by the year. 

          Abner was going to have to find the person that was in charge of them and hunt them down to kill every one of the Hunter's that they had trained. It seemed the best choice. But he would risk it. This person very well could be a vampire like him and try to kill everyone that way he or she could make a better race of vampires out of hunters. If that be the case he was going to get on that person's good side. But this person could very well be from the family that had hunted his down and killed them. 




          "Hanna? Hanna! Wake up!" Someone yelled at her. Hanna's eyes opened at the loud noise and she bolted upright and had her stake at the ready. Cody however, looked scared. Hanna then noticed that it was Cody who yelled her name. Hanna had just had a great dream. She could have done without the being a vampire part but it was really cool. She hadn't known that she was a vampire but she had felt that she was. So she was. 

          Hanna had just been in a dream and had met Abner and he had taken her to his old human home. Abner. The Abner that Joe had gone to see. The one that he had not come back from yet. By the dream, it was clear that Hanna liked this Abner. It was clear that Hanna liked Abner and Cody. She was never going to say that but it was true. She had felt something for Cody, her partner. Hanna was the only one that was still alive to remember the old way of things. The old way of things is one, you don't like something or someone you have to kill, number two, you never go for another hunter. It was a bad thing too. And it could get you kicked off of the Hunter's. Hanna had changed all of that. She had changed everything. If you're going to be a hunter then you have to feel something. Hanna had made it to where they don't feel sorry for what they are doing but their feelings don't get in the way of work. With the Hunter's being around death all the time they were also used to it. 

          "Hanna? Are you even listening to me? I think not because your eyes have glazed over," Cody said and took her stake from her. He shook her to get her out of her thoughts. Hanna grabbed his shoulders to keep from falling over when he had stopped his shaking. "Are you listening to me now?" Cody said in an almost shout. Hanna knew that he was mad at her. She just didn't know why he was mad at her.

           "Why are you mad at me? What have I done wrong to piss you off?" Hanna backed away from Cody to sit on her bed and make everything stop moving. Hanna saw that Cody's eye were no longer just looking at her face. His eyes were roaming over her. Hanna snapped her fingers. Cody looked at her and tried to talk.

          "I am going to get dressed. Get out of my room Cody," Hanna said already weary from the day. It was going to be hard if Cody kept doing this. It was not right for him. Cody knew that he shouldn't be feeling this way but he was feeling this way for his partner. Cody walked out of the room and walked around a bit. 

          "Cody what am I going to do with you?" Hanna asked herself as Cody left her room.  It was going to be hard but she was not going to let her feeling's for Cody get in the way of her work. Hanna got dressed in her normal clothing. Hanna didn't like the new stuff so every once and a while she would go and hunt some thrift store for some clothing. She had everything that she needed. 

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