The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


20. A Day Of Rest

          She had fallen asleep talking with him. Abner knew that she wouldn't be happy if he was here when she awoke but she would not be happy if he wasn't here with her. They needed each other. It was clear that they needed each other. Not only in life but they needed each other in death as well. 

        Abner was moving off of the bed to sit next to her until she woke up when she threw an arm over him. He stopped moving and looked at her arm over his stomach. She didn't want him to leave her in sleep. It proved more than anything that she and him were part of the old story that was told to him by his dying sire. It felt good for him that he was going to help her change things for better and if she went the wrong way for the worst. It wasn't going to be good if it was for worst because he didn't want to hurt things. But he couldn't tell her that she had made him a vampire a long time ago. She wouldn't believe him and she would run from him. If she knew that in her past life she was the one that made him into a vampire she would run from him. He was going to have to keep that bit of information to himself.

          He had no clue how long he had been sitting there thinking but he snapped out of it the moment her arms weight was moved off of his stomach. He looked at her to see that her eyes were open."What?" He asked innocently. She laughed at him trying to be innocent. 

          "What are you thinking about? You looked lost in thought for about an hour before I wanted to wake you up," Hanna said still laughing at him. He shrugged but she didn't let him get away that easy. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him back to lay on the bed. 

          "You're going to answer my question even if you don't want too," She threated in a whisper. Something about whispering set them both off. It was like something that they both liked. He wanted to say 'never' back to her but he couldn't find his voice. "Did you hear me? I said you're going to answer my question even if you don't want to," She said again whispering into his ear. 

          "I would stop whispering if I were you," He said back and pushed her back from him. Hanna went still and he didn't know why until he saw that he was holding her down with his legs and hands. It wasn't like this was the first time that had happened but it was the first time to happen with someone he really liked. "Sorry, but your whispering got to me," He whispered in her ear making her feel how he felt when she was doing it to him. 

          "Okay, now could we just talk about what you were speculating? I didn't overlook that," She said back trying to get him off. He got off of her willingly and sat next to her. 

          "You said this earlier before you fall asleep when I asked you what you were thinking about. I was thinking about you as well," He said honestly. If he wanted to get her to do good he was going to have to be good. "I have to go. I have not fed for a few days now and I need food. I am sorry but I must leave you now," He said patting her hand. 

          Her hand flipped in his as his was leaving her hand to get up and leave. Hanna gripped his hand harder than she would have, though. "You are not going to leave me here," She told him. He looked sad about it but he removed his hand from hers. 

          "Yes, I must go and get something to eat. It is important that I do so. I do not wish to die because I am not allowed to feed and be around you at the same time," He said when she reached for his hand, "I have to go. I can't be around people when I get too hungry. They might end up dead or worst. That is what happened to your sister. She wasn't allowed to feed and so she went insane with blood lust. Now I have to go before that happens to me," His last words was a whisper in Hanna's thoughts as he ran away from her. If he wasn't going to be here to watch her than she was going to train. 

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