The Hunters Work

A girl is the most fearsome hunter there can be. It just so happens they can also be the cutest to the things that they have to kill. It is part of their, charm. They lure something in and then they kill them without a second thought but this older Hunter is the hardest of them all. But with one thing. She is falling for someone that is undead. Well, she thinks that he is alive. But a closer look at him tells her otherwise. But she is also falling for another Hunter. The rules of a Hunter are very clear, 1 do not fall in love for something that is dead, 2 do not fall in love with another hunter, and 3 kill every vampire and work as hard as you can. Who is she going to choose?


9. A Bad Dream

         The Hunter's had gone home after that. But by his guess, they would be sending more his way. They were always doing that. Now though it was time for some sleep. Abner hadn't gotten a good night sleep for a while. He had been chasing this Hunter's around looking for a way to get them out of this place and change his look. Now that they were gone and he had already done the change of look thing it was time to sleep.


          Abner looked around for the first time since waking up to see that his father was looking at him and so was his mother. They were back in his old human home. He hadn't been there in so long he had almost forgotten what it looked like, but it was very clear that his sub mind had not forgotten a detail about his old human home. He smiled slightly to himself. It had been too long since he had last seen this place.

       "Ah good you're up. I have a few things to tell you now. I know that you will someday love me for telling this to you. But I think that it is about time that you know why we keep you around lock and key here. Why you can't have friends and why you can't be seen by anyone but us," His mother looked at his father telling him to continue for her. He looked regretful that he had to tell his son this but it was clear that it had to be said otherwise something bad was going to happen. 

         "I think that your old enough to know why we are always gone or moving from one place to the next," His father started, "But that means that you are always going to be in danger of others. We have been Hunted for a long time. This whole family has been hunted. People out there want us dead or on their side. We have to keep you safe if we can't be safe with you,"His father said fastly. It was something that his father didn't want to do but it was clear that his father had something over him. 

        "What do you mean? Who wants us dead? What happened to make them want you dead?" Abner asked his mother and father. They knew better than to keep this information from him. He had known that something bad was coming for them. If not him his mother and father. But he didn't know what it was. 

         "I mean that someone wants us killed. Someone doesn't want us around because of something that had happened. Something that had happened so long ago that I can't even remember it anymore," His mother answered him in a sweet sounding voice. Abner shook his head.

         "No! You know what it is. Tell me. I pray to god that I will keep your secret safe. Please tell me what you have done that has made you hated by very bad people," Abner said to his mother and father. They looked to each other. His mother had nodded her head and his father sighed.

         "If I tell you this. You will be in danger for the rest of your life. Do you really want to know?" His father asked him. To Abner, it wasn't a choice to be told. I was a death wish or breathing signing. Abner nodded his head slowly after he thought about it. "Okay then. You will be haunted by this like we have. We are Hunter's. We kill the things that you used to be afraid of. We kill the vampires. And before you call us crazy we are not. Have we ever lied to you son? No, we have not. So understand we are telling you the truth. But we didn't kill on of them right and they walked away. They have been hunting us from that night. We believe that they have found us once again and we have to go. We were just going to tell you this and go but now that you know more than we planned to tell you. Your life is in danger now as well. we must all go some place safe. We must train you up to be a worrier to help us fight them," His father told him. 

         "So you were going to leave me here? Without a word from you? And just hope that I live right through this battle that is happening right under my nose?" Abner asked them getting angry. When they nodded Abner ran a hand through his hair and sighed. 

         "We will come and get you when we feel it is safe too. I promise you that. But for right now sleep. You have earned a little break from the real life," His father said and waved a hand over his eyes. That was the last movement he had seen his father do. With his father's hand, his angry went away and his eyes drifted closed. He felt his mother kiss him on the head lightly than his father. He heard them slowly open and close the door behind them. Then they were gone and he was in sleep's hand being dragged from his thoughts.


             When Abner awoke in the real world his eye's were full of tears. He knew that dream by heart but it was always a bad thing to live through in his sleep. His mother and father had not been seen after that talk. They went missing and were found dead a few years later. It always broke his heart to have that dream but that dream meant that something big was going to happen to him. It could be bad or it could be good. 

          It was about time for him to get up and get doing things anyway. He got up from his death sleep and walked around his home a bit. But something still didn't feel like it was supposed to feel. He was supposed to feel better. But something was wrong. 

          "What is this feeling?" Abner muttered to himself. He looked around hoping the answer would jump out at him but it never did. He shrugged and thought that his dream was the reason why he wasn't feeling right. He got dressed in some normal looking clothes. He hated the normal clothing choice of this year. He didn't like it but it was still something that didn't make him stick out as much. His kind learns fast enough to know that if you don't act like your supposed to be there then people will know and you will get caught.

          Abner headed out to find his first meal of the night. He usually went for homeless or shelter people. but he did sometimes go for the people who wanted to cause harm to others. 







         Hanna woke up and she was in her old home. The one that she had burned down. Something about this dream didn't feel right it was like a test that she didn't know about. This was going to be interesting. Her house looked just like when her parents had not done anything. But this time in her dream she was the killer waiting for the best moment to attack. Her hunter instinct kicked in and all that she wanted to do was kill. She had this dream a lot. But it had seemed to die down after a while. The thing with it was that she had never been the killer before. Every Time in this dream she was the person to save the day and her mother and father never did live. And her sister was always taken from her. It was a bad feeling to have. You defeat the monster but it has already down its damage. 

         "But Hanna, please! It's in my room and I don't like it!" Hanna heard her sister Alice crying to her. Hanna wanted to smile at it. But she couldn't the only thing that was running through her head was that this Hanna person would be the best to turn. Her sister wasn't the best of people to turn.

         "Go away Alice. I am trying to sleep here. I have work tomorrow," Hanna had said to her little sister. It was clear that Hanna wasn't Hanna but someone else. Hanna had gone to sleep and woken up in front of her old house in the body of a vampire. Having dreams like this were not good. it was going to be bad if she thought of what was going to happen next. The vampire walked out of the closet when she knew that Alice and Hanna were both asleep. She went for Alice first but then stopped and went for the mother and father of them. She was going to kill the mother and father first and then Alice and take Hanna for herself.

         Something just didn't feel right about that, though. She was going to turn Hanna and kill Alice. That's not what happened. Alice was turned and Hanna left alone. Hanna had always wondered why but never thought to ask the question.When her mother and father were dead the next one was Hanna. She was going to turn Hanna then and kill Alice for her. She didn't get the chance to hurt Hanna.

         Hanna's body was out of her bed and walking to the door as if waiting to be killed. But her body and grabbed a knife. Hanna watched as her sleeping form killed the vampire, or tried to. Hanna went right back to bed with the knife held close to her chest as if a way to ward something off. Hanna didn't remember any of this. 


         Hanna shot out of her bed in the middle of the day. It was becoming habit that she sleep through breakfast. Hanna looked around to see that she was alone. She was going strigh to the Informats office. Hanna got dressed as fast as she could and tried to move like she wasn't an any rush. She reached the Informats office faster then she ever would have.

          "Yes Hanna? What may I do for you?" The informat asked. She looked at Hanna once and motioned for Hanna to sit down while she made some tea to calm her down.

          "Is there a blond hair vampire that is about 1560 years old; She was deep brown eyes and no gift at all? If so what is her name and where was she last seen?" Hanna asked drinking her tea to calm down. The Informat looked at her and sat down at her desk going through her files. When she nodded she handed over a file of what Hanna was looking for. "Thank you. For this and the tea," Hanna said raising the file up to sigle she was thanking her for that. Hanna finshed the tea and left the room. 

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