Truth Betold

Just ask yourself: What if Satan, The Devil, Lucifer wasn't who we really thought? Well not all of his story was true.


2. Mystery on the first day of School

Today is my first day of school. The people who are with me had signed me up for school. They didn't have a problem with me. They wanted a child, and they took me in with arms wide open. That and they are my aunt and uncle. My aunt was my mom's sister, and she didn't really get along with her family, so they shipped her of to boarding school, and thought she would learn how to love god, but she never did. My brother found her a few years before he left the house we were raised in. He goes to school here, too. Even though he lives with us. No one really seen him. My aunt and uncle gave us two options. Either let them know where you are going, or if you get in trouble, and they didn't know about you leaving you will spend your time in jail. So for Max's knowledge I'm still at mom and dad's. My aunt and uncle as want us to go to school, or our privileges will be taken away for awhile, and Aunt Mona can be one tough cookie. She wants to be a person people are scared of. We all are.

She passed me, my truck keys as I ran through the kitchen. I got in the truck, and put on my boots. I wasn't late for school. I just want to see my brother. I turned the Duramax on, and  headed to school. When I got there an hour early I was surprised to  see a lot of people. I got out, and fixed my jacket, and leggings. I'm naturally a person who gets cold, and I wear a lot of jackets. I grabbed my bag from the back of the truck, and headed to the doors to the school. I saw the office, and the secretary was talking to a girl who seem like she was a freshman. "I know you--" She stopped, and looked at me. "Oh hello. She asked the girl to sit down, and she moved me forward. "I'm Mrs. Broke. You are?"

"The new girl," I said. She nodded, and took me to the principal's office. She knocked at the door. You can hear movement.

The door opened, and there stood a man who looked like he was gonna kill someone. "Good morning sweetheart." I said, and Mrs. Broke chuckled. The guy rolled his eyes, and walked away. Then you could see the older man. The principal.

"Mr. Morningstar," Sweetheart stopped, and the principal began again. "This is Maxwell's sister. Will you show her around." Sweetheart looked at me, and waited. The principal handed me a folder. "This is a welcome gift." He closed his office door.

"Come on new kid," Sweetheart said.

I walked beside him, "So Sweetheart you know my brother."

"Luc," He said.

"What," I asked. He looked down to me.

"My name is Luc with a 'c' not a 'ke' don't forget it either," He said. "I can't have people think that we are dating, and yes I know your brother. We hang out a lot he's the only person I can tolerate."

I nodded, and walked backwards so I could get a good look at my brother's friend. "Nope, Sweetheart fits you better." I turned around, and saw Max talking to some girl. I ran and jumped on his back. I jumped off once the girls rolled their eyes, and walked away. 

"What the hell I was in my mo--" He paused when he saw me. He then gave me a hug. I was crying in his arms as he was mine. He pulled away. "Why are you here."

"I left told mom off, and she gave me up sort of," He looked at me. "Dad's episode have gotten worst after you left. I guess he liked you more than me. That, or I couldn't fight back."

"So you left," He asked. "Mom would give you up that easily when did you get here?"

"Last month," I told him. "You'd know that if you came home."

"It was the summer," He said. "I was partying. I'm coming home today."

"Dude can we get to class." Luc said.

"Sweetheart is getting mad again," Luc looked really mad. "I'm skilled at making people mad. That's why my mom swears I'm the offspring of "the devil"."

Luc coughed, and Max laughed. "Sounds like mom. Why the air quotes."

"I don't believe in God much less the Devil," I answered.

"Why don't you," Luc asked.

"I haven't seen any evidence of God," I told him. "The devil may have played part in my misery, but I think good and bad comes from peoples brains. I also don't see god helping doctors save people. It's the doctors doing. God is just something that helps people look towards death. Otherwise we'd all try to find away to stay alive for ever."

He looked dumbfounded, and I just shook my head. "Okay what are your classes," Max asked.

I lifted my paper to my eyesight, and looked at my schedule. The school we are at have eight classes that are each one hour and a half long.  All my classes were AP or fun classes. My mom made me take a test my freshman year that let me skip high school, and go to college. I told her that I didn't really want to go to college right away. Mostly because I didn't know what I want to do. I do now, but I want to be near my brother. 

My schedule was lit up with the two letters AP. 

Class 1- AP Lit 6:00- 7:30

Class 2- AP French 7:34- 9:00

Class 3- AP English 9:04- 10:30

Lunch- 10:30- 11:00

Class 4- Modern Choir 11:04-12:30

Class 5- AP Creative Writing 12:34- 2:00

Class 6- AP Biology 2:04-3:30

Class 7- Photography 3:34- 5:00

Class 8- Gym 5:04- 6:30

"Smart ass," My brother said looking at my schedule. I smiled at him.

"She's in all of my classes," Luc said. He also said. "Great." under his breathe, and I was about to slap him. I'm not that bad I"m just naturally terrible.  

"Do you know where my locker is," I asked Max. 

"It should have your name on it," I looked around, and I saw my name. I pointed. "She's also right next to your locker." 

"Well come on before we are late," He walked past us.

"Nice friend," I said walking away to my locker. I then tore my name off the locker, and turned the lock code, and the locker opened. 

"Why did you leave your family," Luc asked from beside me. "Besides your mom being a total religious freak?"

"That's it though my mom told me if I said what  I said ever again then she'd kick me out, and well I ran away before she could. I didn't want to be part of a family where I wasn't wanted for who I am. I just came here because Max left, and everything else went down hill."

"Like what," He was pushing my nerve. I don't like talking about my family. Even when I went to school back then. I placed everything I didn't need in my locker like my backpack, and walked to the water fountain. "Okay follow me." 

We walked to our classroom. People were packing in before the bell rang, and I walked to the far back seat, and sat down. "Get up," Luc said. "That's my spot."

"I got here first," I stayed sitting, and then I was lifted up bridal carried, and then I was placed on the seat next to the one I was in. "Hey."

"My spot," He said. I rolled my eyes, and the teacher came in. We all became silent.

"Okay students we have a new student with us," The teacher looked to me. "Introduce yourself."

"My name is Amiee Johnson," I continued. "But if any of you call me Amiee instead of Ames I will hurt you, or make your life a living hell." 

The teacher turned around, and started writing the Scarlet Letter down. I've read the book at least a hundred times, so I just bleeped out the unimportant parts. I actually almost fell a sleep, and felt Luc nudge me a little. The class finally ended, and when we exited the class Luc started to talk again. "So how was your nap."

"Good," I joked. "I've read the book a lot, so I got bored."

"You might want to be a little more careful okay. Mr. Richard is a little nip picky he threw me in detention for two days because 'I was asking someone for help during learning time, and not work time.' his words and not mine."

"Sorry okay," I was confused he hated me, but now he care? "Why do you care anyways? You don't like me Sweetheart."

"Really," He looked at me, and I smiled at him showing my pearly whites. "I'm just watching for my friends sister."


"Because I can," I decided to play bitch.

"Is it because you think I'm pretty isn't it." He chuckled, but didn't answer. "What?"

He then started laughing. I guess he figured I almost believed that he did. I punched him, and he grabbed my hand before I pulled it away. "That's not very nice."

"And the whole I like you just kidding isn't," I asked him he chuckled. 

We walked to my locker before french because I wanted my bag back. I'm usually lazy about these things. We hurried to the french room, and sat in the back again. French is my favorite language ever. I learned how to fluently speak it back when I was a little girl. As soon as we sat down the teacher enter. "Bonjour comment était votre été."

"Il aurait pu être beaucoup mieux," She asked how we were doing and how our summer went. I told her it could've been better. She smiled.

"Enfin quelqu'un d'auutre que Luc Sait Francais," She looked happy. She must've been really happy to have a student who knew what they were doing. She passed out a packet then she places video cameras on the desk, and started speaking in English. "Okay class this is your first assignment. The first project is with a partner I assigned you with, and you have to make a french film. It can be about anything you want just as long as you turn it in before the end of the quarter. This will be ninety percent of your grade. I think that you all should know at least some basics, and that's what we have to go from. So First two Luc and Amiee."

"Ames," I told her. She nodded.

"You to can grab your camera," Luc got up, and grabbed one. She then named the rest off. "Okay so this movie will be allowing kissing scenes, and swear words if you know them in French. But I will not tolerate a lot of swearing. Now you guys have to start your idea process, and I will let you know if it is appropriate for the video."

We all start working, and Luc moved closer to me. "Well what do you want to write about?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "Why don't we write five subjects each, and mix them together the one we choose we do."

He nodded in approval. He tore a piece of paper out of his notebook, and ripped it into tens. He handed me five, and he kept five. He then started to write a few things down, and so did I Basketball, New kid, Beach film, Horror, and Comedy. He then took his beanie off, and I realized how bad ass he thinks he is. He has a black hoodie on. He was probably thinking that he wasn't showing his muscles off, and he was wearing blue jeans that were a lighter color. I think he looks like a teen boy, but he also looks like he shouldn't be in high school which is kind of strange. He shook our papers, and told me to choose one. I looked, and it said romance. "Really? I didn't choose this so you must have."

He smirked, "I knew you'd hate a lot of my topics." I laughed, and dug in my bag for my writing journal. I keep all my writing prompts in here. Even though we have Chromebooks I wanted to write our script down. I placed my journal on my desk, and I went to grab my luck pencil. I've had one mechanical pencil since I was eight. My brother placed it around, and I liked mechanical pencils better than regular ones, so I took it. He still doesn't know I have it.

"Wow, you're good," I heard Luc say. I looked up, and saw he was looking at my journal. I snatched it away, and looked at him with hate. "What you are. When did you start on this journal it seems like you've had it for years?"

"Don't touch my journal," I looked at him, and he looked at me. "What did you read?"

"About the lasagna," He said. "I know you probably think it's a stupid topic, but it wasn't."

"How much of that entry did you read?"

"The first paragraph," He answered.  Good he didn't read the full page. Otherwise he'd judge me. Everyone who has had told me I was a fake, and I should stop talking to them. "Are you gonna answer my questions."

I looked at him dumbfounded at first then remember what he said, "Um I've had it since I was six. Not all of my entries are good, but this relieves stress for me. It's out of my mind, and written on paper. It's my safe place, so if you touch it ever again I will hurt you."

"Okay," He put his hands in surrender, and I read the paper for my info. Write it in English then French. That's easy. "Where are we gonna have the settings at?"

"Here," He started. "The woods, and my house. I've seen your house, and it's not really a cool house."

"Says who," I asked. "It's better than the house we grew up in."

He nodded, and then started to type on the Chromebook. He wrote a narrator's note, and began writing the story. He'd add certain this I would take out, and one time he wrote something about the girl making fun of one of the teachers, and that teacher was our AP Lit teacher. We wrote until the bell rang, and we still weren't finished because we were fighting over who has to translate it. We had six pages or script, and it still wasn't done. So we separated the first three to him translating, and the last three for me to translate. We decided to work on it during school, so we don't get bored in other classes.

We went to third hour, and suddenly Luc was taken by someone who was making out with him. She was pretty, but also stereotypical she wore red heels that matched her fitted red dress, but instead of looking as if she was ready for school she looked as if she was gonna be on the red carpet. She has unnatural curly hair, and she has a mask of makeup on. She was towering over me like everyone else, but without her heels she's still be almost as tall as this person. I get my height from my mom's side. She says to over come my height, and use my brains, but it seems that god left me without one on a regular bases. I looked to the back, and it was empty I walked over to the farthest chair, and hoped to be unnoticed. I saw Luc, and the girl clinging to him sitting in the front.

The teacher came in, and started his lesson on grammar, and I love grammar, but I was in a daze. I looked, and heard the teacher, so he wouldn't close me out to the whole class. This teacher was younger, and buffer than most male teachers. Like how most people imagine most English teachers when they think of pretty little liars, but I wasn't attracted to him. There was something familiar about him. He had caught my eye more than the others. The last two teacher dresses like they were in love with the class they used. Even the French teacher who complains a lot about her job in French. This teacher seemed like he wants to be here, but everyone can tell he wasn't really proud to day, so if he asked something people would answer honestly. I have to make sure I don't get in his way. I kept my eyes on him to make sure he thought I was listening, but my head was else where, and I wasn't what I wanted to do I just couldn't stop the urge to talk to Luc again.

The bell rang, and the teacher explained that we won't have homework for the first week, so we can settle in. He understood that a lot of people will struggle with English, and he wants us to be comfortable with our placement. We all exited the room, and headed to lunch. For a big school I'm surprised they don't have separate lunches like the last few schools I was at, but this is so they can get everyone out of school on time. I know where the lunch room is, so I don't bother to wait for Luc. When I rounded the corner I bumped into a person. "Sorry." I said. I looked up, and it was Max. "On second thought I'm not." He chuckled. "I have to go to my locker."

I walked to my locker, and there was a girl talking to a guy by the locker. I walked up to them, and the girl started to speak. "I knew I recognized you." She said. I looked confused. "You're the Destroyer. In roller derby."

"How do you know about me," I asked. "My brother doesn't even know."

"Oh Daniel and I are a huge fan of Roller Derby, and I convinced the principal to make it a sport. I was kind of wondering if you'd join."

"And you are?"

"Oh sorry I'm Mercy," She said. "I'm the principal's daughter, and a junior like you."

"Okay, who else has joined," Probably newbies who I would have to teach.

"A lot of people," She answered. "Just come to practice, and you'll see." She gave me a card, and walked away with who I assumed was Daniel. I grabbed my lunch money, and walked to the cafeteria. I see a long line, and hide in the back. I see Luc and Max, sitting out in the courtyard, and that snobby girl. I then saw Mercy sitting next to her. I ordered my food which is a pizza, and a water, but the water was all I knew was going into my system. I don't eat anything unless it's organic. The water is the only bad thing that enters my body. I walked to Max's table, and sat next to Mercy. 

"Did we say you can sit here," Snobby girl asked.

"She's my sister Georgia," Max answered. "If you don't like that then you can leave."

"Amiee right," Mercy asked. 

"Ames," I told her. "I accept your offer. I had time to think about it."

"Oh my gosh your kidding," She asked. "What about your old team?"

"If we go to nationals, and they do to then I guess they'll lose."

She hugged me, and I laughed when she said, "Hell yeah."

"But I'll need a new name," I told her. "You know me as the destroyer, but so does the Bad Girls, and they will grill us if they find out I was disrespectful to my vows. I need to be kept a secret for as long as you can keep me one."

"Oh they don't scare me," She said.

"You know how this works if they find out I'm on your team they can fight for me to never skate again on a bout. Then who would you have then?"

"Fine," She said. "You know how names work though you have to work for them. Hard. I don't want to give you a week name."

"Wait you roller derby," My brother asked. 

"Yeah that's why mom and I got into our fight in the first place."

"I want to here more of this fight," He told me. "I want to see why mom got so mad at you in the first place."

"At home," He nodded, and they ate the rest of the time in silence. Until Luc realized I wasn't eating.

"Are you gonna eat that," He asked. I shook my head. "Why not."

"I eat organic foods," I told him. "I got really sick off of the school's food before, and I don't want to go through that again."

"How's Marcus," Max asked. I went silent. Marcus is my twin brother. We look nothing a like, but we were close. He has everything the opposite of me. Blonde hair, Blue eyes, and he is tall. I'm black haired, my eyes are so dark they could be black, and I'm five two. He ran away after Max did, so I never really talked to him. 

"He had ran away after you did," I told him.

"Wow," Georgia said. "Your parents most have been good parents."

"What is that suppose to mean," Max and I said together. 

"Well all of you ran away," She paused. "I would never run from my parents they were amazing."

"Even though my mom and I had a major fight that's not why left." I said. Max looked at me confused. "But for my social status sake I won't tell you. You seem like you would tell the whole school."

"I would not," Luc choked on the pizza he had took from me. "What Luc you have something to say?"

"Yeah," He swallowed. "You do say everything without your filter on. You can't keep a secret even if the devil compelled you not to."

Max chuckled. I looked at him, and he stared back at me. "You have something on your mind spit it out little sis."

"You remember when you hacked my phone account so I could have unlimited minutes," He nodded. "What else could you do?"

"Why," He leaned towards me.

"Marcus messaged me awhile back, and I want to know if that was really him, and possibly where he's at." I love my brother. We caused trouble a lot when we were younger. Even though we don't look a like right now we use to. When my mom wanted us to do something one of us hated, but the other loved we'd became the other. Our mom wouldn't realize until our dad came in, and saw our eyes. Mine have always been darker. Even though our mom would freak out our dad would be laughing. He was a little less uptight. He died when we were ten, and our mom remarried a man who was worst than her, but that was around the time my brother, and I looked less, and less a like. We were both scared to switch our roles in front of our step-dad Steven.

"I probably can," He held his hand out, and looked at the area code. "That's weird it's a California number."

Wait my brother lives in California?

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