Truth Betold

Just ask yourself: What if Satan, The Devil, Lucifer wasn't who we really thought? Well not all of his story was true.


1. Prologue

People tell you life is full of secrets that may become a tale or may not. Others tell you that life is suppose to be perfect, and you have to believe in the man upstairs.  But what I can't do is just that. Living in a Christian home, and thinking god is a phony tale doesn't quite work. It shouldn't work it's not the status quote in your surroundings. I never told my parents my secrets especially the one where I don't believe in the man they taught me of for years. They would say things like it was a waste to try. 

They wouldn't ask why I felt this way. They'd just throw me in a private school, and hope their child had changed, but they also gave my brother a free path. He to doesn't believe in god, but I'm not strong enough to say I would never believe in the man they spent years on studying. I followed the commandments, but only around them. They said God disowns people who at meat, so I didn't. In front of them. 

No swearing, or the heaven gates won't open for you. I didn't swear unless I was around them. But then My sixteenth birthday came around, and I was done. I told my mom that the devil probably has my throne ready, and ran away. I ran to some random person's house in California, and my mom aloud them to adopt me, and  that's where our story begins.

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