The Miserable Book Of Feeble Stories

Do you feel like the human lives are miserable? I don't. I think human lives are the kindness of this world. The hatred. Human lives are what the world is built upon. These are stories about the world that might be true, in more than one way. "The miserable book" is a collection of stories that I've written together with my friends. Feel free to comment any ideas, and I will try to change it into a story.


2. You're not alone

You are not alone

Loneliness. People have different kinds of loneliness. Do you think that you are alone? That your life is the worst in the world? Do you think that the world is rebelling against "you"? 

A lot of people tends to think that they are alone. They think that what they call "friends" will betray them someday, thus they only trust themselves. Why do they do that? 

Humans likes to be safe. It's their nature. If they don't feel safe, they'll make an excuse as to why. This is one of the reasons that they trust themselves. Then there's those whom already have been betrayed once or more. They call themselves "strong" because of incidents like those. But what does "strong" really apply to?

You have friends. I'm sure about that. If you don't have, then it's because you lack the initiative to try to make some. Now I'm sure that some people are thinking "Bullshit, I'm just hated!" or something like that. How do you know for sure? Have you asked? And if you think that, have you tried to change? well, all those paths leads down to at least one or two friends whom you trust with all you hearts content. Yeah, those friends that you have now are probably someone whom you will be separated of later in life. So why not enjoy life with the friends you have now? I'm sure that if you think hard, then you have some unforgettable moments with those friends of yours. May it be good or bad memories, but memories are memories, and they will last for a very long time, if not your entire life. Even if you become a loner in the future with no friends, you have your memories. You will have your family or some memento from them. With that being said, think again.

Are you really alone?

If you answer "Yes" here, then I've got to admit, you're pretty much doomed. Why you may ask? If you said yes here, you must be one of the people who answers without a second thought. Those kind of people may have a hard time "thinking out of the box". Thus they will have difficulties with finding solutions in life. "Try your hardest" may not always work on you. No. If you really are this kind of a human, think like "Try your best" instead. If you keep going at your best, each and every day, you can think like this when you come home, "I tried my best today, guess I'll have to do better tomorrow". If you follow this path, you will eventually end up with friends. 

What about me? 

I have plenty of friends. Not to brag or something. I'm trying to make "bonding with friends" one of my top priorities each and every day. This way, I know that me and my friends have a stronger bond when we part from each other. I only recently began thinking like this. I've had past friends which I've lost contact with. I just didn't think about strengthening my bonds at that time. I used to judge people a lot by how they look. Now I judge them by their personality, their helpfulness, their positivity, and their way of communicating with other people. 


Now, at the end of this chapter, I think that I've given myself the right to say this. 

"You, are not alone. You will never be alone. You will never become alone."


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