Flames and Skies Dimension

Takes place before the main chain "Dimensions".
Warning: Contains violence and gore.

Skyla is a fallen angel seeking out revenge, and will take any means necessary to completely wipe out the demon race. What challenges will she face and what history does she share with the Demon of Envy?


1. Fallen Angel

  I watch as the last demon burst into a cloud of black dust. The sun is starting to rise, so I must find somewhere to rest soon. My boney wings retract as I start walking down the street. Humans start exiting their homes, some rushing to get the day's work done before sunset. I grumble slightly, having a hatred towards this pathetic species. I soon arrive at the park and take shelter under my usual tree. I'm generally left alone, but whenever I am bothered, my clear souless eyes scare them off.


  My name is Skyla, and I am what you would call a fallen angel. I was forced to be foreever stuck in the Land of Humans; my wings nothing more than a disgusting decoration. Born a pure blood angel, I made the mistake of trusting a demon, and am now suffering the consequences. The deadly sin caused my once beautiful blue wings to melt away. I never felt such anger and hatred until that fateful day... which is why I vowed to eliminate them all.


" My my Aurora, you know these humans have these things called 'beds'? You can find one in an inn; I'll even pay for it." The demon in his human form mockingly says.


" Buzz off Kuro, I'm too tired to deal with your shit." I spat at him, venom pouring from my words. I rub the temple of my forehead, knowing he won't leave til he feels like it.


" Is that anyway to treat someonecwho's only trying to help?" I growl at him and he lets out a sigh, " I see you still have that temper of yours. Well I don't care, I have work to do anyways. Hope you rot in this world~" He shouts before searching for his next victim. I glare at him until he is out of sight, then I fall asleep into a decent slumber....




  The kiss was warm and full of passion; neither of us were willing to break the kiss, at least not until I felt this undescribable pain. " GRAAAHHHH!!! M-my wings are burning! What's happening to me!?" I cry out with tear filled eyes, gazing at the man I love who is smiling gently despite the pain in his eyes.


" I'm sorry, but this is the only way to free you. You just have to endure the pain a little longer my love." He whispers, the words etching into my mind.


" What did you do.... WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I shout as I drop to my knees, the pain only growing. He reaches out to me, but I  slap his hands away, " DON'T TOUCH ME! GET AWAY YOU TRAITOR! I HATE YOU!!!!" He hesitates, obviously a bit hurt.


  He turns around and starts to leave, " I did only what I had to do..." He says before disappearing into the night.


  I wrap my arms around myself, giving in to the immense pain I'm feeling, both physical and emotional. " AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed until I finally passed out.....

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