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1. Addicted

Addiction, the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

Addicted, one word, one label given and you could be ruined. To have an addiction is to be passionate, obsessed and craving; however to be an addict is to be passionate, obsessed and craving all the wrong things. So, where is the line drawn, is the difference in the powder whether its cocaine or coffee, how its consumed, how it takes effect? Why are some forced to give up their addiction, told it is deemed wrong or unnecessary, that they should be shamed for wanting to engage in this particular behaviour, while others are socially accepted for their addiction, jokes made in a way that gives them authority to continue on, without feeling pressured or fear of being ostracised.

However what I really wish to know, is how is the line decided, between what is wrong or right, which is socially acceptable and which is not? Is this decided by the people, who are under these laws, who choose that they can smoke cigarettes and gamble, but not do weed? Or instead are these rules placed upon the commoners by the government, by the law enforcers. If so, why are so many addictive things still legal, while others are not? Is this perhaps merely down to their ability to control the public, prevent certain outbreaks from occurring, as if they fear if the people have the right to choose certain things, they would almost have too much free-will? Or is it because those who create our laws understand where they are able to make their money and where they can't?  Perhaps these governments see how addictions can form an unbreakable bond between man and substance, where you become chained to your addiction, like a prisoner in a cell, unable to unwilling to attempt escape. If this is the case, are the laws they create to protect us, protect those who are more susceptible to forming addictions and slowly losing themselves.

Even at my age, I have witnessed enough of the world, to see where the addictions lie; they are in my Mothers morning coffee, in which she cannot get through the day without, my brother with his cigarettes, without the nicotine for more than a few hours and he can no longer function properly. My friends at such young ages beginning to develop an interest in drinking, the slow burn of whisky at the back of their throats, tormenting for the next one. Or the constant itching for the next needle to alleviate the drain of coming down from the high. I see addiction in all, the way it can make your life easier yet make those around you worse.

What does an addiction grant? The escape from the real world? The help it provides to get you through the day? Is this the world we have created for ourselves, where we are unable to function, to cope with our everyday lives and the reality that brings, without pumping ourselves with substances, without repeating a behavior in which we find our route out? If this is the world we live in, why did we create it in the first place? Surely life should be the high, the addictions bringing us down. Going to school for an education like the moment you reach euphoria, receiving your first paycheck instead of feeling the drive to gamble it away. Is this what we have created, or what has been enforced upon us? In the news, you hear rates of teenagers getting into drink and drugs at earlier ages, the economy so bad that gambling shops are popping up everyday, just to give us hope we can gain more money for a better living. Is this a product of our society or the effect society is having on us?

I have seen governments pushing back, telling us that if we do weed, we will become nothing more than a vegetable, waking up, getting high and doing nothing productive towards society, crashing down our families around us because we are too blinded by what we are feeling in that moment, the need to repeat. Instead of opening our eyes and seeing the beauty that was once where the destruction we have caused lays. Yet pushes us towards alcohol, throwing adverts in our faces of people going out and having a good time. Although is alcohol not similar to weed, in the way we could become entirely dependent. Never leaving the house apart from the time you need to go out and buy more because you have already run down your monthly supply in the matter of a few days, no longer able to hold down a job or a family, forcing those who were once there for you away as you are unable to prevent yourself from having that next pint. Either way, no matter which addiction you choose here, there is the risk of becoming nothing more than a social recluse, unable to contribute to the world around you, trapped in your own head, in the heaven you have created for yourself. Where does the so clear line that divides these two lie? The line so strong between what is wrong and what is right, come in. Because I am sure the people given the choice, would either make both illegal or legal. For the gap between them does not seem as far as it is in the eyes of our leaders. 

People can have an addiction to almost anything; games, coffee, television, cigarettes, drugs, food, walking, running or even learning. in every addictive behaviour we engage in there is the potential for both positive and negative outcomes, whether your addiction makes you a better person, or helps your succeed in your work. Or it could lead you to gain so much weight you are no longer able to walk or do anything without another help, or become some engrossed in completing the next game you stop going out and working.

So, If we are all addicted to something, why are we the addicts?

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