Fairy Tail: New Generation

Thirteen years after the battle between Gray and Natsu for the book of END the Fairy Tail guild settled down and peace was made. Gray and Lucy marry and they have a son named Ur Fullbuster. Natsu marries Lisanna and they have a daughter named Nashu Dragneel. Ur is mostly like Gray, but can handle his stripping habit. Nashu is a Fire Dragon Slayer just like Natsu. Ur and Nashu's journey begins now!


1. A New Generation

 It is morning and Ur Fullbuster, the son of Gray and Lucy is still asleep in his bed. All he has on is just boxers. They are black with white polka dots on them. He is sixteen. Lucy walks in and taps on his bedroom wall. She is wearing a white shirt with a pink heart on it with "love" in the inside of it. She has black sweatpants that are baggy and is Gray's. She has her hair in a ponytail. 

 "Ur, its time to wake up. Your father is already cooking breakfast." Lucy says. She smiles as Ur lifts his head up and looks at her. His hair is similar to Gray's but darker. His eyes are brown like his mothers. He has a silver Fairy Tail guild mark on the left part of his chest. His eyes look sleepy and he lays his head back down on the pillow. 

 "Dad is actually cooking for once?" Ur asks. He slightly chuckles. Lucy nods. 

 "Yes, your father is cooking." Lucy says. "Now come downstairs to get breakfast honey." Lucy walks downstairs. Ur sits up in bed and his feet land on the wooden floor. 

 "I swear I hate the name honey." Ur says. He gets up. His height is 5'7. He stretches and yawns. He has a average muscular body. He has a four pack, because he hasn't been working out like he use to. He puts on a pair of black shorts that go go pass his knees by a centimeter. He walks to the doorway and he walks downstairs. There are a few family pictures with Lucy holding Ur as a baby, and Gray smiling at Ur. There is one picture with Ur eating ice cream for the first time. Then there is a latest one of Ur standing in the guild hall. He walks into the kitchen. Gray is at the stove cooking cinnamon rolls, bacon, grits, and eggs. He looks back at Ur. 

 "Good morning champ." Gray says smiling at Ur. Ur waves at his father and he sits down at the table. 

 "Good morning dad." Ur says still sleepy. "Did you always knew how to cook?" Ur looks at his father with interest.

 "Well your mother taught me how to cook when we got together." Gray says. He puts one cinnamon roll on Ur's plate, then a pile of grits and two bacon strips. He picks up Ur's plate and he turns around and sets it on the table in front of Ur. Gray fixes his and Lucy's plate. Lucy comes into the kitchen with her celestial outfit. She sits at the table, and she smiles at Gray. Gray puts her plate in front of her and he sits down. Ur is already eating his breakfast. He gets done in a few minutes and he walks upstairs. He gets on his school cloths, because Lucy forced Gray to let Ur go to school. Ur comes back down with his satchel. 

 "Goodbye mom and dad!" Ur says. He waves.

 "Have a nice day!" Lucy says. 

 "Don't strip in class!" Gray says teasing Ur. Ur chuckles. 

 "I'll try to not strip." Ur says. He walks out of the door. Gray looks at Lucy. 

 "I got to get ready." Gray says. He gets up. 

 "Now you don't strip." Lucy says teasing Gray. Gray chuckles. 

 "I know I will." Gray says. They go upstairs to their room. 


 Meanwhile Nashu Dragneel is in her room changing her cloths to her school uniform. Her hair is pink like her father Natsu. Her eyes are blue like her mother Lisanna. Her hair is to her back. She has strands of hair covering her forehead. She gets done changing, and she goes into the living room. Natsu is eating in the kitchen and Lisanna is eating too. 

 "Bye mom and dad." Nashu says smiling. 

 "Fye Fashu." Natsu says with food in his mouth. 

 "Bye Nashu." Lisanna says. Nashu walks out of the door. Ur walks pass her, and she notices him. 

 "Hey Ur!" Nashu says. Ur turns around and sees Nashu. He smiles and waves to her. She walks beside him. "So you know what tomorrow means right?" Nashu asks. 

 "We can go on jobs." Ur says. Nashu punches her fist in the air. 

 "Hell yeah we can!" Nashu says excited. "I just got to pass the test in history and I can got on a job." Nashu says. Ur smiles. 

 "Passing the history test will be a breeze." Ur says feeling confident. Nashu looks at him. 

 "Well of course you would think that! Your mother makes you study twenty-four seven!" Nashu says overreacting. 

 "If she made me study that long my brain would explode!" Ur says shockingly. "But you are right about her making me study for half the afternoon." Happy comes flying by them. 

 "Aye Nashu and Ur!" Happy says cheerfully. Nashu waves at Happy. 

 "Aye Happy!" Nashu says cheerfully. Ur waves at Happy. 

 "So what are you two doing?" Happy asks landing on Nashu's shoulder. 

 "Going to school. What are you doing?" Nashu says. 

 "I was flying to the guild, but I saw you two walking and so I stopped by to say hi." Happy says. He smiles. Nashu smiles. 

 "Alright Happy. Have a nice day." Nashu says. Happy flies off. A few minutes later they get to school, and Ur sits down at his desk, and Nashu does too. Ur sees Jazile Redfox, who beat up someone who was bulling Nashu once. Jazile has black hair that is long almost like his father's. He has blue eyes like his mother Levy. He doesn't have the metal bolts on his eyebrows or nose. He is wearing the school uniform. 

 "Hey Nashu, I got my history notes ready for you." Jazile says. He puts them on her desk. Nashu smiles. 

 "Oh you didn't have to Metal Head." Nashu says patting Jazile's head. The last time Jazile smarted off at Nashu he got a taste of the Fire Dragon Slayer magic. After that Jazile never smarted off at Nashu again. 

 "But you said to give them to you today." Jazile says. Nashu gives Jazile a glare. 

 "I said, you didn't have to." Nashu says sternly. "Now am I clear?" Jazile nods. 

 "Aye." Jazile says. Ur chuckles. Jazlie turns toward Ur. 

 "What are you laughing at Ice Boy?" Jazile asks glaring at Ur. 

 "I can't believe you are scared of Nashu." Ur says. Jazile gets angry. 

 "I'm not scared! I just following her orders." Jazile says. He crosses his arms. A girl with red hair and blue eyes come in. Her hair is similar to Erza Ferndenez. She is wearing the school's uniform. 

 "What did I tell you two?" The girl says. "Stop fighting!" Ur and Jazile both hug each other. 

 "Yes ma'am!" Ur and Jazile say. 

 "Hey Tina! Remember you have to do our rematch today!" Nashu says making her fist engulf in flames. Tine smirks. 

 "Don't think I forgot. This time it won't be a draw." Tina says. Nashu smirks. 

 "We'll see about that." Nashu says. Tina sits down. Ur and Jazile both glare at each other. 


 A few hours later the class is in the gym. Ur has on a white shirt and some black shorts on. Nashu has on a pink tank top, and blue shorts. They are sitting in the bleachers waiting for instructions. The gym teacher tells the teens that they can play basket ball, or volleyball. Ur decides to play basketball and Nashu decides to play volleyball. The teens playing basketball picks the teams, and the game starts. Ur gets handed the ball, and he dodges some of the opposing team members, and he jumps up and scores one point. One of the jocks who is Shun Mills laughs. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He is wearing the basketball jersey and shorts. 

 "Hey Ur! Are you in kindergarten or do you suck at basketball?" Shun says. His team members laugh with him. Nashu heard the laughing from where she was. She was in position to hit the ball, but she looks over the the basketball court. She sees a group of boys laughing and Ur looking away from them. The ball comes to her and she grabs it with one hand. 

 "Its not like you can do better." Ur says challenging Shun. Shun's team starts "oooing."

 "You challenging me? You of all people challenge me." Shun says. Ur rolls his eyes.

 "Look shit for brains I didn't say I was. I just said like you can do better." Ur says correcting Shun. 

 "Now you're threatening me?" Shun says. He walks up to Ur. Ur rolls his eyes again. 

 "Dude did you parents bump your senses out? I didn't threaten your ass!" Ur says getting a bit irritated. Shun steps closer to Ur. 

 "Matter of fact." Shun says. He shoves Ur with one finger. "I think you're trying to pick a fight with me." Ur glares at Shun. 

 "If its a fight you want." Ur says. He slams his fist into his open palm on the other hand. A chill goes around Ur. Nashu knew that Ur was getting irritated and wanted to shut the guy up. She runs to Ur and she separates his hands and the chill stops.

 "Ur, are you outta your mind?! You know what the school said! No using magic in the school!" Nashu says. Ur rolls his eyes at Nashu. 

 "Its not like I was going to kill the dude." Ur says. 

 "But still. You could have injured him." Nashu says. He looks at Shun and a basketball hits Ur square in the face. Nashu gasps. The ball bounces on the floor and Shun and his buddies laugh their asses off. Ur's temper flares. 

 "You asked for it!" Ur says. He hits his fist into his palm again and the chilling air surrounds his hands. Shun smirks and a magical type energy comes from him too. 

 "You are weak! Using Maker Magic? What does it make? FAILURE!!!" Shun says making fun of Ur's Ice Make magic. Ur's anger grows. 

 "Now i'm pissed! Ice Make Warhammer!" A huge ice shaped warhammer comes from his hands. He holds it with both hands. Shun smirks again and laughs. 

 "Oh you have that shitty Ice Make magic? How about some hot blue flames? The blue flames can burn through anything. Its the hottest kind of flame." Shun says. Shun makes flames come from his hands. The gym teacher notices the magical energy and he gasps. He runs to them. Nashu notices the teacher coming and she looks at Ur who is ready to throw down. 

 "Ur! Disarm that spell! The gym teacher is coming!" Nashu says tugging at his arm. Ur looks with the corner of his eye and sees the teacher. His temper quickly fades away, and he separates his hands and the warhammer dissolves in sparkling ice shards. Shun makes the fire dissolve in thin air. The teacher approaches them and Nashu gets nervous. 

 "That's right you two better save that fighting for after school. No magic in the gym or in any other place in school." The teacher says. He nods at both students and he walks away. 

 "The teacher had to save you. What a kid." Shun says. He walks away with his group. 

 "More like you got saved." Ur mumbles. He temper flares when he thinks of those insults to his maker magic. Nashu grabs his arm and takes him the the bleachers. 

 "Calm down Ur. I'm sure you could have kicked his ass." Nashu says. "But its not worth getting into trouble for." 

 "Its not that. He insulted my dad's magic, and his mentor's magic." Ur says. "My dad told me that this magic is a really tough magic, if I could learn to use it right." Ur says. He clenches his fists. 

 "I know. My dad told me that your dad's magic could even beat his. When they fought my dad was completely out of magic energy, and so was your dad. It was a draw." Nashu says. "I know your magic is strong!" Nashu smiles at Ur. Ur smiles back.

 "Thank you Nashu for saying those words." Ur says. Nashu makes a cute chuckle. 

 "Don't mention it. You are my first friend, so I know you well." Nashu says. 


 After school Ur and Nashu is walking down an ally, taking a shortcut to a food place. A fireball hits the back of Ur's head sending him face first into the ground Nashu looks back at where the fireball came from and sees Shun with a devilsh smirk and his friends smirking as well. 

 "Thought you could get away huh?" Shun asks. He blows the smoke from his finger tip like a gun. Ur gets up and he has blood coming down his lip from where he busted it when he hit face first on the concrete. Ur glares at Shun. 

 "Attack from behind, what a dirty trick." Ur says. He slams his fist on his palm and a icy chill surrounds his hands. Ur stands straight up like Gray's ice make stance. He stares down Shun. 

 "I'm all about dirty tricks. And fucking your girlfriend was one." Shun says. Nashu's temper rockets. 

 "You dumb fuck! I'm not his girlfriend! I'm his close friend! We're practically like relatives!" Nashu says angrily. She steps toward Shun, and Ur steps in front of her. 

 "It pretty funny how that's the only comeback you have. I've heard you say that a million times before." Ur says. He gets in his serious mode. Shun smirks. 

 "So you know me well huh? Then you know i'm about to melt all you ice then." Shun says. Ur smirks. 

 "Think again." Ur says. Shun smirks and he sends a ball of blue fire at Ur. Ur ducks and then Shun slams it on the ground where Ur was standing. Ur jumps over it in time when it came back at him. Ur lands on the ground with his hand on the ground and his legs spread. He looks up at Shun. He sends a fireball again. "Ice Make Shield!" Ur makes an Ice Shield and the fireball hits it. It breaks the shield and Ur slides on his feet. He looks up and Shun. "Heh, not bad. Not bad at all." Ur says. Shun hasn't moved from his spot. 

 "Well, well, your magic is actually standing a chance against my blue flames." Shun says. He smirks. "But this time you'll definitely die." Shun makes three fireballs and he sends then into the sky. "Ultra Blue Flaming Ball of Eclipse!" Shun says. "This is your defeat Ice Make shit!" Shun sends the ball at Ur.

 "Ice Make Shield!" Ur makes the shield twice as big as it was before. The fireball hits the shield. Parts of the shield melts and Ur tries his best to keep guarding. "This is where you're wrong! This is your defeat!" Ur says. He jumps back and the Ice Shield melts in a second. The flaming ball hits the ground and it dissolves. Ur clenches his fist. "Ice Make Geyser!" Ur slams his fist on the ground, and a giant ice geyser comes out of the ground toward Shun. Shun gasps as it encloses him inside. The geyser breaks and Shun begins to fall. Ur jumps up and he punches Shun across the face and Shun goes to the ground. Ur lands on his feet. He turns around and hands his shirt over his shoulder. 

 "Wait? When did you take off your shirt?!" Nashu asks confused. Ur's eyes are closed. 

 "When I was fighting." Ur says. Nashu looks dumbfounded. 

 "That doesn't tell me shit." Nashu says. Ur looks at Nashu and smiles happily. 

 "Well I beat him." Ur says cheerfully. Shun gets up and his cloths are torn and blood is coming from his mouth and nose. 

 "I'm...not through...with you yet." Shun says exhausted. Ur and Nashu look back at Shun. 

 "Dude you're going to die if you fight him again in the condition you are in." Nashu says. Ur rolls his eyes. 

 "He is going to fall in about....three seconds." Ur says. 

 "No." Shun says weakly. He steps closer to them. 

 "Three." Ur says counting down. 

 "I'm." Shun says staggering toward them.

 "Two." Ur says. 

 "Not." Shun says. He steps closer. 

 "One." Ur says. Shun's legs give up and he falls face first onto the concrete. "And you're out!" Ur says imitating a boxing referee. Nashu chuckles at Ur's imitation. 

 "The winner and still champion of the world! Ur Fullbuster!" Nashu says going along with Ur's imitation. Ur laughs with Nashu. They start to walk to their location. 

 "Man all that fighting made me hungry." Ur says rubbing his stomach.

 "Tell me about it." Nashu says. Ur looks at Nashu with a "wtf" look.

 "You didn't even fight!" Ur says outrageously. 

 "You better put your shirt back on before we enter the place." Nashu says ignoring Ur's sentence. 

 "Okay fine." Ur says. He puts on his shirt and buttons it up. He leaves the tie untied across his shoulders with the ends laying on his chest. They walk to the food place.

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